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Hijos de la Paz

A feature documentary that tells stories of peacebuilding and reconciliation in Colombia.

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Wars produce numbers. Be it numbers of years, numbers of bullets fired, numbers of wounded, numbers of dead... These numbers are important, but they quantify the horrors of conflicts often making it hard to emphasise with those affected.

Hijos de la Paz is a film from the people, for the people. In a journey across Colombia, we want to give the voice to the people, those who have experienced the horrors of the war first-hand and whose stories have been shaped by events of violence. We want to give people opportunity to tell their stories, and for our audiences to hear voices behind the numbers.


Colombia’s narrative of building peace is important and worth telling. In a world, where deadly wars continue to rage in so many of its corners, it is crucial to recount stories that echo hope and progress. To tell stories that can be an example for others.

World’s history has seen conflicts that had come and gone, but without offering the population ways to heal. The wounds are often covered up and infected with ideas that propel repetition.

The regular people and their journeys to find a reconciliation from wounds of conflict are the foundation of Hijos de la Paz, but they are also the foundation of the greater story that is Colombia’s peacebuilding.

Hijos de la Paz begins with actor and psychotherapist Hector Aristizabal, once tortured by the Colombian military, who returns to Colombia after thirty years in exile. He travels to communities across the country, who have been victimised by the armed conflict. There, he organizes workshops in which theatre and psychotherapy combine into Theatre for Reconciliation, and where different stories begin to emerge and wounds of war are uncovered. As Hector continues his journey through Colombia's cities and villages, the film becomes a web of stories bound by a common theme of seeking reconciliation.

Our goal is to spotlight stories from groups innately disadvantaged by their social status: women, children, Afro-Colombians, the LGBTQ communty, as well as Colombia’s indigenous.


Telling a story set in the vastness and diversity of South America has always been our aspiration. We heard Hector’s in May 2017, and that’s when a seed was planted in our minds which concluded with a trip to Colombia in August 2017.

There, we began exploring and meeting with various communities. We listened to stories of victims, and ex-combatants. And we also built important relationships.

Our time in Colombia was short but invaluable. It not only confirmed our narrative deliberations, but it also flagged the societal need and willingness for telling this part of the history to a wider audience.


The funds raised will allow us to return to Colombia and continue our development work on-ground, but we will also bring along a multi-talented team to help us realise and capture initial material!

During our trip, we will explore the previously unseen landscapes of rural Colombia; those places where conflict has inflicted the deepest wounds and where the population continues to face extreme adversities.

Accompanied by Luciana Riso, a Colombian cinematographer, we will begin to structure the beginnings of our narratives and then use the footage to garner further funding.



¿Qué pasa, parce? The perks of this project pay tribute to the culture and language of different regions in Colombia, words that we liked, were surprised by and are now part of our vocabulary. A little piece of the documentary will be yours as these perks are very close to the subject of the film.

Front and back design
Front and back design

Among many perks, you'll find Héctor Aristizábal's book The Blessing Next to the Wound, one of our protagonists: Shockingly honest, heartbreaking, and vibrantly told, this book is a passionate and evocative memoir that, amid enormous suffering and loss, is a full-throated affirmation of life.

Or for example, a unique print by the Bogotan artist called Ledania,

whose murals and urban art are known worldwide. We're preparing something very cool with her and we're glad to count with one of her exclusive prints for this campaign.

All perks will be dealt with after the shooting period in summer 2018. All reasonable shipping costs are included.


We are a multinational team of film industry professionals, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. What we share is a deep passion for the subject and a drive to interrogate the documentary form. We are a Catalan-Colombian production.



Born in Barcelona, Dídac started filming about stigmas, local heroes and social change in Copenhagen working for Catalan TV. As a graduate of Media and Communications, he moved to London to pursue a career in documentaries. His experimental doc My Grindr Story (2016) was selected at the LGBT ZeFestival in Côte D'Azur, and the Los Angeles Cinefest. In 2017, he directed Cracking the Whip exploring female empowerment and sexual expression. After working with BAFTA award-winning director Tristan Anderson at Film Mode, he continues to seek out stories challenging the state of humanity.


