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Independent film written, directed and produced by five Audiovisual Communication students from Pompeu Fabra University.


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Dear patrons,

We are proud to present Diumenge, a film about one of the hardest times the Miquel family have been faced with: the investigation of the origin of their heritage. Whilst Mercè is completely destroyed by this witch hunt towards her family, Pere, her youngest son, plans to make the most of what is happening.

But to carry out this project, we need your help. How? There are 3 simple ways.

First, we want you to fall in love with this project just as much as we have and would like to convey our passion for the film to everyone.

We hope you can contribute to the diffusion of the process, that you collaborate, that you become partners, that we can make this project possible together.

And that, if you cannot afford to finance a part of Diumenge (we understand), you share this link amongst your contacts, on your social media, in your offices, doggie parks and gyms.

Thank you so much!

Diumenge was born as a small script of about thirty pages within the framework of the subject “Autobiographical Writing” that Víctor Navarro attended at the University of California between January and March 2017. The script was supervised and tutored by Allison Anders, director of films like Four Rooms, Gas or Food Lodging. It is a film that is based on a personal experience, but that puts its focus on the universal concept of family, a concept of family that everyone can relate to. This film is developed as a final degree project of direction at Pompeu Fabra University, which has nurtured successful films like Les amigues de l’Agata or the recent Julia Ist and web series like El Mort Viu, winner of a Premio Ondas.

On a hot summers afternoon, the Miquel family celebrate the end of a year locked up in their old family home.

The property, acquired by the parents of a fallen powerful bourgeois family, is deteriorating. It is full of paintings, statues and photographs of times and memories that none of them have actually lived.

A cloud threatens the celebration: they are being investigated. Soon they could lose everything, including their own freedom.

Time is running out and the situation requires the family to take concrete and immediate action. Pere, the youngest son, proposes a solution that, unfortunately, his mother is not willing to accept.

Mercè Tortosa performed by Dolors Esteva

Mercè was born and raised in a Barcelona neighbourhood, therefore, is a working girl at heart. Her parents made her leave school at fourteen and put her to work at the family haberdashery. At eighteen, she meets Jaume, who she already knew about because everyone in the neighbourhood knows that he is the son of an industrialized worker. They get married, first come the children and then the power… Until a few months ago, a newspaper in Madrid revealed the existence of a family account in Andorra. It is a problem that her husband should have solved years ago but she never wanted it dealt with, partly due to ignorance, partly due to fear.

Pere Miquel performed by Raül Tortosa

The little boy. When he was born, his father was already a top-level politician. Being the only man in the family, he became his mother’s right hand and his fathers heir. Mercè gave him everything so that he never lacked anything and his father Jaume made sure he understood what it meant to maintain order and lead the family legacy of the Miquel’s.

Pepa Miquel

The oldest daughter. Pepa the perfect, the responsible, the admirable… Pepa the bored, the one with the ugly name, the one with the bad luck. She married young with Manel, whom her parents saw as the perfect couple, but who she hated, and quickly divorced when she got the chance. He works at la Caixa. Now that is seems that everything is inevitably going to change, Pepa longs to occupy the matriarch position that she feels is so rightfully hers.

Maria Miquel performed by Claudia Carreras

The middle child. The apple of her father’s eye and the black sheep all at the same time. At sixteen she fell in love with her gym teacher and left home to go and live with him. A story that started out well, but ended badly. Once separated, it took almost nine years for her to see her father again, the time he needed to forgive her. Now she works in an editorial, for which she occasionally writes books about historical figures.

Sergi perfomed by Alex Mitjà

The newcomer. Born on the outskirts of Barcelona, from a family with Andalusian origins on his mother’s side. Not too bright at school, he tried to take an administrative module but ended up working in his aunt’s driving school. There he met Maria Miquel, a woman who wanted to learn how to drive and finished without passing her exam, for the third time.

