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El Arrecife del Diablo. Atmospheric horror short film

Adaptational short about the H. P. Lovecraft novel “The Festival”.

Andres Ochoa

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About us

Andrés, Ángel, Antonio, Juan, Asier, Fabio, Yon y Bruno. Eight audiovisual communication students. Ok, you know who we are, let us tell you about our Project.

El Arrecife del Diablo is an academic work that does not want to be seen like it. If you are a fan of the audiovisual world you have probably seen other college short films and I am sure that you were aware they were amateur before you finished watching them. We intend to break this handicap by taking care of every last detail and doing research about some elite cinematic references, as we love and are knowledgeable of this art.

El equipo de rodaje
El equipo de rodaje

Let’s get on with it. What is “El Arrecife del Diablo” really about?

Edward (the protagonist) has inherited from his grandfather a house in a lost village of Innsmouth, but it is not the only thing he will inherit. Henry (the grandfather) made sure before dying that his diary ended on his grandson’s possession. There, he described the relationship he had over a few years with the village that would be his home after his retirement. Edward starts reading the diary after arriving to the village, although perhaps he should have done it before…

This project is an adaptation of one of the worldwide known novels of H. P. Lovecraft, “The Festival”. Lovecraft tales are one of the essential sources of inspiration for mysticism in many classic horror films. The aesthetics this writer describes in his literature makes the environment come alive, so to conquer that atmosphere we have chosen the astonishing and breathtaking lands of Asturias and País Vasco in Spain as locations to film.

Everything is not enough for you

The rewards we offer speak for themselves. We will respond to your trust with effort. Custom designs, original soundtrack, the script, sketches… everything is not enough for you. Here, to give you a taste, you can see two out of the fourteen posters we will make.

Promotion poster
Promotion poster

Castings poster
Castings poster

Thanks to you, all of this will be possible

With your contributions, we will be able to transform a good idea into a real thing. Costumes are the main thing our budget is going to be used for. We already have publicity agreements for lodging, costume designers and a music composer for our own original soundtrack. The other part of the budget is going to be destined to the actors travelling expenses, and that is all.

About the project planification, here is where we are at:

making-of with some of the location we will film on

  • Script: finished

  • Technical script: finished

  • Preproduction: finished

  • Storyboard: finished

  • Production design: finished

The filming will take place over November and we estimate that the postproduction will be done and finished in December. The release is expected to be in January.

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  • Daniel Fondón

    Daniel Fondón

    over 2 years

    Apoyándonos todos en la industria se llegará más lejos

  • Ikerp92


    over 2 years

    Ánimo chavales, esperando ver el resultado con ganas!

  • Andres Ochoa

    Andres Ochoa

    over 2 years

    ¡Muchas gracias por el apoyo inicial! ¡Recaudar el 40% en tan poco tiempo es una pasada! Todo el equipo del Arrecife del Diablo os queremos dar las gracias, seguimos trabajando ^^

3 backers
Two beers

We have been building this project step by step and we are sure that we will be able to make it happen, but we just need a little bit of help. You can support us for less than two beers worth in euros (ok, we do not despise beer, we know it is a sacred subject, but you get the message) and you will be listed in the short film credits.

5 backers
We will always be grateful

Do you want to contribute to the project but not with everything you wish to? Do not worry, we will acknowledge and appreciate your trust anyways and so you will appear in the short film credits.

12 backers
A grain of sand

You will be helping a lot. Your contribution will be one of the stones we will build the castle with. We want to reward you for the effort you are doing to help us, so you will be added in the credits as a collaborator. And of course you will have the option to watch the short online.

3 backers
Thanks to you we are going to go hard!

We always want to improve and if four eyes can see better than two, think about what tens of them would be able to do. Besides adding you in the credits as a collaborator, we are going to be making a WhatsApp group in which you will be able to talk about some ideas and we will be sharing pictures of the shooting. We will do the same in Facebook. You will also gain online access to the short.

4 backers
Our hero!

You are excited for us. You like the project a lot

and so you are wishing to make a big bet for us. In addition to everything else, you can pick your favorite poster out of the fourteen we will design and share and we will send it to you.

3 backers
You deserve a monument!

You are an official collaborator, you can give us feedback directly through WhatsApp or Facebook, you have a poster of your choice... but if this was not enough, we will make a

personalized desktop wallpaper. Do you like the design of a specific poster? We will put your name in it, your partner’s, your friend’s, a quote you like... anything you want!

We will also send you the original soundtrack, composed for us by a very talented Spanish young woman. You give, you receive!

2 backers
No words...

You are in love with the project, and you have decided to blindly support us with a very generous contribution, we truly have no words. Apart from everything else, to satisfy your curiousness, we are giving you the actual script

and almost everything related to our work on the project, two weeks after the premiere that is. In these documents we will be including sketches of the costumes for some of the characters, script, filming plan, storyboard... everything is not enough for you. Oh, I almost forgot! You will also have two tickets to the premiere!

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