Creative Director/producer

Based in London, Kuba is a Polish-born director-producer. He works across documentary and fiction, with a passion for captivating and impactful stories, that are visually equally meaningful. His recent work includes a music promo for Sparks (US), as well as a micro-short selected for TIFF x Instagram Shorts 2016 Festival which IndieWire singled out as one of festival’s best.



Luciana has developed her skills as a cinematographer working in short films, documentaries, commercials and TV series. She has climbed her way up the ladder, starting in Barcelona working in rental houses and crewing for all sorts of productions, especially advertisements. She continued her progress in Colombia where she began shooting as a DOP and camera operator. In 2013 she was awarded a place on the Berlin Talent Campus and in 2014 the NFTS welcomed her to study a Cinematography MA. Today, as a graduate she resides and works in London.


Development Producer

After graduating in Audiovisual Communication at the Pompeu Fabra and specializing in screenwriting in Los Angeles, Eva joined Alhena Productions in Barcelona where she leads production and creative development of projects, from story development through to the design of dossiers and funding grant applications. She is currently working on the post-production of her first short film as a writer-director, La mala Fe. Simultaneously she has received a grant from the Government of Catalonia to develop a feature film Each of us with Mirjam Ziegler.


Alhena is a young and brave audiovisual production company, based in Barcelona and created in 2012 by the executive producer Norbert Llaràs. In Alhena we’re committed to the production of films and authentic audiovisual products; we believe in creating content with its own identity and international spirit.

We want our productions to be intellectual tools that allow people to not only survive but also live and coexist better.


Making Docs led by Diana Kuellar and other film professionals is a cultural institution whose goal is the production, promotion and education about the documentary film while serving as a bridge between Europe and Latin America. MakingDocs will assist and guide across South and Latin American financing; including Fondo al Desarrollo Cinematográfico, funds from Proimágenes and Programa Ibermedia.



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  • marianaplzc


    over 5 years

    Awesome work! Love from the Netherlands!

  • Benjamin Londoño Soto

    Benjamin Londoño Soto

    almost 6 years

    ¡Les deseo muchos éxitos!

  • Ben Lambert and Natasha Coleman

    Ben Lambert and Natasha Coleman

    almost 6 years

    With love and luck. So excited to see this. x

  • Jodri Perez

    Jodri Perez

    almost 6 years

    La Paz , el entendimiento , el perdón ... Baño de la realidad de nuestros días, a nivel general ( países, estados,comunidades) a nivel personal ( parejas, amigos, familia). Actualidad cotidiana y diaria a flor de piel. Dime si a ti.... no te pasa...!!!

#07 / THANKS!! ¡¡GRACIAS!!

WHERE TO START...SUPER SUPER SUPER APPRECIATED, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! We literally ran out of compliments for ya'll.

We will soon depart to Colombia and start our little video diaries for everyone to follow us. The rest of the perks we kindly ask you to be patient, they will be done after the filming period.



Muy pronto nos vamos para Colombia dónde empezaremos el videoblog de la aventura para que podáis seguir lo que hacemos. Os pedimos un poco de paciencia para el resto de recompensas que empezaremos a tramitar cuando terminemos de filmar.


#06 / ¡Felices fiestas! ¡Happy holidays!

[ENG] This is a little present from Hijos de la Paz team for all of you who have supported us until now!

WATCH VIDEO (w/ English subtitles)

Enjoy! 3 DAYS LEFT!

[ESP] De parte del equipo de Hijos de la Paz os avanzamos un regalito para todos aquellos que nos habéis apoyado!


Esperemos que os guste QUEDAN 3 DÍAS!!