Sonia performed by Isa J-Asenjo

25 years old. Born in Madrid. A couple of years ago, a friend of hers decided to go and study in Barcelona and Sonia accompanied her, convinced that it was worth the adventure. Although it took her time to adapt to the city and its people. At the moment she does no plan to return to Madrid, especially after having met Pere.

Griselda performed by Sara Diego

21 years old. A girl without problems. The divorce of her parents was not traumatic because she practically doesn’t remember it (she was three years old). Since she was a child, she has loved the world of art and, for that reason, she has decided to become a film director. Now she is preparing an ambitious project for which she hopes she will receive money from her family.

Haizea Alberdi – Director

She has directed the documentary Entre mapa y frontera (2017) and has collaborated on various projects in the frameworks of the UPF, like the short film A flor de piel (2014), and the documentary short film Celia (2016). She was the Art Director in the short film Cendres (2017) which has been selected by the MECAL PRO film festival. She did an internship at the publishing house Ediciones Anómalas and in the production company laudiovisual prod and is collaborating with l’Alternativa Festival de Cine Independient de Barcelona in CCCB.

Víctor Navarro – Director

In addition to studying at UPF, he has completed his studies at the University of California where he made the short film Sticker on a Window, as well as at the acting school Nancy Tuñón. There, together with other fellow actors, he found Independendiente de quién, a production company which produces several short films, corporate videos and a documentary (currently in production). He is currently working at the Festival Xcèntric of CCCB and collaborating as an editor and assistant for several projects of Nanouk Films.

Angela Sánchez Orti – Production director

She is currently working as a Junior Production Coordinator at the production company Inezz Productions. Previously, she was an intern at the Catalan audiovisual promotion agency, Catalan Films & TV. She has also completed two mobility programs at the Università degli Studi di Salerno and at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), where she has studied production and directing.

Maria Nualart – Director of photography

Photographer since 2015, she has worked as an assistant photographer for Alberto Lessmann and with Pep Segalés in motor sports events, in addition to carrying out personal commissions in different photographic areas. In 2017 she spent three months in Los Angeles learning video colour correction at Company 3. She is currently continuing her apprenticeship in the post-production company Moonlight Cinema.

Neus Magrinyà – Assistant director

She has participated in various audiovisual projects throughout her studies at the UPF, being assistant director in the short films Aurora (2015), Litost (2016), which was selected as a finalist in the Young Talents category of the Choreoscope International Dance Film Festival Barcelona, and Yellow Days (2017); and in the documentary Sra. Julia (2016).

Its impossible to carry out a film like Diumenge amongst five people, therefore we have surrounded ourselves by a team of 14 wonderful people.

Carla Simón

She is a director and scriptwriter, whose first film has won the prizes of best film, best direction and best script at the 10th edition of the Premis Gaudí and Mejor Dirección Novel at the Goya awards. In 2017 the Academia de Cine chose Estiu 1993 (2017) to represent Spain at the Oscars.

Gonzalo de Lucas

PhD in Audiovisual Communication at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, where he currently teaches film in the undergraduate studies and the Master of Advanced Studies in film and contemporary audiovisuals. He is also a film programmer at Xcèntric (CCCB).

Jonás Trueba](http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0343903/)

Independent director and scriptwriter. With a collection of too many international awards to name, the latest film by Fernando Trueba’s son, La Reconquista (2016), was selected in the Sección Oficial of the Festival de San Sebatián.

Aitor Martos

He has worked as a producer in films such as La propera pell (2016), directed by Isa Campo and Isaki Lacuesta, and Un dia perfecte per volar (2015), by Marc Recha. He is the production tutor of our project.

How to participate in Verkami

1) If you are not a user of Verkami, you must first register (in the upper right, click on “Register” and fill out your information). If you are already registered, sign in.

2) In the right column, select the reward/pack that you like the most.

3) Click on “Contribute” and follow the payment instructions with your credit card.

4) You are already patrons!

Verkami is an all or nothing financing platform. Our project has a goal of 6,500€ and we have 40 days in which to achieve it.

If we reach our goal in less than 40 days, you will receive the rewards corresponding to the Pack you have chosen.

