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Guillem MiTchel's new EP 'Foliage'

'Foliage' is the title of my upcoming EP, written and recorded in Catalonia and the UK. Help me to make it bloom!

Guillem miTchel

A project of


Created in

Bath, United Kingdom
From 3.000€
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What is 'FOLIAGE'?

This is a 4 track EP in which I've stepped out from my usual acoustic guitar/vocals format to arrange and produce the songs for a larger group, including drums and bass, electric guitars, piano, percussion, backing vocals, a brass trio a string quartet... For this occasion I wished to bring to life all the sound colours and textures I had in my mind.

Take a listen to the same song bit in acoustic and 'foliage' version, so that you can have an idea:
[Soundcloud item unavailable]

That's why the EP is called ‘Foliage’.This is also illustrated on cover, which is a painting by the artist Toby Rainbird-Webb created specifically for this project.

To make honoer of the bright and colourful character of the record, we're going to officially release it on March the 20th,celebrating the Spring Equinox.

Who are we?

More than 20 people, including musicians, sound engineers, artists, etc. have collaborated in the project so far.


Guillem Mitchel: Vocals and guitars
Pol Maresma: Bass
Narcís Corominas: Piano
Pere Foved: Drums
Sarah Loveridge: Violin and viola
Dury Loveridge: Cello
Pol Padrós: Tenor Sax
Leo Torres: Trumpet
Darío García: Trombone
Chloe Tyghe: Vocals
Lauren Bradford: Vocals
Jose Cattaneo: Percussion

Sound engineers:

Jose Cattaneo: Recording and mix
Juanjo Alba: Recording
Dominic Bayley-Clay: Recording
Pol Maresma: Recording
Pete Maher: Mastering


Toby Rainbird-Webb
Jordi Calvet

Other collaborators:

Victor Partido: Aclam Records
Marcel Cavallé: guitar tech at Aclam Records

With your support you can also become a collaborator!

About the rewards

we've designed very interesting rewards. There are packs for all budgets with an excellent quality/price ratio.

  • You can find the EP in digital or physical edition.
  • There are two special editions for this campaign patrons only'
  • All the rewards will be dedicated and signed personally on the website and the special brochure included with the EP.
  • There are exclusive items including high quality framed posters, t-shirts, notebooks, launch party tickets, private concerts... All sorts!

What are we going to invest the money raised in?

Most of the artistic production is now finished (recording, mixing, mastering, artwork...).
We'll invest your contributions in the executive side of the production, which is essential for a music project. In a way you'll become producers!

  • First edition of cds and merchandise
  • Music video
  • PR campaign (to make a booze about the release, interviews and reviews in music magazines, radio airplay, publishing, social media, etc.).

We'll keep all of you who take part posted about the news related to the project, the stages and deadlines of the production, all interviews, reviews and everything else related to the PR campaign.


  • We'll run the crowdfunding campaign from late November/December to mid January.
  • From late January to March we'll lead the PR campaign and produce the music video.
  • The EP release is due on the 20th of March coinciding with the Spring Equinox.

All the patrons will receive their EP in digital format exclusively 2 weeks before the release.
All the other rewards will be sent or handed - depending on the pack - to the patrons after the release.

+ Info

Guillem MiTchel
Toby Rainbird-Webb
Aclam Records
Nine Volt Leap Studio


There are none published yet.

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  • Núria Oranías

    Núria Oranías

    9 months

    Endavant Guillem!!!!

  • Núria Oranías

    Núria Oranías

    9 months

    Endavant Guillem!!!!

  • Jordi Torrent

    Jordi Torrent

    9 months

    Una abraçada company!

  • Anthony Avison

    Anthony Avison

    9 months

    Very pleased to sponsor this project.

  • Fecheruano


    9 months

    La Mejor para vos Guillem. Good job!

  • Croldan13


    10 months

    Molta sort!!

  • Guillem miTchel

    Guillem miTchel

    10 months

    Moltíssimes gràcies!!! Thank you so much guys!!! Molte grazie!!!

  • Adamo Volpe

    Adamo Volpe

    10 months

    Auguri Guille!!!!

  • msiegerist


    10 months

    Good luck, Guillem! We look forward to hearing your new tracks :) Maaike & Jonni x

  • eva


    10 months


#04 / Properes setmanes / Next weeks / Próximas semanas

Belvolguts/des mecenes,

Us escric per posar-vos al corrent del desenvolupament del projecte a partir d’ara i de l’entrega de les recompenses.
Com deia el calendari orientatiu a la pàgina de Verkami, la data ideal del llançament oficial de l’EP serà el 20 de març, tot i que potser que varii per questions de la campanya promocional. Sembla que el 20 de març quedi lluny, però en aquests 2 mesos s’ha de fer tot això:

  • Gestionar la publicació dels cds i les recompenses
  • Gestionar les presentacions a Catalunya i UK (segurament es faran cap a mitjans d’abril)
  • Enregistrar i editar el videoclip
  • Actualitzar el web
  • Contactar amb l’agencia de PR i dur a terme la campanya de promoció, que normalment comença de 4 a 6 setmanes abans de l’estrena.

A finals de gener, principis de febrer, us enviaré un altre email per posar-vos al corrent del punt en el que estiguin totes aquestes questions.

read more

#03 / Aconseguit! / Achieved / Conseguido!

Estimats/des mecenes,

Aquest és un missatge breu per comunicar-vos que hem aconseguit l’objectiu de la campanya! Això vol dir que hi haurà cds, hi haurà video i també campanya de promoció!

