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THE SECRET LETTER OF MARILYN MONROE. Research book with unpublished revelations on the last days of the actress.

A few days before her death, Marilyn Monroe writes a letter to Truman Capote, hides it and nothing is known about it... until now.

Frederic Cabanas

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The purpose of this crowdfunding is to publish a book, of an edition limited to 1,500 volumes, in English and Spanish.


_ Title: The Secret Letter of Marilyn Monroe

_ Author: Frederic Cabanas

_ Genre: Essay, biography

_ Edition: 164 pages, 165x240 mm, hardcover and dust jacket

_ Language: English edition and Spanish edition

The Secret Letter of Marilyn Monroe, by Frederic Cabanas

The book is an essay about the last days of Marilyn Monroe's life based on an unpublished document that, surprisingly, came to the hands of Frederic Cabanas, an internationally renowned marilynophile living in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain. It is a letter written by Marilyn herself, the week before she died, addressed to her friend and prestigious writer Truman Capote.

Frederic Cabanas has spent a good part of his life collecting objects related to Marilyn Monroe. When the letter amazingly reached him, he did not hesitate for a moment of its authenticity, and he immediately began to investigate. After six years of intense work and jealous caution, he is ready to make the truth known.

This “secret letter” is probably the most relevant writing left by Marilyn Monroe, and will add a new chapter to her future biographies. The text is not only revealing by the facts it describes, but also allows knowing first hand what the famous actress's feelings were at the highest yet toughest moment of her life.

The letter has remained hidden since it was written, almost 60 years ago, inside the case of a Montblanc pen, and now comes to light. It looks like a novel, but it is a real fact. The Cabanas book will announce the existence of the letter, its journey and, above all, its content, which speaks of President J. F. Kennedy, among other prominent characters of the time.

May all this be known, and may the world have a more truthful idea about who Marilyn Monroe was and how she lived. It is in your hands.

About the author: FREDERIC CABANAS

His main vocation is that of a plastic artist (painter and sculptor), and that is why one day, inevitably, he was fascinated by the image of Marilyn Monroe. Since then, 40 years ago, he collects objects related to her, especially books. He is proud to say that he has the world's largest library of publications on this mythical woman, and that he has even helped to enlarge it by writing and editing four books himself: Marilyn Monroe in Spain, The 30 faces of Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn 3-D, and Marilyn Monroe. A Bibliography. Currently, he directs the Cal Gerrer Museum, in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain, where there is a permanent exhibition about the actress.

About the rewards

Of course, the star reward is the book The Secret Letter of Marilyn Monroe, which will be published in both English and Spanish. Each person can choose the version that suits him or her, as well as if he or she wants the copy signed or dedicated by the author.

Marilynophiles, in addition, will enjoy a series of objects related to the actress (postcards, pins, t-shirts...), as well as other books written by Frederic Cabanas on this icon of the twentieth century.

We also offer tours guided by Frederic Cabanas himself to his collection of objects, or basic tickets to see the Cal Gerrer Museum in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain, where this unique collection is exhibited.

Those who want to make a more substantial contribution will even be included with names and surnames in the book as honorary patron, forever putting on record their contribution to the memory of Marilyn Monroe in a publication that must mark a before and an after.

What will we allocate your contributions to

To cover in part some of the main expenses of the edition:

  • The production of the physical book: design, layout, photographic rights and printing (1,500 units).

  • The English translation.

The Cabanas Foundation contributes the rest of the budget.

If we manage to collect more money than originally planned, we will use it to increase the book’s circulation.

Planned calendar

The book will be presented at the Cal Gerrer Museum in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain on April 18, 2020. From then on we will begin to deliver the rewards.

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