If the term is exhausted and we have not succeeded in raising all the money we need (we hope not), the money will not be charged, we will not be able to send you the rewards, we will have to request loans and our professional careers will start with losses and debts.

Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, being a public university, does not provide us with any aid in the financing department (but does allow us to use some material and provides us with fantastic tutoring) so we intend to self-finance most of Diumenge through this crowdfunding campaign. Our raising goal is 6,500 euros, which represents 80% of the total cost of the first shoot (first part of the film).

What will your contributions be for?

The money we receive will be invested mainly in:

  • Rental of photo material, sound and lighting material, props and costumes: 47%

  • Bureaucratic procedures (21% IVA, 6.35% Verkami and 2% in bank fees): 9.6%

-A "symbolic compensation" for the technical and artistic team, which would only consist of diets, transportation (petrol) and tolls to the location: 35.4%

  • Rewards for this crowdfunding campaign: 8%

IMPORTANT: our collaborators (artistic team and technical team) right now doesn’t receive any salary for their collaboration. In the future, the moment the project starts to produce some type of income (festivals, scholarships…), all team members will receive the agreed compensation.

A second part of the financing campaign will be held in April (in the diada de Sant Jordi), with the aim of obtaining resources for sound and postproduction, grading and colour editing. This way, Diumenge will gain in quality and will cross the border from being a final project for Pompeu Fabra University, to becoming a professional product that we will send to producers and distributors, as well as to festivals.

Santamaria House

Built in 1908, the Santamaria house is an authentic modernist jewel. It has a tower on the top floor that completely fascinates us.

Can Nualart

Can Nualart is a rustic country house located in La Garriga. It is located right in front of a chapel, surrounded by a patio (seriously, you need to look at the photos of the chapel, they are worth it).

Rewards and Packs


As Valentí Acconcia (crowdfunding consultant) told us that normally when you participate in Verkami you get safe rewards, but since our producer Angela is going for “alternative” ideas, she has decided that one of the rewards will be for the HAPPY FAMILY draw.

In the event that we do not reach the goal of our campaign, you already know who to blame.

What does this raffle consist of?

Well, it is valued at 150 euros and you can win things like:

-Two tickets to the Canet Rock 2018 festival.

-Lots of “produces de la terra” (THERE WILL BE A VEGAN ALTERNATIVE TO THIS): vermouth Espinaler, anchovies from l’Escala, assorted sausages, bottle of ratafia, carquinyolis…

-A surprise Tupperware prepared by Mercè Tortosa.

Thank you for being you and collaborating with Diumenge! The Miquel family will remember you once more.

You are the grandson/granddaughter every grandmother wishes to have. Sympathetic, cuddly and above all GENEROUS.

You have Catalan roots, you carry out a simple way of life and your culinary traditions are never going to be taken away from you by anyone. You know that betting on Diumenge is worth it.

You are knowledgeable of games and comics and, despite being nostalgic, you recognize that you have to support the new generation.

EARLY BIRD, attention! If you are one of the 25 first to collaborate, you will enjoy the Mary Santpere Pack with a special discount.

You are and always will be the queen of the Paralelo and the show biz. As you already have reserved a seat at the Olymus of entertainment, nothing will make you feel better than helping the independent cinema.

With your right hand you bless our project, and with your left you hold a pineapple, a sign of fertility and perennial life. Long live Diumenge!

You are a giant who dances on the road, in the city and on the roof. With your greatness, you have decided to help this project grow and flourish.

You count the days, hours and minutes for summer to arrive again and, of course, return to Cadaqués. What better way to enjoy a summer night than a good movie?

Snow has been and continues to be a fuel that energises you. You are a total leader. Supporting us is much easier than sliding down black tracks.

You are a total innovator. You do not do anything normal. Your last eccentricity is to help us make this possible.

You deserve the most prestigious distinction in Catalonia. It is quite incredible that you have contributed 1,000 euros and we love you <3.


