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4 FICAE – Diseases International Short Film and Art Festival - Valencia / Feb-Mar 2018

FICAE helps to break the stigmas that many patients continue to suffer. Help us with this important social work.


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FICAE would like to make it known that all money raised over and above 10,000€, the economic target for the festival in this campaign, will be donated entirely, in equal parts, to those patients’ associations and other associations of the Valencian Community (or with operational delegations on it) who have collaborated and continue to collaborate assiduously with FICAE, through their representatives, in the management of the transmission of specific knowledge related to the world of diseases and the area of health.

Below is a list of the aforesaid associations:

  • ASACO - Asociación de Afectados por Cáncer de Ovario y Ginecológico

  • AFAV - Asociación Familiares Alzheimer Valencia

  • AVACOS-H - Asociación Valenciana de VIH, Sida y Hepatitis

  • CALCSICOVA - Coordinadora de Asociaciones de lucha contra el Sida de la Comunitat Valenciana

  • Asociación DMD de la Comunitat Valenciana - Dret a Morir Dignament

  • Lambda Valencia - Col·lectiu de lesbianes, gais, transexuals i bisexuals (por su labor educativa y promocional en torno a la prevención del VIH)

FICAE is an international short film and arts festival held annually in Valencia, focussing on productions which deal with diseases in all its diversifications, states and processes; not necessary from a bio-sanitary point of view, but also from other perspectives, whether cultural, political, social or economic.

The objectives of the festival are to promote, through cinema and art, an increase in social sensitivity and awareness regarding illness as one of life’s processes and to combat the stigma that many diseases continue to bear.

At the same time, FICAE promotes the creation of contents and spaces that generate debate and reflection, both for society in general, and for the patients and institutions of the healthcare sector in particular.

The 4th FICAE festival will be held in Valencia from 23rd February to 3rd March 2018. Just as in the previous festival, it will offer an interesting cinematographic and artistic selection related to the world of diseases, based on the following activities:

Official Section: A careful selection of short films of an international nature which will compete for the different categories established in the FICAE Awards.

The projections will be divided into themed blocks and can be seen according to the interests of the participant, followed by a round table discussion with specialists:

“Cells” (cancer), “Chasms” (neurodegenerative diseases), “Grey situations” (mental health), “Stigmas” (HIV, AIDS…), “Care” (palliatives), etc.

Inauguration: Despite being a short film festival, FICAE traditionally opens the festival with the special projection of an internationally successful feature film on the theme. In this welcome session we will have special guests and a small cocktail party.

Closing ceremony: This is the moment when the winners of the FICAE awards are announced and the winning shorts are screened. Acknowledgements, conclusions, special guests and a small farewell cocktail party.

Parallel Sections: These are sessions with screenings of films that are not in competition, which explore in depth matters that go somewhat beyond the “diagnosed” disease.

It is the festival that visits other places, with other audiences, in order to try to educate and reflect on the so-called social diseases and other matters pertaining to the healthcare system.

With the help of specialists, in previous festivals, we have covered topics such as homophobia, the war in Syria, evictions or gender violence.

Spaces for Reflection: These are exhibitions or coordinated meeting points to reflect upon some of the matters that surround disease from a broader perspective.

In previous festivals we have held conversations with artists regarding the relationship between art and disease, we have created educational activities with young students; workshops and mutual help groups to reflect on a number of themes; or casual get-togethers to eliminate social barriers and stigmas.

Interventions in Public Spaces: As the title suggests, FICAE intervenes in public spaces in Valencia through artistic works whose themes involve diseases. With the intention of educating, as well as raising social awareness, in the last festival scores of posters were put up in public hospitals to protest at healthcare spending cuts; large illuminated signs placed on the university campus invited reflection on matters related to homophobia….

FICAE is an initiative buy the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the Vincles Association.

To date, the festival enjoys the support of public institutions such as Vicepresidència i Conselleria d’Igualtats i Polítiques Inclusives de la Generalitat Valenciana or l’Ajuntament de València. Also important cultural centres such as IVAM - Institut Valencià d'Art Modern, IHMC - Instituto de Historia de la Medicina y de la Ciencia López Piñero, Octubre - Centre de Cultura Contemporània and CCC - Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània.

We also receive collaboration from entities and associations such as Metges del Món, AFAV - Asociación Familiar Alzheimer Valencia, CALCSICOVA, Lambda, Dicapaz, ASACO - Asociación De Afectados Por Cáncer De Ovario or AVACOS - Associació Valenciana VIH, Sida i Hepatitis, among others.

Finally, we have also received support from healthcare centres such as Facultat d’Infermeria i Podologia and Facultat de Psicologia de la Universitat de València, MICOF - Muy Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Farmacéuticos de Valencia, Departament de Salut València La Fe or Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Valencia.

This is the complete organigram of all of the entities who collaborated in 3FICAE:

Through your contribution you can find multiple rewards. With all of them you will have access to the different activities proposed by FICAE.

If you are not from Valencia or you can not attend the Festival, we want you to know that with your contribution you are also helping the Festival to develop a very important social work within the patient community. Also, if you are interested in our content and want to have private access to our film database online, you can get it with some of the contributions we propose.

Whether you are a person interested in the world of cinema and art; a health agent, researcher, patient or a patient association that wants to acquire new knowledge and points of view about the disease, or an institution or company related to the health sector, we believe that you can find attractive rewards with the contributions proposed.

The contributions that we would receive through Verkami would complement the initial budget, thus ensuring the quality, independence and continuity of FICAE.

The money raised at Verkami would also serve to support FICAE [nomad] economically. “Nomadisms” are activities promoted by the Festival outside of festival dates and common spaces. In December 2017 we plan to organize an event titled “The Disease and its Losses; Cinematographic Views”, with screenings and debates in 4 public hospitals in Majorca, as well as in various cultural and educational centres. The objective is to reflect on chronicity and loss, from a double perspective: that of the patients and their families, and that of the healthcare providers.

As is generally known, the work carried out in a film and arts festival goes far beyond the dates of the Festival itself, and extends to cover practically the whole year in a continuous manner.

The commissioning of the films and artworks requires time, dedication and money. The management of spaces, the coordination of human and technical resources, collaboration agreements between entities, associations, speakers and professionals, attracting audiences, the accounts… All of these are tasks that go unseen, yet are carried out continuously throughout the year, requiring professionalism and dedication.

Other specific tasks within the budget items of the Festival are:

  • FICAE Awards

  • Exhibition rights (special passes)

  • Design and printing

  • Translation and subtitling of films

  • Panel of judges and scientific committee

  • Communication (press, networks, video, photography…)

  • Creation and installation of artworks

  • Travel and expenses (special guests)

The rewards that we offer to our patrons at Verkami are not exactly tangible, so therefore there is no physical awarding of any specific material related to the Festival.

The type of recompense that we offer can be summarized in three categories and methods of delivery:

1 - Participant’s experience: In the form of accreditation to the Festival and invitation to the special inaugural and closing sessions.

Delivery: during the weeks running up to the start of the Festival.

2 - Shared knowledge: Offering our online cinematographic database for private use, for purposes of information, education or research.

Delivery: from the moment when the Festival ends, for a limited time depending on contribution.

3 - Recognition and visibility: For companies, entities and associations as sponsors and collaborators, by way of impact in poster campaigns, social networks, press, communiqués and special mentions.

Delivery: In all of the promotional and communication elements of 4FICAE, before and during the Festival.



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