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Crossing the Atlantic!

The Zapp family is on the last leg of their journey around the world but there is still a huge challenge! A challenge to overcome together

Familia Zapp

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Hi there, We are the Zapp family and we want to tell you that we are living the Dream that we have since we were 14 years old ... to go around the world!

We've been on the road for 18 years now, and with joy, we can tell you that we have already achieved 95% of our journey.

We are now on the last leg of our journey, returning home ... And so far, we have managed by selling our book "Spark your dream", but to cross the Atlantic we need a big push from you.

First ... but who are the Zapps?

We are a family of six. Candelaria who was a secretary in a doctor's office, Herman who was a network technician and our four children, who were born during our trip: Pampa, Tehue, Paloma and Wallaby.

We are like everyone, we have fears, doubts and we lack much of the material that is needed to go around the world ... Even so, we are about to achieve it ... and we believe that the most surprising thing is that we are traveling in a car made in 1928.

It all started on January 25th, 2000 when we were only the two of us. We left our comfort zone and fears aside ... And we went for our goal ... we went for our dream.

Obviously ... the beginning was not easy at all. We'd never done this, we were not mechanics and a car needs a lot of garage work. We barely had any money ... didn't qualify for visas ... thus, we didn't have many chances to achieve this Dream.

And yet, we have already traveled the 5 continents !!!!! Who would have said? Believe or not, we even built a canoe to go down the Amazon, we reached the Everest, the Arctic sea in Alaska and Europe, we walked the Chinese wall, we went around Australia, we crossed deserts and we arrived at Pacific islands where no car had ever been.

We realized that you have to try, that it doesn't matter HOW MUCH YOU HAVE, but HOW MUCH YOU WANT IT. Every town, every kilometer, we did it, by putting all our hope and enthusiasm.

And during the trip, another dream was accomplished, the nicest one of all. We got the FAMILY title! Pampa, Tehue, Paloma, and Wallaby were born in different countries during the voyage!

Please turn on subtitles option for next video.

But ... what about the car? It's a Graham Paige from 1928. We continue traveling on the same car with its wooden spokes. We just had to stretch it a little and install a tent on the roof so we could all fit in... Everyone said it would be only problems ... And it was quite the opposite. This car is simple, slow and stylish ... perfect for adventure and to get close to people.

Please turn on subtitles in English for next video.

Second ... What is a Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding means that together, we make a community to provide resources to achieve a project.

It is not something new ... when we crossed the Amazon, we saw, that the aboriginals gathered together to built a canoe for someone in the community and called that a "Minga". We saw it again with the Amish in Belize ... And now it's called Crowdfunding worldwide.

What is this crowdfunding for?

With this crowdfunding we can get your support, to be able to raise the funds for sailing across the Atlantic and go back to the continent where all started.

As it is the last big step of this huge Dream, we would like to make our GREATEST ADVENTURE OF THE WHOLE JOURNEY by sharing it with you.

We will cross aboard a cargo ship powered only by sail from the Canary Islands to the Guianas in South America.

Fairtransport.eu is an NGO with 4 sailboats and one of them, is the beautiful ship "Tres Hombres" which has already made 9 round trips from Europe to America. This NGO wants to set the example and raise awareness, that cargo can be carried in a more ecological way ... because the 14 largest cargo ships on the planet, consume as much fuel as all the cars in the world, Unbelievable!

So going back to America sailing in "Tres Hombres" is not only a super special trip but also, more ecological. Imagine the beautiful car of 1928 aboard Tres Hombres with all its sails catching the breeze ... That is the end that THIS DREAM DESERVES. The perfect ending!

In addition to these two dreams that are being fulfilled, this crowdfunding adds something even better ... not to raise funds to achieve something material but to achieve something that warms everyone's hearts and inspires many to go for their own dreams.

Third ... let's see ... Why being part of a Dream?

Well, because being the person who helps to accomplish dreams ... is a wonderful feeling!

Let us tell you about our first day of travel.

On January 25, 2000, we started our dream ... with countless fears. We left our house and the first day of the trip, we only managed to do 55 km because the car already had problems with its wooden spokes.

In the first town we stopped, we go to see the mechanic and he tells us that he can not do anything because the problem is on the wooden wheels and he is not a carpenter.

He recommends us to go to a blacksmith and there we go ... without knowing what we would find. We are surprised to see three old brothers ... in a very old blacksmith shop. The three of them immediately know what the problem is and set about fixing the wheels.

While they were fixing it, they started asking what we were doing with such an old car and we told them about our dream, that it was our first day of travel.

The blacksmiths listened and while fixing the wheels they even showed me how to do it if it happened again.

When they finished their work, I asked them how much it would cost.

  • No ... We're not going to charge you - they said.

  • And why not?

  • Because you told us that this is your dream ...

And we want to be part of your dream.

On the first day of travel, our first angels were waiting for us.

THEY HELPED US START ... Now that we are about to finish ... IT IS YOU WHO CAN HELP US FINISH IT.

Well, that's how humanity is ... we love being part of dreams, we love it when a dream comes true.

That's why we invite you to be part of this dream that without imagining it, it became the inspiration for many more dreams.

Fourth ... Let's go to the numbers

This crowdfunding is for 5,000 euros, although in reality, it is only part of what we need. The total cost is 22,000 Euros since there are port fees, cranes, 30 days of travel for the six of us, and a huge detour that the ship has to make to take us to Guyana.

If we manage with your help that this campaign is a success and also reach more than 5,000 euros... along with some savings that we have plus what we will make from now to October ... we will be embarking in the first days of November and so, with the Trade Winds, we'll navigate to SouthAmerica!!!

If we achieve the goal of 5000 euros or even more we have more rewards for all.

And if we get more, we can bring on board a Cameraman to achieve the best Short Film.

