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Juan Pinilla presents 'Humana Raíz'

HUMANA RAÍZ is my most personal project made with lyrics written by me and musicadas by great companions. Thank you all!

Juan Pinilla

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My dear people, I explain in this short text the whole project so that you know what it is all about. HUMANA RAÍZ is the album I present to you and it is my most personal work to date, as everything has been composed by me and the people who have accompanied me since I started in this beautiful and enigmatic world of music. The CD will be accompanied by a small book (disc-book format) where you will be able to read, among other things, the lyrics that are the backbone of it and that are of my authorship.

The disc will be composed of 12 songs with the impressive music that emanates from the guitars of my two faithful companions David Caro and Antonio de la Luz. The production is on our account. The album will be accompanied by lyrics, photographs, illustrations of friends and some more memories that will make it a sincere account of my way of understanding the world.

Although the album is in the process of being prepared, we have already contracted more than 20 concerts of presentation throughout the country of which we will be informing punctually.

Juan Pinilla
Juan Pinilla

About the rewards

The rewards are the considerations you will receive for your GENEROSITY. There is a wide range of possibilities, from the most basic and no less necessary for me, to the extent of your possibilities. Each of these rewards are explained in the sections and will always, always, bring my SINCERE HEART THANKS to each and every patron.

The special edition album will present sensible differences in the content of the book and the edition, where there will appear contributions of people very dear to me, artists of a very high level who give writings, illustrations, small essays... It will be, in short, a special format with limited edition.

Who we are

The people who are part of HUMANA RAÍZ are musicians by family tradition, since we have learned flamenco in the closest nucleus and, fortunately, we continue cultivating it and sharing it with ours. The musical path has taken us to very distant places, from Japan to Brazil, United States, Iran or China, where we have been acquiring more artistic and human sensitivity.

**David Caro started playing with me when he was just 16 years old. We met at the final of the Minas de La Union Competition. He was 15 and I was 26, one day before he brought me the Mining Lamp for 'Graná'. From then on, and for 12 years now, we have forged a relationship that goes beyond the professional, we consider ourselves family. David plays with amazing depth and harmony.

David Caro
David Caro

The same could be said of Antonio de la Luz, who I know even before in the surroundings of that flamenco temple called Peña de La Platería. There, both teenagers, we've listened to the best of them on many nights. Antonio combines his work in the town hall of Alhendín, his village, with professional performances, and he is a faithful companion and a player of fine taste.

Antonio de la Luz y Juan Pinilla
Antonio de la Luz y Juan Pinilla

**Javier Rabadán is not only one of the best percussionists on the face of the earth right now, but also one of the best fans in the world of flamenco. He has a musical knowledge that makes him a must and brings a serenity and a tone to the recording and the live performance that enhances any song. Another brilliant signing for my flamenco team/friends.

Javier Rabadán
Javier Rabadán

And I am immensely lucky to have Anabel Moreno as a guest artist who is one of my muses and inspirations. I was always surprised by her, that on stage she was a dancer of the tronio who imposed (and imposes) and on earth she is the closest, kindest, most attentive and human person I have found among flamenco artists. That duality makes her, for me, a magical being. A gift of life and of the stage. Her collaboration, which will be extended to live shows, is an honour for me.

Anabel Moreno
Anabel Moreno

What will we use your contributions for

I come from a working family and I consider myself, as I said Antonio Gades, a cultural worker. In that sense, I have always tried to live up to those who give their all on stage with me and compensate them in the best way. All I offer them is little. Your art and your loyalty are priceless. But with this crowfunding we intend to cover many expenses.

Your contributions will allow us to keep up with most of these expenses, to be able to pay the artists with dignity, to make a record with total freedom, without depending on the criteria of record companies which, more committed to selling than to art itself, limit the creativity of those who depend on them. In addition to these expenses, it would be necessary to register as authors and obtain the corresponding permits to put into circulation HUMANA RAÍZ.


By the time this crowfunding gets going, we'll be in the middle of the recording process. During the months of November and December 2019 we have been retouching the lyrics and shaping the music. January has been the month chosen for rehearsals and between February and March we will record and mix the album.

