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1-Alberto. The movie.

Alberto, decides to return to Cuba after a long time. He discovers a family secret kept for 20 years.


Created in

Havana, Cuba
From 2.000€
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This is the story of Alberto, a 17-year-old boy who decides, in 1980, to leave his country without telling his family.


The day he is leaving, there is an act of repudiation, not only against him, but against other people who chose another path.
Llegada de Alberto
Llegada de Alberto

Twenty years later, Alberto returns to Cuba and discovers a lie that his brother Tomás hid all that time: his father took part in the act of repudiation that day and the shame he felt was so great that when he returned home he committed suicide.
Alberto y Tomás.
Alberto y Tomás.

Director's Note

¨ ... the story does not repeat itself, but it rhymes ... ¨
Mark Twain

Raúl Prado filming Havana
Raúl Prado filming Havana

History is written by victors, I learned that from my father. It is true. There are those who discovered a false story, told by leaps and bounds and thanks to the testimony of some of the ones who lived. However, I know that only a few young people know about those gaps in our history that, until now, are not in the books which, officially, have been distributed by the educational system.

I think it is even more important to fully know our history in order to do not repeating the same mistakes of the past, that broken past, that even though, we want to erase it, always harasses us and emerges.

I believe it is important that all those who did not experience the gray moments of our history know them and get from them an experience so that, in the future, we can describe better the barbarism that, at times, involved us as a society and people.

The MUPS (Military Units of Production Support), the Gray Five-year Period, the acts of repudiation are wuthering heights of an antagonistic social and political reality at the core of a social project that resulted in absurdity and patriotism.

About the rewards

The rewards will be awarded to the sponsors within a month after the film has been released. We want our sponsors to feel satisfied with their contributions, so the rewards will depend on the amount contributed by each one, from the appearance in our credits in the special thanks, the viewing and downloading of the film, to a souvenir of the film.

About us

We are a team of young professionals who constantly try to promote Cuban independent cinema. We always try to turn dreams into realities, to challenge our cultural environment with different experiences that link us directly to our society and make us part of the independent audiovisual movement in Cuba that, with many difficulties, manages to survive.

We are now in preparation for the first fiction film made entirely by Cooperativa Producciones, this short film by Raúl Prado who is premiering as director.

To what we will destine your contributions

The contributions will be used in the finalization of the post production: Soundtrack, Color Correction, translation / subtitling, and distribution by festivals.


  • December 2017- Search for financing
  • January 2018- Search for financing
  • February 2018- Preproduction / Confirmation of actors / Search of locations
  • March-April 2018- Confirmation of locations / Processing of filming permits / Confirmation of technical equipment and actors.
  • May 2018- Preproduction / Filming
  • June 2018- Assembly / Original music / Sound mix / Color correction
  • July 2018- Graphic design / Translations and subtitles.
  • August 2018- Promotion and Premiere.
  • September 2018- Delivery of rewards to sponsors of Verkami.

+ Info

Raúl Prado
Ricardo Figueredo Oliva
Facebook Cooperativa Producciones


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  • Laura Marie Wayne

    Laura Marie Wayne

    over 1 year

    Amazing project - can't wait to see it! Felicidades

#01 / Trailer de 1-Alberto

Gracias por su aportaciones, aquí les dejo el trailer de la película...disfrutenlo!
De nuevo, gracias por hacer esto posible!
Estamos en 19% recaudado, solo tenemos 12 días para finalizar con el total...
Compartan los enlances para lograr recaudar más y lograr así este sueño!


2 backers
Basic reward

Special thanks in final credits
+ Souvenir from the movie (Postal)

Shipping costs included

1 backer
Regular reward

Special thanks in final credits
+ Souvenir from the movie (Postal).
+ Poster of the film.

Shipping costs included

2 backers
Delightful reward

Special thanks in final credits
+ High resolution frames.
+ Coffee package.

Shipping costs included

0 backers
Reward XL

Special thanks in final credits
+ Souvenir from the movie (Lighter).
+ Poster of the film.
+ High resolution photos of the shoot
+ Online viewing with private link.

Shipping costs included

3 backers
Reward XXL

Special thanks in final credits
+ Souvenir from the movie (Lighter).
+ Poster of the film.
+ Download the digital folder (HD movie, frames and photos of shooting and equipment)

Shipping costs included

1 backer
Senior reward

Special thanks in final credits
+ Souvenir of the movie (Lighter).
+ Poster of the film.
+ DVD of the film with details of the filming, poster, team bio.
+ Calendar with photos of the location.

Shipping costs included

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