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We are Biel

Biel's hips are at high risk of dislocation and we found a preventive surgery which is performed in few hospitals in the world.

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Milestone: 35.000€

Biel's hips are at high risk of luxation.

After a deep research, we have found a preventive surgery that is performed in few hospitals around the world and that is very expensive. We need to fundraise a total of 35.000€ for the following:

  • Surgery

  • Medical Staff

  • Orthopedic Material for the recovery phase.

Against all medical prognosis, after suffering an asphyxia during birth, Biel survived. He fought to stay in this world. A week after his birth, he was diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE). You can read his history at www.bielchangpuigdomenech.com

With the collaboration of several musicians, we recorded the album "We are Biel", which together with artistic photography series and other objects will reward those who join the tribe to help him keep learning.


Two years ago Biel's uncle, Carles Portella, had the idea of making a music album to fund the Jeremy Krauss Approach learning lessons Biel was receiving in Germany. But the project, due to many circumstances, was stopped.

Faced with the current situation of Biel's hips and the high cost of the found surgery, Carles stared at us and said: "now we really must make the album a reality!" After tears drying and deep breathing we started the project with the help of high artists of high category, sensitivity and solidarity.

We are Biel is an album born from the solidarity that we all have. A record that while listening it surrounds you with life, freshness, joy, struggle. It gives voice to Biel, a child with cerebral palsy, non verbal, but no less musical. The instrumental composition of the main theme is full of symbology. Biel's lack of oxygen at birth, represented by air flutes, become the struggle, a strong child, a warrior, a hero. The melodic flutes symbolize Biel's accompaniment of family, friends and all those have been linked with him at some point. The choir represent us all; symbolizes the solidarity of the world.

This project couldn't have been achieved without the unconditional, supportive and loving help of the musicians and professionals who have collaborated and the studio team who offered the space, time and experience for recording and editing the album.

*Coordinator & Director: Carles Portella Puigdomènech

Producer: RANroger

Studio: Yayaya*


On a trip in Denmark we made this bag. It had great success between family and friends. Everybody loved it. Those who know Biel immediately recognize his profile. Isn't it beautiful?

Jorge & his bag
Jorge & his bag


The baobab is a sacred tree in Africa, a source of myth, a medicine for the body and the soul. Beginning to draw them, evoking an ancient memory more than a remnant of a picture, the fractal shape appeared as the repetition of a pattern, very present in nature, never equal to itself. This is how life reveals (and rebels) that nothing is completely defined and that variations in shape, as the yearning for freedom, go under your skin and touches the bones.

In the Anatobaobabs series the fractal medicine shows in the most intimate way, the structure that holds us and moves us. Nature grows in fugue and life is curious, tender, rebel and heals itself.

This series is formed by three illustrations: Pelvis, Hip and Vertebra

The reward is an impression to be chosen from the three drawings. Once the campaign is over, you would be able to choose which one you like by completing a form we will send you.

*Author: Mar Álvarez Castañé

1 print to choose

Size: Pelvis (45x30cm) / Hip (50x30cm) / Vertebra (22x30cm)*


Taking photographs that spoke of Biel, without making portraits of him (something impossible since we have the Atlantic in between) took me to know him through a different approach, to feel and get involved with him without knowing who is he and what is his condition. Biel's world is the result of our meeting beyond the seas.

Biel lives in a world very different from ours. Where any of us would suffer, he builds, builds bridges, lifts towers, makes a springboard to feel the wind in his crazy hair curls, to look beyond all borders...

This child reminds you that life is beautiful, that you can swim as slow as a turtle and still enjoy the same sea. You can choose between being captive or brave, between surrender or moving forward and, in the meantime, learn from every step in the journey and fight with your sight far beyond your limits; every labyrinth has its own way out.

*Author: María Julia Baccino

6 black&white photographies

Size: 13x20cm*


Inspired by the origins of dance, Judith carried out this photographic project.

