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Tercer disco de Le Dancing Pepa Swing Band

Le Dancing Pepa will soon release his third album promising all his listeners that this will be the best of the three!

Miguel Cózar Riera

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We are very happy to announce that in the next month we will start with the recording of our third album. For this we need your help through Verkami, to be able to bear the costs of design, production, mastering, etc ...

We still have no name of the album, but if you want to make some welcome proposal, it is! Therefore we will tell you the new advances little by little. The new album will have between 12 and 15 songs, and the person in charge of surprising you with a good design is Jorge Lawerta, a well-known Valencian designer.

We are already working, with the selection of themes, the concept of the disc, the dynamics and the arrangements that characterize us so much.

In these 6 years we have learned a lot and this is going to be seen in the next album.

About the rewards

As you will see, we offer numerous rewards for your contributions, we explain in more detail what each one is.

** Advance digital download: ** Once we record the disc, you will receive our digital disc before any other site.

** CD: ** we will send our disc to your home or you can pick it up at different points.
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** Entrance to the presentation concert: ** the date and place are not defined, but we will keep you informed.

** Poster: ** We will make a poster with the design of the disc, so that you can hang us anywhere in your house. The poster will be designed by @LAWERTA a famous Valencian designer. https://www.instagram.com/lawerta/?hl=en

** Private concert (reduced): ** We offer a concert for a small environment, maximum 50 people, only in Valencia. The reward does not include sound or technical equipment.

** Party (only Valencia): ** We reduce our cache with this Verkami reward, having a concert of ours for € 1200 for any type of event. Sound equipment or technician is not included.

** Party (throughout the national territory): ** We reduce our cache with this Verkami reward, having a concert of ours for € 1500 for any type of event. It is not included the sound equipment, nor the technician, nor displacement, accommodation and diets.

About us

Le Dancing Pepa Swing Band. We are a Valencian band that has extensive experience in the world of swing. We are one of the Spanish bands, with more international influence. During these years we have recorded two albums and traveled throughout the national territory and visiting other countries such as: Portugal, France, Switzerland ...


What will we allocate your contributions to

Your rewards will be destined to the production of the disc with all the expenses that it entails.

Design, recording, layout, distribution, photos, materials ...

Planned calendar

We plan to start recording with our sound engineer Jorge Pèrez from November 8 to 10.

We assume that you will finish being mastered at the end of the month which is when we will send to the factory.

We thought that by the end of January we could physically have the records

+ Info

If you need more information you can contact our manager.

**Miguel Cózar


[email protected]**


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  • ariño


    over 4 years

    Estic desitjant escoltar-lo i que Lola us veja en directe!!! Segur que és superb, com tot el que feu!

  • Jove Big Band Sedajazz

    Jove Big Band Sedajazz

    over 4 years


  • Melina Carra

    Melina Carra

    over 4 years

    Ganetes d'escoltar-lo😊

  • Eva Romero

    Eva Romero

    over 4 years

    Molta sort, pelaïlles 😘

  • Amparo Esteban

    Amparo Esteban

    over 4 years

    Que vos vaja tot mot be, sort. !!!!!!!!!!!

  • markolo saz

    markolo saz

    over 4 years

    Me encanta la ilustración de Lawuerta

  • markolo saz

    markolo saz

    over 4 years

    Para la "Josefa" lo que haga falta

  • Pilar Fortea Martin

    Pilar Fortea Martin

    over 4 years

    Me encanta el diseño de la camiseta... y con muchas ganas de escucharos por primera vez!!

  • Emilio Almenar

    Emilio Almenar

    over 4 years

    Muchas suerte con el proyecto, suena genial ;)

  • quitofilms


    over 4 years

    Hello from Australia! Looking forward to your new album! All the best!

#02 / Imagen de la portada de nuestro nuevo disco "Dancin' in Storyville"

Nos quedan solamente 5 días para terminar el Verkami y un 20% para llegar al objetivo.

Mil gracias a todos los que habeis apoyado ya el proyecto! Mañana empezamos con la grabación!!

Os presentamos la portada con el diseño de Jorge Lawerta, del que muchos recibireis un cartel y un camiseta.

Portada "Dancin
Portada "Dancin' in Storyville" Le Dancing Pepa

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