The release of the album is scheduled for the second week of April. On April 25th the presentation will take place in** Madrid and on **May 1st in Granada, the people who attend the concerts in Madrid and Granada, will receive their reward at the entrance of the theatre.

The rest of the patrons will receive their reward during the first fortnight of May.

+ Info

Among the concerts confirmed for the presentation of the album we announce the two main ones:

-Day April 25th: Marcelino Camacho Auditorium (Lope de Vega Street, next to Paseo del Prado) Madrid.

  • 25 Apr: Auditorio Marcelino Camacho. Madrid

  • 1st May: Isabel La Católica Theatre, Granada

    Isabel La Católica Theatre. Granada. Spain
    Isabel La Católica Theatre. Granada. Spain

You can follow all the details on our social networks:

Fan page Facebook
YouTube Channel


Foto de José Camo
Foto de José Camo


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  • Federico Hernandez Meyer

    Federico Hernandez Meyer

    over 4 years

    Viel Erfolg mein lieber Juan! Un abrazo

  • Juan Pinilla

    Juan Pinilla

    over 4 years

    Muchísimas gracias gente querida. Estáis haciendo posible este sueño. HUMANA RAÍZ está cada vez más cerca.

    Os recuerdo que el día 25 de abril lo presentamos en Madrid. 19 horas. Auditorio 1º de Mayo. Calle Lope de Vega (frente Paseo del Prado)

    Día 1 de Mayo en Granada, en el Teatro Isabel La Católica. 20.30 horas.


  • Maria Ávila Almagro

    Maria Ávila Almagro

    over 4 years

    Juan está aportación es de mi amiga Wendy un beso

  • Cristobal Jimenez

    Cristobal Jimenez

    over 4 years

    Suerte artista!

  • Rosario Molina Serrano

    Rosario Molina Serrano

    over 4 years

    Suerte Juan. Lo conseguirás

  • paloma


    over 4 years

    Bravo Juan Pinilla! 💚

  • Gonzalo


    over 4 years

    Eres un gran cantaor-poeta. Pones tu alma, alma roja, en todo lo que haces

  • Maria Ávila Almagro

    Maria Ávila Almagro

    over 4 years

    Esto solo es una milesimas parte de todo cuanto nos das.

  • Maria Ávila Almagro

    Maria Ávila Almagro

    over 4 years

    Esto solo es una milesimas parte de todo cuanto nos das.

  • Carol Vega

    Carol Vega

    over 4 years

    Deseando ver tu esencia hecha disco.Ya queda menos.


AHORA SIII... Ya hemos acabado la campaña de crowfunding:

Habéis sido 253 MECENAS

Gracias a tod@s y cada un@ de vosotr@s


Además de este agradecimiento de corazón por vuestra infinita generosidad, os iré informando por correo electrónico de cómo haremos llegar vuestras recompensas y de los plazos de entrega que se pueden ver levemente afectados por la crisis del covid-19

Os deseo a tod@s fuerza, ánimo y coraje para sobrellevar esta situación que nos ha tocado vivir.


Con la alhambra de fondo
Con la alhambra de fondo

#01 / Un adelanto para mis mecenas

Gracias es una palabra que se queda corta.

Estamos abrumados, lo habéis hecho posible con vuestra generosidad sin límites.

HUMANA RAÍZ saldrá a mediados de abril, pronto sabremos la fecha exacta y seréis los primer@s en saberlo.

Quiero tener con vosotr@s un adelanto en exclusiva de lo que será la portada del disco para ver qué os parece.

El diseño es de Javier Parra y nos ha gustado mucho al equipo de HUMANA RAÍZ.

Espero que os guste.

Portada de HUMANA RAIZ
Portada de HUMANA RAIZ

  • Os recuerdo que los conciertos de presentación son en Madrid el día 25 de abril a las 19.30 horas. Para aquellas personas que no tengan aún su entrada y quieran asistir, ya pueden realizar reservas en el Auditorio 1º de Mayo llamando al siguiente teléfono: 915063056 o bien al email: [email protected]

  • Granada día 1 de mayo. 20.30 horas. Teatro Isabel la Católica (pronto venta entradas en web)

Vuestro Juan Pinilla os abraza


Seguimos... HUMANA RAÍZ está llegando.

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