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El Bon Temps

An indie feature by six friends and film students from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Fulmine Film

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Emma is not doing too well. On top of having just been fired, her partner, Zoe, tells her they should take a break. She finds herself back in her hometown, trying to fill up the pages of her sketchbook and face the situation she's in. Luckily, she will meet Lina, a very peculiar girl in whom she'll find a good friend and someone to go on adventures with.

El Bon Temps is our final year project. After four years of studying film at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, we've not only formed a wonderful friendship but also a great professional team and work-dynamics. We hope our Verkami (crowdfunding campaign) will help us finance the first half-hour of the movie, a "teaser" with which we could potentially find the necessary support to complete the production.

El Bon Temps is a project about a state of in-betweenness, art-block, returning home and living fun adventures in the woods. It's a chance to make our voices heard as young creators and to convey our personal styles, ideals and experiences.

The illustrations on Emma's sketchbook are a key part of the movie, they reflect our protagonist's emotional journey. We want to translate her experimentation as she strives to find a personal style, into on-screen animations, which will also represent her thought process.

We're Anna, Aleix, Camila, Laura, Marina and Marta. The six of us met studying film at UPF, and have worked together on a series of projects through the years. This movie and the team we've come to form are the result of four years of friendship, shared ideas and experiences. Each one of us brings a unique point of view to the project, as well as playing a different role in the process.

Marta Duran, co-director and producer.

She wrote and directed the short documentary 224, which approached the bombing of Granollers during the Civil War from a very personal perspective through her grandfather's memories. She was a production assistant for the feature film Los Herederos, Production Manager for the short film Senex and participated in the short documentary Rym. She's currently an intern at Minoria Absoluta, partaking in a project that shares her enthusiasm for activism.

Laura Moreno, codirector and screenwriter.

Passionate for illustration and animation (one of the reasons our film celebrates these arts), she participated in the creation of the short-documentary Rym and was director of photography for the short film Senex. She took a course in digital illustration at Joso and is currently an intern at Zumzeig cinemas.

Anna Crillo, production designer/manager.

She is currently participating in the production of Mr. Miyagi's Isaac (feature). She wrote and directed the short documentary Nice Bodies and took part in the creation of the short documentary Rym. A TV-series, book and CrossFit enthusiast without whom we'd have no one to carry all the heavy technical materials.

Aleix Abulí, art director.

He wrote and directed the short documentary Ciutat i Selva, which received the SGAE award for Best Screenplay in the Nova Autoria (author revelation) category at Sitges Film Festival. He was the art director for the short film Senex and is currently an intern at Zumzeig cinemas as well as a character design and graphic narratives student and Joso school of art.

Camila Gaspardo, assistant director and graphic designer.

She was director of photography for the short film Senex and took part in the creation of the short documentary Rym. She's currently an intern at A Bao A Qu, where she collaborates with the projects Cinemaencurs, Fotografiaencurs and En Residència. She is a collaborator for the final project Moving Dependency by Marta Ros. In her spare time she enjoys practicing her illustrations and graphic design.

Marina Camallonga, director of photography and screenwriter.

She took a course on cinematography at ECIB and made good use of what she learned there in projects such as the short film Senex and the short documentary Rym. She is also a photography (particularly analog) devotee. She was an intern for Massa d'Or Productions (Pa Negre, Incerta Glòria).

We also count with the support of:

Guillem Rodríguez - production advisor

Aroa Munuera - script

Guillem Costas - camera operator and colorist

Mario Pérez - sound mixer

Lorena Borrelli - make up

Víctor Diago - editing

Joan Masats - bso

And the team continues to grow!

Gonzalo De Lucas – Project tutor. PhD in Audiovisual Communication at UPF and collaborator at Xcèntric cinema.

Sergi Moreno - Production tutor. Producer at Lastor Media ( 10.000km, Júlia Ist, Tierra Firme).

Carla Simón - Advisor. Director of Estiu 1993 (2017)

Carlos Marqués-Marcet - Advisor. Director of 10.000km (2014), Tierra Firme (2017) and Els dies que vindran (2019).