Sould to the Air: "Dance has always belonged to humanity as a form of expression and communication, both with other humans and with the forces of nature. Connecting with the gods, keeping evil spirits away. Spirituality that allows us to access something beyond our earthly vision. Its essential element, the rhythm, is born from breathing, heartbeat and it is nourished by our soul".

*Author: Judith Puigdomènech Portella

4 black&white photographies

Size: 30x25cm*


Fatherhood alongside the profession of photographer and cameraman has been converting Jorge into an obsessed with moving photography. This Biel series is a form of rebellion against the impossible, against uncertainty and the dark. Movement is life and water is food and nutrient of happiness.

*Author: Jorge Chang Vásquez

4 black&white photographies

Size: 70x40cm*


What became Biel's logo is a very special photography made with a technique that few photographers in the world use. This photography was made by Ricardo Guixà, our artistic professor since 2002.

In the following video, produced and directed by Jorge, you can see the spectacular process.

*Author: Ricardo Guixà

1 photography

Size: 70x100cm*


We were a vital couple and eager to do things, we loved to travel and never did things the easy way; difficulty was beautiful and fun. We were really looking forward to starting a family. In 2013, during a trip to Sri Lanka, we lost our daughter Greta in the third month of pregnancy. After a year of intense grieving we decided to keep trying to become parents. And Biel arrived, with a huge trauma at birth, with very little expectation of survival or with a very dark prognosis of life. And Biel decided to stay in this world to enjoy life and its way through it.

Judith & Jorge
Judith & Jorge

Now we are a family that continues to travel a lot to enjoy and learn what lies beyond, that continues to face challenges and projects that are not easy at all. We live the present intensely and learn the three together. Despite the bad times, we always shake fears away, fight, recompose, and smile.


Our values:








Last summer Biel was learning to bear weight on his feet with the Jeremy Krauss Approach learning method.

Learning with Jeremy Krauss
Learning with Jeremy Krauss

Due to his hips condition we had to make a pause and investigate how to help him. With your contributions we will be able to travel to the country where the surgery will be performed, face the costs of the surgery, hospital staff and orthopedic materials for the recovery phase.


Once the campaign is over, we'll edit all the rewards. We estimate that, at the latest, you will receive your reward in May 2020. However, as the surgery date is still not scheduled, the calendar may be altered if we need to travel abroad to accompany Biel in this intervention. We apologise in advance if that happens and we assure you that we will do our best to delegate tasks, if necessary, to meet the planned calendar.

Biel's Instagram
Jorge's Instagram
Judith's Instagram
Biel's webpage


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    almost 4 years

    Ánimo Biel



    almost 4 years

    ¡A por todas! Vaaaamossss

  • Emi P.

    Emi P.

    almost 4 years

    molta força per seguir treient les pedres que us aneu trobant en el camí de la vida d´en Biel, perquè ho esteu fent tant bé que arribarà el dia que no només caminarà sinó que el veurem còrrer. Una abraçada

  • Ian Gehlhaar

    Ian Gehlhaar

    almost 4 years

    Un abrazo familia!

  • Ruben Castejon Giner

    Ruben Castejon Giner

    almost 4 years

    Endavant Biel!!

  • Enric


    almost 4 years

    Ànims i molta força

  • Toni Domènech

    Toni Domènech

    almost 4 years

    La esperanza no es lo mismo que el optimismo. No es la convicción de que algo saldrá bien, sino la certeza de que algo tiene sentido, independientemente de cómo resulte

  • NatasaT


    about 4 years

    Go Biel !!!

  • SIL


    about 4 years

    Ànims familia, ho aconseguireu!!!

  • Anna


    about 4 years

    Molta força, segur que tot anirà bé!

#10 / Tot un èxit!


El dia 4 d'Agost vam sortir pitant rumb a Alemanya per operar el Biel. No vam tenir cap problema per travessar les fronteres i el 8 ja érem a Munich.

