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Caldo y Os Rabizos - A música tradicional del Eo-Navia

The objective is to collect money for the release of Caldo y Os Rabizos first album, "Traditional music from Eo-Navia land" #caldoyosrabizos

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A música tradicional del Eo-Navia / Traditional music from Eo-Navia land is an album with 15 tunes that explores the archive of the dancing music tradition of the bands that used to play, or are playing, across the Eo-Navian land.

About the rewards

To make this financial campaign more attractive, we have thought of some things to reward the people who want to support us.

-Digital download: for people who just want the music. The download includes tunes, scores and texts.

-CD: people who want to have "A música tradicional del Eo-Navia" physically can get it personally or by mail. Like download, CD includes music, scores and texts.

CD A música tradicional del Eo-Navia
CD A música tradicional del Eo-Navia

-Totebag: this organic bag has the band logo printed on it.

Totebag of Caldo y Os Rabizos
Totebag of Caldo y Os Rabizos

-T-shirt: we have chosen high quality T-shirts in two colours, black or white. They will have the band logo printed on it.

T-shirt Caldo y Os Rabizos
T-shirt Caldo y Os Rabizos

-Taramunde knife: knives are one of the most important traditional handmade products in Eo-Navia and we have always bet on them. We have 20 knives made for the occasion by the forge CQ Navallas of Taramunde with the name of the band engraved.

Taramunde Knife Caldo y Os Rabizos
Taramunde Knife Caldo y Os Rabizos

About us

Caldo y Os Rabizos is a traditional "bandín", a band form [Eo-Navia land](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eo-Navia_(comarca). We are a music group with folkloric repertoire from, roughtly, territoire between the Lugo Mountains and the area that belongs to vaqueiros d'alzada (mountain cowboys), and between Cantabrian Sea and the Cantabrian Range.

Our philosophy is simple. We do not aim to reproduce some point in a past tradition, but to use the traditional music rhythms to liven up parties, fairs, markets, weddings and other events of the XXI century.

Under the motto Long live the folk parties! there are some factors that characterize Caldo y Os Rabizos:

  1. To start with, all of our tunes come from field research. Our sources of information are traditional musicians and people who remember some songs from a particular territory or who knew some instrumentalists who had never studied in a musical institution (music schools, conservatories, etc.). So, the Caldo y Os Rabizos repertoire basis are modern researching archives, like Ambás and Ramsés Oral Tradition Archive, Monteavaro Brothers Archive and family archives of musicians from Eo-Navia land. Field research is the clue to understand and perform traditional repertoire, and this is the reason that band members go across villages to learn directly, without intermediaries, from musicians who are still playing or singing nowadays.

  2. One of the most important things is that Caldo y Os Rabizos does not reproduce some kind of tradition, but follows and continues the folk music legacy with gaita* and other melodic instruments. This legacy is very strong even today. The spontaneity with which we play these traditional repertories allows us to take this heritage into the XXI century without restrictions or unnecessary modernizations with no patrimonial basis. As a result of this, the members of Caldo y Os Rabizos understand that, for example, there is no need to wear XVIII century costumes to play in a local party: if the vast majority of pipers from the 40ies did not wear antique clothes, why do we, in 2019, have to dress up with such costumes? Our function is to make people dance and have fun with our music.

  3. Our songs get their rhythmic basis from the snare and the bass drums and melodic sound from *gaita, saxophone and accordion, although sometimes we can use clarinet, wooden flute, jew's harp or another gaita. Thanks to bands like Os Penácaros and Os Ribanavia or pipers like Nela and Modesto, all of these musical instruments survived in good health until nowadays, letting us share our inheritance with the world.

The band

  1. Pepín de Muñalén (saxophone): a man who has been working as a musician for more than twenty years. He played in groups like Bron, La Bandina’l Tombo or Axu, and at present he plays the flute in Tuenda and works as a music teacher.

  2. Andrés Rodríguez Monteavaro (gaita): founder piper of the band Mezá and organizer of the Outono en Bual Festival. He is an historian working on gender and sexuality studies. He is also a researcher for the Monteavaro Brothers Archive.

  3. Marga Lorences (accordion): one of the most prominent accordion players in Asturias, she played at bands like Asturiana Mining Company, Xaréu, La Bandina’l Tombo, The Blues Rangers or Aú?. She is also a music teacher in a public school.

  4. Ruma Barbero (bass drum): founder member of folk bands like Felpeyu and Aú?, which he travelled with around four continents. He also played in traditional groups like Los Ciquitrinos and Los Llanzones. He has won some prizes as a song writer and as comic book author.

  5. Miguel Rodríguez Monteavaro (snare drum): he was flutist in Mezá band and organizer of the Outono en Bual Festival. He is a writer and philologist, and he centers his research in documenting the linguistic varieties of western Asturias and in gathering information for the Monteavaro Brothers Archive.

Your contributions are for

Recording: 1500€

Physical edition: 1200€

Rewards: 800€

Planned calendar

We will release our work when the crowdfunding finishes, that is, approximately in May 2019.

We expect to start giving the rewards after the official release event. We hope that it will be in June 2019.

+ Info

Those are some links with info about us and our project:

-Facebook of Caldo y Os Rabizos

-Estudios Tutu Corvera

-CQ Taramunde

-TeresaSuarezPhoto. All photos have copyright

-Lueje Producciones. All videos have copyright


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  • Miguel Ángel Grau


    about 5 years

    Puxa Bual ya Sarandías!!!



    about 5 years

    encantada de participar nesti proyectu

  • Balen


    about 5 years

    Mucha suerte con el proyecto de Maritxu y Balen

  • xuanin


    about 5 years

    ¡Pa que la vuestra música suene del ríu Deva hasta'l ríu Óder!

  • Fere Blanco Rodríguez

    Fere Blanco Rodríguez

    about 5 years

    ¡Cómo presta oyir musiquina como la de Caldo y Os Rabizos!

  • Josin


    about 5 years

    Para que vuestra música suene en la Buso's Party ‼️

  • Rubens KP

    Rubens KP

    about 5 years

    Fermoso proxecto, noraboa e moita forza!!

  • Luis Ríe

    Luis Ríe

    about 5 years


  • Aurora D.L.

    Aurora D.L.

    about 5 years

    Veña Occidente!!

  • Maelin


    about 5 years

    ¡¡¡¡Música, navaya y dale ritmo!!!!

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