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"El cazador de lobos" is a shortfilm that denounces domestic violence from the perspective of a child, who thinks it's just a game.

El Cazador de Lobos

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"El Cazador de Lobos" is a short film, made by Audiovisual Comunication students, which denounces gender violence and domestic violence.

In terms of format, we believe it is groundbreaking, since it gives visibility to another part of the story that is not always shown, the vision of third parties involved, in this case, a child. Bruno, is one of the protagonists of the story, he's eight years old, and although does not suffer directly the violence that his father exercises over his mother, he suffers it indirectly in a different cruel way. His father has invented a game, so that he does not find out what is really happening in his house.

The story will be unleashed when Hector, an experienced thief, enters to rob the house where Bruno lives with his family.


About the rewards

Once the project is finished, the corresponding rewards will be sent to each of the patrons.

This process will be carried out during the month of May, the month in which the post-production of the project will end.

Until then all of those who wish may receive notifications by mail about how the project progresses.

About us

We are studying Audiovisual Comunication in Barcelona (URL- Blanquerna)

Our team consists of six people.

Marina Rosselló has written the script. She wrote each of the lines of dialogue and took the first steps of this project.

Kevin Bran and Gerard Marinel·lo co-direct the short film. Both have already made some short films so this is not new for them. They will be responsible for directing this exciting project.

Lorena Tirado is our art and costume director. She will dress our protagonists and with the help of the entire team will create the spaces where the action will take place.

Marc Ortín and Berta Salafranca are the directors of photography, they will create the atmosphere under which the short film will move and will also help the viewer enter the story through the different planes.

To the team we must add the two actors that will give life to Hector and Bruno.

The first one will be played by Toni Figuera. Actor who has participated in a series of Movistar + or in the series El cor de la ciutat of TV3.

Bruno will be played by Edu Serra. He will give life to our little protagonist and although he has no experience in the world of interpretation his talent is natural.

To continue our journey you can follow the journey in networks.

The whole technical team during the pre-production. Teacher, if you see this, we were working, we swear:)
The whole technical team during the pre-production. Teacher, if you see this, we were working, we swear:)

Recently, the producer Terranova World entered the project to help us with technical issues and to bring experience to the team.

To what we will destine your contributions

The money will be used for shooting expenses. The expense that will take more money is the location. Locating is the most difficult subject that we have faced. Finding a house or apartment that fits the space we need to create the atmosphere that our history requires is not easy and therefore we need to have a range of possibilities that, in this case, money can provide.

Other filming expenses will be gasoline and trains, and meals that will be made during the recording period.

Scheduled calendar

The pre-production of the project began during the month of December, while the script and the original idea began to take shape throughout the month of September.

Marina has given us this great story and now we want to share it with you.
Marina has given us this great story and now we want to share it with you.

Filming **will take place during the weekend of **22 to 24 March of this year 2019.

The post-production and therefore the assembly of the project will begin once the filming is finished and will end at the beginning of May, at which time the short film will be finalized and all the patrons will receive their corresponding rewards.

+ Info

We would love for you all to be part of the project, so you can follow the steps we are taking on Instagram, where we are posting the latest information and all the news that is coming up, as well as filming videos, behind the scenes and more.

We leave the networks of all the components as well as a contact email for any questions or queries :)

Instagram of the short film: @ lobos.shortfilm

Instagram of Terranova World: @terranovaworld

Instagram of Marina: @ marina.rossello

Kevin's Instagram: @sirkevinbran

Instagram of Gerard: @gerardmarinello

Instagram of Lorena: @lorey_tm

Instagram of Marc: @marcortin

Instagram of Berta: @bertasalafranca

mail: lobos.produccion@gmail.com


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