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My project Amazonomachy will be exhibited from December 11, 2018 to February 3, 2019 in MAN. The goal is producing a catalog and a video.

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I’d like to note that although the crowdfunding system encourages lower monetary objectives so they are more easily obtained, greater funds would permit higher quality production of both video and catalogue and a greater number of images in the latter. The price of these are directly related.

Once the minimum funding for the catalog and the video has been exceeded, it is very important to exceed the amount established in order to improve the quality of production. I will be able to increase the number of reproductions of images of the works, which goes directly in relation to the most important cost of reproduction.

We continue to raise and continue working to achieve the best possible quality. Thank you very much to all the donors.

As an artist I have a fantastic upcoming achievement: a solo show at Spain’s National Archaeological Museum of my project Amazonomachy at the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid.
It will to be inaugurated on December 11, 2018 and will run for 3 months till February 3, 2019.
As you’ll have heard in the video, I want to take advantage of the exhibition to further promote this project and therefore, need to produce a catalogue and video.

Why crowdfunding

So I´m crowdfunding so as to finance their productions.
In exchange for your donation, besides my great gratitude, I´m offering signed copies of original artworks and an exclusive guided tour with me of the exhibition.


The body of works, produced thanks to a grant from Madrid City Council, consist of two series of photos of the 14 metopes known as the Amazonomachy, located on the west face of Athen´s Parthenon at the Acropolis.

Amazonomachy 1.1. Oil on Methacrylate, photographic printing. 124 x113 cm.
Amazonomachy 1.1. Oil on Methacrylate, photographic printing. 124 x113 cm.

The metopes narrate the battle between Greek heroes and the Amazons. The oeuvre consists of 28 pieces made with paper and wood, intervened with text and image, plus a video on what I call modern Amazons: professional female boxing and kick boxing athletes. The sound track includes excerpts from H. Von Kleist’s Penthesilea Queen of the Amazons.

After the economic crisis, producing and showing artwork has become really difficult. Like so many others, marketing and financing modes have changed prompting artists to explore other ways of showing work to the public. My exhibition at the MAN and this appeal for public support are a result.

The artist: Clara Carvajal

I am a visual artist, trained as a sculptor. I was awarded an end-of-degree distinction on finishing Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense in 1993. I´ve had many solo and group exhibitions in Spain and abroad, have developed multiple projects, and received several awards for my work.

My work deals with language related cultural processes of the Mediterranean and Middle East, language as encrypted communication. Digital technology and geometric graphic scripts are the aim of my work.

Amazonomachy 1.3. Video, 12 min.
Amazonomachy 1.3. Video, 12 min.

Scheduled calendar and rewards delivery

Catalogue and video will be completed on January 15, 2019. All donors will receive their rewards before February 3,2019 (end of exhibition).

The drawings and catalogs will be sent by postal mail. Visits to the exhibition and Clara Carvajal's studio will be arranged, preferably Fridays or weekends.

+ Info

All this can be seen in detail on my website; http://claracarvajal.com


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  • Paloma martin llopis

    Paloma martin llopis

    almost 5 years

    Enhorabuena querida Clara

  • Pedro Argüelles

    Pedro Argüelles

    almost 5 years

    Lo que me ha costado!

  • Javierch


    almost 5 years

    Un abrazo muy fuerte.

  • Regina Llopis

    Regina Llopis

    almost 5 years

    El proceso fue fácil y sin errores

  • Marta Millán de la Torre

    Marta Millán de la Torre

    almost 5 years

    Ánimo Clara

  • Cristina Aguilar

    Cristina Aguilar

    almost 5 years

    Que fácil!

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