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Álbum LP "Vacaloura" by Zeltia e Irevire

The composer of Morrazo along with her new band will gather her music in an album in which the Forest hopes to have her voice.

Zetia e Irevire

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"VACALOURA" is the new LP from "Zeltia e Irevire", with this new and compilation project I intend to record a Soul's Riot.

For the first time with a band, I want to collect and promote the work of the last years so far, with ten songs in Galician, English and a touch of Gaelic, weave like that the Atlantic cultures.

We hope you will help us create this music forest with us. The recording will be in the "Son Natural" studios in Angueira de Castro (A Coruña, Galicia).

About the rewards

When participating as sponsors of our project you will have the option to choose exclusive offers with our crowdfunding.

In all rewards is the option of early download. This means that by participating as a patron you can listen to the album before anyone else.

At the end of the campaign we will send you an email with the download link and the instructions.
But, don't be Hackerlarvas, there are many unique rewards that you can choose. From having the CD in digipack or the pendrive format, until you can choose a concert sailing in traditional boat along the Ría of Arousa or the Ría of Pontevedra. Plus custom t-shirts, badges and posters.

For all the aforementioned rewards there is the option of hand delivery or postal mail throughout Spain. Except of course, in which the reward itself would be to enjoy one's own experience.

Very important, with your contribution you buy our products in advance and more economically. Rewards are personalized offers with this Crowdfunding.

We are grateful for your help! It is very important to us!

About us

"VACALOURA" is the new LP album of "Zeltia Irevire".

"Zeltia and Irevire" was formed in the middle of 2018. All its members of the band have an already extensive and heavy musical career. We present a bit:

Zeltia Acuña Barros is a native of a seaside village of the Ría of Pontevedra, playing for years in different scenes of local music in Galicia and also in Galway (Ireland). Together with Migui Carballido at the bodhran, they play in duo training by releasing an EP in early 2019, "Directos na Ponte". Now, in this album he handles all kinds of percussion (drums, bodhram, jembé, shaker ...) for make the enviroment and the pulse of the Earth.

With Cibrán Seixo Pazos at the violin the formation takes on more solidity and dynamism. Enjoying the musical fluency that gives us his personal style that fits very well with the intention of the album's compositions.

It will be in the words of Roberto Ledesma that we dare to try another musical formation that we were used to. This is how we will have band character and record our work.

Together with Xabier Olite at the bass and with the "Son Natural" studio we will begin to work on the themes of the studio so you can listen to them anywhere, anytime.

We don't stop, we don't stop creating and keep playing. The compositions are made by Zeltia, always inspiring his music in his own environment. Therefore, this project aims to record a rebellion of the soul.

Together with the great voice of Edu Apariz, artist and musical shaman of Cambados, it is completed the songs matching naturalness. There's more! We plan more special collaborations that we will discover over time.

With this work I want to make an album where you can listen to all my music and feel what I feel.

We hope you help us create this Forest of music with us.

What will we allocate your contributions to?

With this campaign we hope to raise the necessary funds to cover the costs of pre-production, editing and mastering of the album at the studio "Son Natural".

We also have to count on merchandising, material rental, travel and salaries for musicians and people who work with us. For this, we have very original rewards waiting to cheer you up.

Estimate of the expenses of the "LP Vacaloura" album project:

  • Expenses in the study, preproduction, mastering and editing approximately: € 2000

  • Expenses of the edition in physical format: it would be the option of the CD of a lifetime, with an original design in cardboard in digipack format. On the other hand, there is the option of having the album in cork perndrive with custom design. We will make about 250 pendrives with expenses of € 780.

The expenses in both formats amount to a total of € 1500

  • Merchandising expenses: We have good ideas and a very cool design with which to bewitch you, by making t-shirts, badges, posters and more rewards. For this, we will need an estimated budget of about € 500.

As you can see, the expenses exceed our crowdfunding since I consider that with the mark of ** € 3,500 ** I could already carry out the basic expenses for the project. If all goes well ... who knows! We even beat the brand!

(knock on wood)

Planned calendar

Having the studio already booked, we will record in the middle of January and it will take us almost all February to have the album ready. So I estimate that at the end of February we can make shipments to the factory. If all goes well, we could start with the shipments and deliveries of the rewards in mid-March.

Once all of you receive your rewards we will start uploading the disc on the digital platforms.

+ Info

You can follow us and communicate directly with us through our social networks. If you don't know us, I invite you to listen to us on YouTube and Spotify. :)

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  • Lamontagne


    almost 4 years


  • Zetia e Irevire

    Zetia e Irevire

    almost 4 years

    GRAZAS. É increíbel o apoio. Abofé que faremos un discazo. Grazas.

  • alberto


    almost 4 years

    JULIA (Lenteji)+Bertoaku+Polluelo

    TU SOBRINA quiere el nuevo album :) pa este verano....

  • Ja


    almost 4 years


  • Larpeira


    almost 4 years

    Xa estou desexando escoitalo. Adiante!!!

  • Sons de Breogán

    Sons de Breogán

    almost 4 years

    Espero que saia adiante <3

  • Ja


    almost 4 years


  • Ja


    almost 4 years


  • Ja


    almost 4 years


  • Adrian


    almost 4 years

    A topeee!!

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