Durant els propers dies us enviaré un email més extens explicant-vos el desenvolupament del projecte, l’enviament de les recompenses, etc.
Moltísimes gràcies per formar-hi part!


Dear patrons,

This is a brief message tol let you know we achieved the crowdfunding’s goal! This means we’ll have cds, we’ll have a music video and also a promotion campaign!

On the following days I’ll send you a more detailed email letting you know about the development of the project, the rewards, etc.
Thanks so much for being part of it!


Queridos/as mecenas,

Este es un mensaje breve para comunicaros que hemos conseguido el objetivo de la campaña! Eso significa que habrá cds, habrá videoclip y también campaña de promoción.

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#02 / Estimats/des mecenes! / Beloved patrons! / Queridos/as mecenas!

Bon dia estimats/des mecenes
Després dels primers 10 dies volia compartir amb vosaltres com va la campanya:

  1. Portem el 31% del total, així que la cosa va tirant.

  2. El Taller de Músics, que té un canal a Verkami, ha recolzat el projecte (jo hi he sigut alumne i professor), la qual cosa és molt bona notícia de cara a la imatge de la campanya!

  3. El vostre suport ha activat la meva part creativa i he començat a escriure una nova cançó dedicada a vosaltres. Aquí en teniu un trosset:

Moltíssimes gràcies de nou pel vostre support, seguim! xxx

Good morning dear patrons,
After the first 10 days I'd like to share some information with you:

  1. We've reached the 31% of the overall goal, so it looks like we're slow but steady!

  2. The music institution Taller de Músics who has a Verkami channel, has decided to support the project (I used to study and then teach there), which is great news in terms of the image of the campaign!

  3. read more

#01 / Benvinguda! / Welcome! ? Bienvenida

Bon dia a tothom!

Us escric per saludar-vos i agrair-vos la vostra participació.

Ja sou col.laboradors d'aquest projecte i, per tant, us mantindré informats/des regularment del seu desenvolupament.

La campanya va engegar dilluns i avui, dimecres al matí, hem arribat al 20% del finançament. Així doncs, de moment sembla que va molt bé!

A banda d'això, dir-vos que estic ideant maneres de seguir promocionant la campanya i intentaré crear nous posts per compartir a les xarxes, etc. Ja us informaré.

Bé, això és tot de moment, si teniu alguna pregunta no dubteu en contactar.

Gràcies i seguim! :)


Morning everyone!

I'm writing to welcome you and thank you for your participation.

You are now collaborators of this project, therefore I will keep you posted about its development regularly.

The campaign started on Monday and so far, Wednesday morning, we've reached the 20% of the overall goal. So it looks it's going well!

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12 backers

Download of 'Foliage'
+ Greetings in the website

6 backers

We can send ordes anywhere in the world. Neverthess, please add this extra fee if you wish your items be delivered out of Europe.

20 backers

Physical copy of Foliage + Exclusive 16 page signed brochure + Digital download + Greetings

Foliage EP in a full colour cardboard double package, with an exclusive dediacated and signed brochure only for patrons, where you'll find pictures, lyrics, notes about the recordording process of the ep and your name featured as a collaborator.

Also, the pack includes the digital version of the Ep.

NOTE: The shipping costs are included for Europe area.

5 backers

Special Edition for Patrons + 'Unfoliage' EP

Get this exclusive edition which includes an extra cd with demos, acoustic versions and rarities related to the Ep.

NOTE: The shipping costs are included for Europe area.

22 backers

Special Edition for Patrons + 2 tickes for the launch party

Get the special edition of Foliage and come to the launch party with whom you wish (to Bath, UK or to Sant Pol, Barcelona)

NOTE: This pack will be handed to the patron at the launch party. Alternatively it can be mailed anywhere in Europe.

2 backers

Special Edition for Patrons + Framed poster

This pack includes the special edition of Foliage plus a high quality printed poster of the cover - created specially by Tobt Rainbird-Webb - lovely framed with passepartout.

3 backers

Limited edition 'Foliage/Unfoliage' + 2 tickets for the launch party + Exclusive T-shirt 'Foliage'

This pack includes the limited double edition Foliage/Unfoliage, two tickets for one of the launch parties (Bath or Barcelona)and an exclusive T-shirt 'Foliage' created for the patrons.

NOTE: This pack will be handed to the patron at the launch party. Alternatively it can be mailed anywhere in Europe.

4 backers

Fan Pack + Framed poster

NOTE: This pack will be handed to the patron at the launch party. Alternatively it can be mailed anywhere in Europe.

1 backer

Special Edition for Patrons + Private acoustic gig in your living room

NOTE: This pack will include extra travelling costs for locations out of the province of Barcelona (Catalonia). The concert length will be 60 to 90 min.

This pack will be handed to the patron.

3 backers

Special Edition for Patrons + Private acoustic gig in your living room.

This pack will include extra travelling costs for locations out of the Bath and Somerset area (UK). The concert length will be 60 to 90 min.

This pack will be handed to the patron.

0 backers

Special Edition for Patrons + Excluive notebook 'Foliage' + 3 songwriting/music lessons.

This pack is ideal for beginners aiming to learn the basic skills of songwriting or more experienced songwriters who wish feedback on their work.

NOTE: The sessions will be 60 min in length onsite or via skype depending on location and availability.

This pack will be handed or mailed (to Europe). For deliveries to the rest of the world there is an additional 10€ fee.

2 backers

Fan Premium Pack + Private acoustic gig

This pack will include extra travelling costs for locations out of the Bath and Somerset area (UK) or province of Barcelona (Catalonia). The concert length will be 60 to 90 min.

This pack will be handed to the patron.

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