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Serendipias es una recopilación de ilustraciones de seres mágicos que habitan nuestros hogares y están presentes en nuestra vida cotidiana.

Álvaro Rubio Art

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'Serendipias' (Serendipities) is a compilation of 31 ink illustrations I made for Inktober 2018,in which I describe a group of magical creatures that live in our homes without most of us knowing, being with us in our day-to-day, even influencing in our lives.

The project consists of making a small fanzine that brings together these 31 creatures, with their drawings and descriptions. In addition, among the rewards are A5 sized prints, original illustrations in A4 size, and drawings remade in digital color. You can choose any prints and originals that you want. You have all the Serendipities here. Write me an email to [email protected] with your name and which creatures you want to take home.

About the rewards

There are several ways to support the project, with different rewards depending on what you like the most about Serendipias:

  • AZAJOS is the cheapest way of funding the project. In return, you will receive the pdf version of the fanzine. If you had been followuing the process of Serendipias throughout October, it is a nice way to contribute your grain of sand.

  • If you want some prints to put in your bedroom, in the living room, or give to someone as a gift or postcard, you have the RADELAS option. It's a pack of 3 A5 sized prints in black and white or color, according to your choice.

Ejemplo de láminas a color
Ejemplo de láminas a color

Ejemplos de láminas en blanco y negro
Ejemplos de láminas en blanco y negro

  • If you want the fanzine prined right in your hands, you just have to click on the option LELUELOS. If you are fast, you can take *2 fanzines and the second one comes out at half price *(with the option NIMO Y NURNO). This is a limited reward, so you must be hurry!

  • If all this seems great but you want MORE (which will melt my heart to make it glitter), there are other options that combine the two previous rewards:

    MELUSAS consists of 1 fanzine + 2 colored or white / black sheets to choose from.

    DALIOS includes 1 fanzine + 1 original A4 sized ink illustration, to choose from.

    With the option called NEIDAS, you'll have 1 fanzine + 2 original A4 sized ink illustrations, to choose from.

    Finally, the reward called RISOLES consists of **1 fanzine + 2 original A4 sized ink illustrations + 2 A4 sized digital color illustrations. If you want to participate with a group of friends and do not care how to distribute the rewards, this could be a BARGAIN.

About me

I was born in 1990 and I live in Collado Villalba, Madrid. I draw and make up stories since I was a child. So much so, that at the age of six I was already a famous artist, because all my teachers, neighbors and father's co-workers had my drawings placed in the fridge.

I also love to read, but is something that came along with adolescence and the youth novels of fantasy that lead my generation to fight evil and daily life with magic wands, dragons and unicorns, prophecies, ghosts and paralell worlds.

I studied Fine Arts, and now I work as a graphic designer and illustrator. That has taken me through many different paths, but what I like to do the most is to develop projects like Serendipias, in which I turn out a very personal part of me, an open secret that has been part of my growth and my vision as an artist.

What will I do with your funds

According to the contribution of each of you, the reward is different, but practically all (with the exception of one) imply an investment in ** materials and printing expenses **.

With the money raised I will be able to make a run of ** 100 fanzines *, signed and numbered, in addition to printing all the copies of the * color and black / white prints ** that you request, and the materials that I will need for the original drwaings in A4 size. Of course, the more money is collected, the more fanzines, pictures and drawings can be made.

Planned schedule

I have 40 days to reach the campaing goales. If it comes out, we'll know it at Christmas (which would be a real treat for me, just saying). Therefore, production would begin practically in early 2019, and would surely end in mid-February. In conclusion, your Serendipities would arrive home at the end of February.


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  • Rocío Granados

    Rocío Granados

    almost 5 years

    Vengaaa que ya queda poquito!!!

  • Angeles Antúnez

    Angeles Antúnez

    almost 5 years

    Mucha suerte y para darte un empujón te hago este pedido!!

  • Mstribeka


    about 5 years

    Por azar he llegado a tu proyecto y me he quedado enamorada de él... es precioso. :-)

  • Ana Rubio

    Ana Rubio

    about 5 years

    Mi cabello es real

  • el_gran_mago1@hotmail.com

    [email protected]

    about 5 years

    Es precioso! Estoy deseando que me llegue :) eres un grande!!

  • MaikelOrtega


    about 5 years

    Esperando el fanzine con ganas!!

  • Adolfo


    about 5 years

    Espero que tengas mucho éxito en esta empresa. Te lo mereces. Un abrazo. Adolfo

  • Maralba


    about 5 years

    Eres un artista maravilloso. Espero estar cerca de ti para poder ver como triunfas. Un besazo!

  • Neru0027


    about 5 years

    ¡Qué ganitas! ¡Ya sé el que quiero!

#01 / Serendipias y Mindfulness

Hace más o menos un año, descubrí el concepto de 'Mindfulness', una técnica de meditación que consiste en tomar conciencia de lo que hacemos, pensamos y sentimos, pero sin juzgarnos por hacerlo. Se trata de encontrar un equilibrio emocional y psicológico gracias a la comprensión de nuestros pensamientos y sentimientos. Una vez identificamos y entendemos lo que nos pasa, podemos actuar en consecuencia. Se pueden abordar todo tipo de temas: ansiedad, insomnio, frustración, estrés... también creatividad, relaciones personales, cambios, tanto positivos como negativos. Más que una terapia, el Mindfulness es una habilidad que podemos adquirir y utilizar en nuestro día a día, tanto para ayudarnos a superar la adversidad, como para apreciar y disfrutar nuestro tiempo.

Serendipias está, en cierto modo, ligado al Mindfulness. Muchas de mis criaturas son una definición y… read more

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