Everything else, will be to keep sharing, and thus, be able to inspire many more people to go for the most beautiful thing that one has ... Dreams!

We put together a wonderful team to organize this campaign, it's just that we could not achieve it by ourselves.

We have asked for help and happy are helping us:

In Production and Camera, Rafael Lanús.

Edition and staging, Augusto Castellano.

Realization and direction of the Crowdfunding,

Valenti Acconcia.

Execution and management, Gabriel Kosowsky.

They all want to be part

and they do it from their heart.

And now, that this campaign is underway WE HOPE TO COUNT ON YOU in this team!

THANK YOU!!! Thanks, from the six Zappitos with an immense hug for being part of this Dream!


Facebook: Familia Zapp Family


  • “Just wondering if you remember your stop in Peoria, Illinois? I was the director of the Planetarium and Curator of the World's Largest Model of the Solar System (Sheldon Schafer). Anyway, I'll be making a donation, but I also shared your story on my Facebook Page along with my story of meeting you folks at the start of your journey. Your story is has been an inspiration to me. Also, I'm planning a trip to Argentina for the July 2nd Total Eclipse of the Sun. Do you think you will make it?”

    Dear Sheldon Shafer!!! we totaly do remember your lovely invitation to your lovely Museum in Pretoria!! yes we totally do. we saw not all the planets on the scale.. as it was in real scale so to found Pluton we need it to drive so far and just to found a planet of the size of a golf ball!!! jajajaja . you were there to show us everything and tell us everything! so please if you come to ARgentina be our guest.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • Iago Silva

    Iago Silva

    over 5 years

    Encantado con vuestro libro me lo regaló un tal Lanús, un abrazo muy grande familia, con ganas de conocerelos

  • Isabel Cristina Martínez Farfán

    Isabel Cristina Martínez Farfán

    over 5 years

    No van solos en este viaje☝️Estamos con ustedes, su viaje es nuestro viaje. Feliz travesía y feliz arribo familia Zapp.

  • Marisa Ortmann

    Marisa Ortmann

    over 5 years

    Son las frases de ustedes las que tengo en mi perfil. Inspiradoras!

  • Marisa Ortmann

    Marisa Ortmann

    over 5 years

    Es mi sueño tambien! Felicitaciones familia Zapp!

  • Marianela Casanova

    Marianela Casanova

    over 5 years

    Gracias ustedes por ayudarno a animarnos a cumplir nuestros Sueños!!

  • Christian Desfontaines

    Christian Desfontaines

    over 5 years

    Best Wishes.... enjoy ! Blessings from Christian & Sebastien.

  • Mariel Calogero

    Mariel Calogero

    over 5 years

    Suerte chicos ! Ojalá lo logremos !

  • Delfina mendez

    Delfina mendez

    over 5 years

    Vamos flia zapp! Desde que me los cruce en mar del plata, aquella ves los sigo todos los dias!!!! Estudio turismo gracias a ustedes!!! Los fui a ver cuando estaban en argentina. Me lei su libro y quieronque saquen otrooo!

  • Giorgia


    over 5 years

    Chicos espero su viaje sea hermoso! Son una grande inspiración para mi pareja y yo también viajeros sin fronteras!

  • Ron "Mr. Z"  Zandman-Zeman and Family (Sharon. Ari, & Adam)

    Ron "Mr. Z" Zandman-Zeman and Family (Sharon. Ari, & Adam)

    over 5 years

    Happy, Proud, Honored to be apart of your Dream. Pleasure to watch you live it instead of just thinking about it and finding the nearest obsticle. I hope one time I will again rub shoulders with the amazing Zapp Family. You got a few more kids now that i need to meet. Love, Hugs, and kisses from the Great Land... Alaska hasn't forgotten you. Mr. Z (Ron) and the rest of the Zandman-Zemans (Sharon, Ari, and Adam) Never get tired of looking at our Zoo pictures from our visit in BA. Don't get sea sick!

#02 / ¡Hiper super felices! / We are super happy!


Hiper super felices de ya contar con los fondos para la mitad del cruce del Atlántico! Siii! ya hemos logrado llegar al 2do objetivo de la campaña!!

Y queremos agradecerles por ser parte, a cada uno que se sumó para navegar esas millas nauticas que haremos en su nombre y les pertenece!!

Al lograr este 2do objetivo los mecenas lograron obtener una recompensa mas, el VIDEO EN VIVO DE LA CARGA Y DESCARGA DEL AUTO EN EL BARCO.

Sigamos avanzando hacia el tercero!!! y lograr que todos puedan tener el libro digital de Fotos y frases del viaje!!


We are super happy to already have half of the funds to sail the Atlantic Ocean!! Yes! We've already reached the 2nd goal of the campaign!!

We want to thank everyone who joined us in this campaign for being a part of our quest to navigate those nautical miles home. We'll set sail for home with you in our hearts!!

read more

#01 / What a beautiful feeling... / Que linda sensación...

What a beautiful and immense feeling of having reached 100% of our first goal!!!! We already have a foot on the boat!!!!! And we’ve added one more reward for all our Patrons!

But we have to keep on rowing, as we still haven’t yet reached the total cost of our sea voyage! We’re counting on you to add more nautical miles towards reaching South America! Please give us the opportunity to bring you on board with us for the end of this Dream!

Que Linda e inmensa sensación de haber llegado al 100% del primer Objetivo!!!! Ya tenemos un pie dentro del Barco!!!!! Y se sumó una recompensa mas para todos los Mecenas!!!

Pero hay que seguir remando!!! aún falta para cubrir el costo total del viaje en el Barco! Contamos contigo para sumar mas millas marinas y llegar a Sudamérica! Danos la oportunidad de tenerte a bordo con nosotros en el final de este Sueño!

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