#05 / All or nothing // Todo o nada

[ENG] We need you MORE THAN EVER! It's time for one last kick on Santa's SACK! We're only 20% away and have 6 more days to reach the goal! All or nothing!*

Please share, comment, promote, spam and punish your beloved ones until they love Hijos de la Paz :D

  • if we don't reach 100% we won't get ANY MONEY

[ESP] Os necesitamos AHORA MÁS QUE NUNCA! Quien necesita una caja de pensiones?? Nos queda sólamente un 20% y 6 días para conseguir la meta! Todo o nada!!

Comparte, comenta, grita por la calle, espamea, castiga a tus seres queridos hasta que no amen Hijos de la Paz! :D

  • si no llegamos al 100% lo perdemos TODO

#04 / Presentation event - the day after // El día después

[ENG] Last night we successfully launched Hijos de la Paz in a night full of new faces, Colombian food and great people. This is only the beginning! Our journey starts in early January and we'll be making a video diary of our shoot for all of you Verkami backers!

We want to thank with all our heart everyone that was there and everyone that couldn't make it but was supporting us in the distance. THANK YOU!

The campaign is still running, please share it and tell your loved ones, perhaps on Xmas day, how great this project is!

[ESP] Anoche presentamos el proyecto entre muchas caras nuevas, deliciosa comida colombiana y gente increible. Esto sólo acaba de empezar!! Nuestra aventura empieza a medianos de enero y para todos vosotros que nos habéis apoyado o apoyaréis en Verkami tendréis acceso a los video diarios del rodaje.

Queremos agradecer a todo el mundo que asisitió y también a todo el mundo que no pudo estar allí pero nos apoya en la distancia. GRACIAS!

RECORDADread more

#03 / Presentamos Hijos de la Paz!!! We're launching Hijos de la Paz!!!!

El próximo Jueves 14 de Dicimebre presentaremos en la Sala Mau Mau este maravilloso proyecto. Además de proyectar material inédito, habrá pasabocas (pica-pica) Colombiano y cerveza gratis para aquellos que habéis aportado al proyecto!

No olivéis compartir esta página y el evento.

Os esperamos a todos! (Abierto a todo el mundo)

+info del evento

This Thursday 14th of December we'll be launching the documentary in Barcelona. If you can't make it because you're far away, you'll be in our hearts.

We want to thank all backers with free Colombian food and drinks. We'll also screen some footage from the film that will be shared with you exclusively after the event.

Don't forget to share Hijos de la Paz to your friends!

<3 <3 <3

#02 / ItaCat Interview // Entrevista en Itacat

[ESP] Nos encontramos en el mismisimo ecuador de la cuenta atrás del Verkami. Estamos super contentos de todas las aportaciones de todo el mundo! Gracias y gracias! Ayer nos entrevistamos con Itacat (Agència de Comunicació Intercultural) dónde pudimos explicar los entresijos y algún que otro secreto del rodaje. Muchas gracias a Marta, Omaira y Joan por su amabilidad, respeto y profesionalidad.

La entrevista está en 3 idiomas, català, castellano e inglés. Esperemos que os guste y os contagie la energía que tenemos para seguir adelante!

[ENG] Right in the middle of the final countdown to end of this Verkami. We're super happy with all your donations! Thanks you and thank you! Yesterday we were interviewed by Itcat (Intercultural Communication Agency in Catalunya) where we explained in detail our ventures and perhaps a secret or two. We'd like to say thanks to Marta, Omaira and Joan for their kindness, respect and professionalism.

read more

#01 / Colombian Female Activists in London // Mujeres Activistas Colombianas en Londres



[ENG] Yesterday we had the pleasure to attend at ABColombia's event on Colombia's women achievements and challenges. Among many fantastic people, we met many Colombian activists from different regions and backgrounds with whom we hope to start a fruitful journey of collaboration.

[ESP] Ayer tuvimos el placer de atender al evento organizado por ABColomiba sobre los logros y los retos de las mujeres en Colombia. De entre toda la gente fantástica, pudimos charlar con muchas activists Colombianas de diferentes regiones y orígenes, y con las que esperamos colaborar en un futuro próximo.


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