Ens vam plantar a un càmping a 10 minuts de l'hospital Schön Klinik München i vam descansar tot el possible. Sabíem que carregar energia era imprescindible per afrontar el còctel d'emocions que s'apropava. Poques hores abans d'ingressar, el Biel i jo, la Judith, vam donar negatiu en Covid-19 i ja no hi havia marxa enrere. Endavant i força!

Us recordo que la intervenció consistia en dos procediments: un de caire muscular, que havia de permetre que la musculatura del Biel no estigués tan rígida. I un altre de caire ossi que faria que l'organisme del Biel formés os on en mancava a la cavitat que recull els caps del fèmur. Doncs bé, la intervenció va anar millor de l'esperat. Perquè un cop alliberada la tensió… read more

#09 / Per fi!!!!

[Soundcloud item unavailable]



Els darrers mesos han estat molt difícils per tothom. La pandèmia ha estat un sotrac molt gran. A nosaltres particularment ens va afectar molt que no poguéssim fer res per operar els malucs del Biel. Però, ara fa poques hores, ens han confirmat des d'Alamània que el poden operar el 14 d'Agost!

El Dr. Bernius d'Alemanya era la nostra última opció. No és un metge format directament pel creador de la tècnica, el Dr. Nuzzo d'Estats Units. Però el Dr. Nuzzo m'ha fet saber en diverses ocasions que hi confia plenament, que fa una petita variació de la tècnica i que no el podem descartar com a opció pel Biel, donada tota la situació a escala global amb el Covid19.

Així que la setmana que ve ja comencem el nostre viatge. Viatgem amb la furgoneta i travessem algunes fronteres que, el dia d'avui, les ambaixades respectives em confirmen que no hi ha restriccions per creuar-les.

read more

#08 / I ara què farem? ¿Y ahora qué haremos? And now, what?

Gent bonica!

Em fa molta il·lusió compartir què hem aconseguit.

Segurament tots ja sabeu que per Verkami vam assolir 16.475 €.

Brutal! No podem estar més contents i satisfets. M'imagino que us fa també molta il·lusió a vosaltres que hi heu col·laborat. Entre tots hem fet una bona pinya!

Per fora de la campanya de Verkami s'han fet moltes altres coses: esdeveniments, sortejos, venda de samarretes, donatius...tothom hi ha posat el seu granet de sorra. I el resultat ha estat que hem recaptat aproximadament uns 20.000 € més!! Tenim tota la intervenció coberta. Gràcies, gràcies, gràcies!!!

Us vull explicar una mica què ha passat durant la campanya i com hem tingut el cor sortint-nos per la boca.

Aquesta intervenció, com ja s'explicava a la campanya, es realitza a pocs hospitals del món. El creador de la tècnica és el Dr. Nuzzo d'EEUU. Ell ha format directa i personalment a diversos metges als EEUU i un sol metge a Europa, el Dr. Kanellopoulos de Grècia (cirurgià del Biel).

read more

#07 / Què volem pel Biel? ¿Qué queremos para Biel?

El Biel té gairebé 4 anys i mig i pateix una subluxació bilateral amb 50% de migració, degut a la combinació d'espasticitat muscular i la malformació òssea de l'acetàbul pèlvic.

Davant aquesta situació, hem fet recerca de com ajudar-lo. Degut a que el Biel estava aprenent a posar-se dret el passat Setembre i que es un nen que, malgrat les seves dificultats, no està estancat en l´aprenentatge, per nosaltres, durant la búsqueda, era molt important trobar una forma d'ajudar-lo tenint tres premises molt clares:

**- Mínima pèrdua de funcionalitat

  • Mínima invasivitat

  • Millor i més fàcil recuperació**

I com que una imatge val més que mil paraules...

Ajudan's a aconseguir-ho!


Biel tiene casi 4 años y medio y sufre una subluxación bilateral con 50% de migración, debido a la combinación de espasticidad muscular y la malformación ósea del acetábulo pélvico.

read more

#06 / Només queden 9 dies!!

