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M A W U / Dona Terra

This dance piece brings to the stage the strength, the vulnerability and the inner conflicts with the powerful rhythm of 6 women dancers.


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MAWU / Dona Terra, is a dance show that bring on stage femininity, the figure of the free and empowered, celebration of life and the own identity through the movement and its ritual. A rhythm of music tinged with tradition and drums, the beauty of the images and atmosphere of Mawu leaves us dazzled.

The project starts in 2017 of the need for Aina Lanas, the choreographer, to unite a powerful group of women. Influenced by African rhythms and after visiting Senegal and receiving formation at l' Ecole des Sables, she decides to make a first 6-minute sketch that wins the Premi La Lloja within the Urban Dance Contest 'The Best On'. Here the video:

This encourages the choreographer and the collective to develop the piece more and take it to the theater in a long format.

Who are we?

Aina Lanas (Choreographer)

Aina Lanas is a dancer , choreographer and director born and resident in Barcelona.

Characterized by her versatility, Aina has been experimenting in different styles and areas of dance throughout her career. For the past 5 years she has participated in everything ranging from contemporary and urban choreographic competitions, Hip Hop Battles, large productions in mestizo companies of urban dances and contemporary movement , direction of short-films for video-dance, the creation of her own works, education around the Iberian peninsula and Central America, while also often participating in the commercial industry, dancing for ads, brands and television programs.

Always motivated by creation and interested in the integration of disciplines and styles , Aina constantly seeks new information and teachers to continue to grow and evolve as a creator.

Her unique movement is the result of the culmination of years of interdisciplinary knowledge, making it a benchmark of urban-contemporary dance on a scenic level within the context of Spain.

She has performed at Festivals such as Deltebre Dansa (CAT), La Mercè (CAT), Sismògraf (CAT), HOP (CAT), LaMachine(CR), Nomad (SAL), Loop (POR), Dança Almada (POR),Spoffin (HOL), SchaubudenSommer (GER), among others.

The company:

These six dancers and performers, chosen by the choreographer, join the proposal coming from different styles of dance but with much to say in common. Strong, independent and entrepreneurial women.

Irene Baeza IG: @byiby

Kenya Sauer IG: @kenyasauer

Miriam Salvador IG: @miriamsalvador

Sonia Prado IG: @pradosonia

Anna Sagrera IG: @annasagrera_

Júlia Sanz IG: @juliasanzfernandez

In the creative process of this new long version come into play new artists who will participate in the piece as David Duffy (Irish musician and composer), Nakany Kanté (Guinean singer), Fran Ortega (technician and Andalusian lights designer), Esther Camacho (Catalan fashion designer living in Mexico)

These collaborations, initially without economic reward, are a reflection of the illusion, passion and strength of the project, which propelled to the large-scale stage six powerful women dancers to the rhythm of unique music tinged with tradition and modernity.

Currently the whole team is working with the joint desire to get the support of festivals, theaters or platforms like this to bring it to life.

Planned Calendar:

The first period of the creative process begins on September 1 and ends on October 6, the first version is presented as a "pilot" at the Teatro La Llotja in Lleida on Sunday, October 7 at 7:00 pm .

After this premiere, the piece will be made within the festival Dansat (Teatre SAT!) And the purpose is to reach that day with improved technical / scenic conditions and can reward the team for the work done.

To what will we assign your contributions:

Behind the production of a show like Mawu there are many hours of rehearsal, long days of creation and musical edition, residencies in spaces suited to the technical needs, displacements, expenses in costumes, scenography, advertising, diffusion, among others.

That is why we need your contributions, in order to reward at a monetary level the work and dedication of the dancers, the composer, the singer, the dressmaker, the lighting technician, the director.

Before entering 2019 we would like to have a budget to invest in the continuity of MAWU / Dona Terra; generate a good dosier, have the show recorded by a professional team, bring us to the festivals and promoters with a good cover letter, renew scenery and of course, have the team happy and paid for all the effort.

About the rewards:

The least we can do is thank you for the contribution you give us and therefore we have thought about some rewards that will bring you closer to Mawu and his heart.

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  • Victor Muñoz Montesinos

    Victor Muñoz Montesinos

    over 5 years

    un amor para MAWU!

  • Mary


    over 5 years

    A por todas! 💪💪💪😘

  • Linis


    over 5 years

    Desde Palma de Mallorca , con amor ... Linis ... keep on dancing!

  • Leire


    over 5 years

    Ánimo Aina ,Irene y el resto de bailarinas que no conozco personalmente ...la pieza tiene una pinta increíble

  • AinaLanas


    over 5 years

    Mil gracias a todxs! estamos muy emocionadas!

  • Mercedes Fernandez Martorell

    Mercedes Fernandez Martorell

    over 5 years

    ¡Mucha suerte!

  • Angela Rosal Bertrand

    Angela Rosal Bertrand

    over 5 years

    ¡¡¡¡Lo conseguiréis!!!!

  • Susana Fernández Martorell

    Susana Fernández Martorell

    over 5 years

    Mucha suerte!!!

  • Susana Fernández Martorell

    Susana Fernández Martorell

    over 5 years

    Mucha suerte!!!

  • Ekenah claudin

    Ekenah claudin

    over 5 years

    Felicidades Ainaaaaa


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