Jonás Trueba - Advisor. Director of films such as Todas las Canciones Hablan de Mí (2010) and La reconquista (2016).

Your contributions will allow us to cover the costs of the first half-hour of the production. They will be distributed as follows:

Thanks: a thank-you video from the entire team for helping us make the project possible
Credits: your name will be featured in the end-credits as a contributor
Download: you will receive a digital copy of the project (first half-hour of the film).
Wallpaper: three exclusive wallpapers for your mobile devices (reference photo)
Postcard set: a selection of illustrated postcards designed by different members of the team
Totebag: a customized totebag with El Bon Temps design
Concept-art book: a digital collection of never-before seen sketches, ideas and illustrations from the creation process (costume design, poster ideas, animation frames)
Custom message 35mm picture: analog photograph from the set of the film with a personalized message
Custom portrait: a portrait of the contributor drawn by a member of the team
T-Shirt: an exclusive t-shirt with an El Bon Temps design
El Bon Temps Zine: a compilation of pictures, notes and texts from the process of creation of the movie
Making Of: exclusive footage from every part of the process with commentary from the creative team
Sponsorship: you will be credited as an official sponsor for El Bon Temps

Verkami: You get to chose the right contribution for you, pick the perks you like best and become a patron! If we reach 100% of our objective, El Bon Temps will be a reality and you will receive your perks.

Share the project: Even if you can't make a monetary donation, every bit of help counts. Don't forget to share the project with your loved ones, your friends, your enemies, everyone and anyone you meet. The more people know about El Bon Temps, the more chances there is the project will get made.

Our social networks

instagram: @elbontemps

facebook: @elbontemps

twitter: @elbontemps_film

contact: [email protected]


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  • teix


    about 5 years

    Felcitats!!!! i endavant!! Orgullosa de participar en el que sera un llargmetratge precios

  • Juli Hortal

    Juli Hortal

    about 5 years

    Éxitos Xxx

  • Mia Vilà

    Mia Vilà

    about 5 years

    Sort Aleix!!! I a tots!!!

  • Top estilistes

    Top estilistes

    about 5 years

    Aleix aquesta col laboracio es dels meus pares Joan i Rosa Parramon

  • laucss


    about 5 years

    Tard però a temps, bona sort! Aleix t'estimo

  • Piu G. Cortacans


    about 5 years

    Molts ànims! El projecte té una pinta fantàstica. <3

  • Nuri de la Torre

    Nuri de la Torre

    about 5 years

    Molts ànims segur que us queda genial :)

  • Karen López

    Karen López

    over 5 years

    Marina! Mucha suerte 🍀 👏🏻

  • teix


    over 5 years

    Hola marina soc la iaia t'envio 100 euros pels vostres projectes.Desitjo que tingueu força exit. T"estimo molt.Iaia

  • teix


    over 5 years

    Moltes felicitats Marini per un projecte magic i bonic!

#01 / Un nou objectiu!

Bon dia a totes i tots! Portem una molt bona notícia: amb més de 140 mecenes, hem arribat al nostre objectiu de Verkami!

Primer de tot, volem agrair tot el recolzament i ànims que estem rebent, sigui en persona, a Verkami o a través de respostes als stories d’Instagram. Gràcies a vosaltres, El Bon Temps és cada vegada més a prop. Els 6500€ que hem recol·lectat al llarg d’aquests dies de campanya ens han permès establir una forta base sobre la qual construïr el nostre primer rodatge.

Això ens porta al segon anunci:

Obrim un nou objectiu de 8000€! Malgrat tenim uns fonaments sòlids, assolir aquest nou límit ens permetrà invertir en millor material de càmera, il·luminació i l’atrezzo i vestuari més ideals que el nostre director d’art pugui desitjar, així com professionalitzar la postproducció. En definitiva, aquest nou objectiu ens ajudarà a donar a la primera part d’ El Bon Temps el millor acabat possible!

I vosaltres què hi guanyeu?

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