The shooting of the initial scenes of Diumenge is planned for the end of May 2018. The post-production of image and sound will happen during the month of June. After, we will start entering the calls for subsidies and grants, festivals and other distribution channels.


We count on the sponsorship and collaboration of La Llama Store, Filmin, Vichy Catalan, Canet Rock, Frit Ravich, Fruut, Vanacco (Crowdfunding Consultatnt) and more sponsors that are about to join and confirm.


All the rewards include a face-to-face delivery by someone from the team in and around Barcelona, Vallés and Sant Cugat. When the campaign ends we will send you a form asking where you would be happy to receive the rewards, and in the case that you live outside these areas we will specify the delivery via email with you. Also, once we have completed the filming of the first part of Diumenge, we will hold an event for all collaborators where we will give you the rewards in person.


If you want to keep up to date and/or know more about the project and us, you can follow us on our social media (which costs nothing) where we will post more information about the process of creating Diumenge, the team, the preparation of the shooting and many other surprises.




[email protected]

Thank you for trusting us. This project is only possible thanks to your help, Diumengers.


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    Una realitat: que arribi diumenge!!!

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    A topeeeee dominguerosssss!!!

#04 / ÚLTIMAS 25 HORAS :)

Hola Domingueros!

Quedan solo 25 horas para que termine nuestra campaña de Verkami y estamos super felices. Todos los departamentos están poniéndose a trabajar y empezando a pedirle dinero a nuestra producer.

El sábado pasado celebramos el 82 cumpleaños de Mercè, os dejamos con algunas fotos:

Os agradeceremos muchísimo todo tipo de difusión en las últimas horas de campaña.

¡Os queremos!

#03 / 9 DÍAS FAMILY!!!

Hola amigos, compañeros y mecenas!

Hemos estado muy liados con exámenes y entregas y queríamos agradeceros todo el apoyo que nos estáis dando. La fiesta del pasado viernes en Sidecar fue un éxito y esperamos poder compartir muchísimos más momentos con vosotros.

Nos queda muy poquito para empezar el rodaje, y solo 9 días de Verkami así que sería genial si hicierais difusión de nuestro proyecto en todas partes.

Esta semana hemos tenido varios ensayos, la fiesta en Sidecar y el sábado 7, el equipo de producción, dirección y arte fue a las localizaciones para seguir planteando estéticamente la primera parte de DIUMENGE.


Hola a todos!

¡Seguimos emocionadísimas de todo el cariño y apoyo que estamos recibiendo y por eso, hemos organizado una fiesta para vosotros en SIDECAR, el próximo viernes 6 de abril a las 19.30h.


Como ya sabéis, conseguimos nuestro primer objetivo en 14 días y ahora aún nos quedan 18 días para poder financiar la primera parte de DIUMENGE.

Esta semana hemos tenido algunas reuniones, pero estamos en pleno periodo de exámeneeees y aghdshueheqiuwf.

Mil gracias otra vez, sin vosotros no sería posible este proyecto.

Felices vacaciones (si tenéis!)

El equipo de Diumenge (que os ama)


Hola a todos!

Muchísimas gracias... ¡Estamos emocionadísimas de todo el cariño y apoyo que estamos recibiendo en las redes, en verkami y en la vida en general.

¡Hemos conseguido nuestro primer objetivo! Más de 130 mecenas, y el 104% del objetivo, en 14 días!!! Mil gracias de verdad.

Esta campaña tenía previsto financiar el 80% del presupuesto del primer rodaje de DIUMENGE (primera parte). Pero estamos contentísimas y valorando la posibilidad de poner en marcha un segundo objetivo.

Queremos que sepáis que en estos momentos las recompensas se están preparando y tenemos algunas sorpresas en camino para todos vosotras/os ¡Pero tardaremos un poquito en entregarlas (no mucho tranquilos) porque nos esperan unos meses súper intensos de trabajo y preproducción del rodaje!

En breve recibiréis muchísimas noticias nuestras.

En definitiva, mil gracias, sin vosotros no sería posible este proyecto.

El equipo de Diumenge (que os adora)

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