Avui algunes persones ens han preguntat si encara hi eren a temps de fer l’aportació a Verkami. I tant!

Però al tanto que només queden 9 dies!

Animeu i recordeu al vostre entorn que el projecte s’acaba.

Hem volgut compartir de nou aquest article del Diari de Sabadell.
Tot i l’estrès, el Biel


#05 / I Torneig de Padel_Biel Chang

Hola tribu!

One16sports ha organitzat aquest Torneig de Padel solidari, Biel Chang, que tindrà lloc del 24Feb-1Mar.
¡Les inscripcions finalitzen el proper divendres 21feb! Nosaltres ja ens hi hem apuntat; a veure si toquem alguna pilota jajaja.
Inscriu-te aqui o fes foto al codi QR que trobaràs al final d'aquesta publicació.

L'1 de Març, últim dia del torneig, també hi haurà altres activitats per a qui no vulgui jugar però li vingui de gust passar un Diumenge especial en familia. Hi haurà conta contes i espais de joc per les nenes i nens. Aprofitarem també per anunciar les properes aventures que s'estan organitzant. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Uneix-te i comparteix! Serà molt divertit.

Hola tribu!

One16sports ha organizado este Torneo de Padel solidario, Biel Chang, que tendrá lugar del 24Feb-1Mar.
¡Las inscripciones finalizan el próximo viernes 21Feb! Nosotros ya nos hemos apuntado; a ver si tocamos alguna pelota jajaja.
Inscríbete aquíread more

#04 / "We are Biel" theme

Ja podeu escoltar el tema principal "We are Biel" que dona cançó a la veu del petit guerrer. Necessitem la vostra ajuda per tal que la campanya arribi a molta gent. Si us plau, no deixeu de compartir-la als vostres contactes, tant d´aquí com de fora, ja que el CD es podrà enviar a la resta d'Europa!

Ya podéis escuchar el tema principal "We are Biel" que da canción a la voz del pequeño guerrero. Necesitamos vuestra ayuda para que la campaña llegue a mucha gente. Por favor, no dejéis de compartirla a vuestros contactos, a los de aquí y a los de fuera, ya que el CD se podrá enviar al resto de Europa!

You can now listen to the main song "We are Biel" that gives song to the voice of the little warrior. We need your help to reach many people as possible. Please, don't stop sharing the campaign to your contacts, both in Spain and abroad, as the CD will be sent in all Europe!

#03 / For our European friends

We are very happy to announce that, after receiving some requests from other countries, we decided to add the TOTE BAG reward which includes the shipment within Europe.

#02 / El 14 de Febrer necessitem una mica del teu amor

Estem esgotats, hi ha moments que ens adormiriem drets però tot el que ens envolta, tot el que es genera, tota la gent que ens embolcalla d’amor i ajuda incondicional val moltíssim la pena.

Fem xarxa, fem tribu i aquest divendres serem al centre Espluioga que ha organitzat una trobada espectacular i especial. ⠀⠀⠀

Estamos agotados, hay momentos que nos dormiriamos de pie pero todo lo que nos rodea, todo lo que se genera, toda la gente que nos envuelve de amor y ayuda incondicional vale muchísimo la pena.

Hacemos red, hacemos tribu y este viernes estaremos en el centro Espluioga que ha organizado un encuentro espectacular y especial.

#01 / Gràcies i seguim!!

Gracies a tothom!

Estem molt emocionats; en 48h hem aconseguit els 5000€ que ens serviran per viatjar i allotjar-nos.

El repte segueix fins a 35.000€ per poder pagar l'operació, l'equip mèdic i el material ortopèdic de la fase de recuperació.

Seguim! Ajudan´s a arribar a molta gent.

Ho hem d'aconseguir!

Entrevista al Planta Baixa (Ricard Ustrell)

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