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Waterfall, Jana Sirés' first album

Waterfall are 13 own songs ready to born. Do you want to join me in this adventure?

Jana Sirés

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From the first drop to a Waterfall

The fine rain of Waterfall

In last years I've decided to give more space to my passion: compose and sing my songs. Music is the language I like to speak the most. I spend hours and hours distracted with the chords that come out from my guitar, playing with melodies I create with my voice. Suddenly, a suggestive picture appears and becomes a new song. These moments give me air and invite me to travel far away being close to myself.

Waterfall are 13 own songs talking about different feelings: being in front of a natural paradise and time stops for a while, imagining myself talking with the Time, confessing the feelings I had some day in the past. This is Waterfall, a cascade of colors, sounds, emotions and experiences expressed as in forms of songs.

Waterfall grows up

I asked Iñaki Marquiegui (music producer) if he would like to produce my first album. He accepted being part of this adventure and we started building the album’s sound universe maintaining the essence of the original songs. We have built this universe with two guitars (Armando Erenas and Paul Klason), a drum and percussion (Arnau Figueres) and an electric bass (Iñaki Marquiegui).

Once we finished the production process and the rehearsals with the musicians, we went to the studio. Waterfall has been recorded, mixed and will be mastered at Music Lan Studios, Avinyonet de Puigventós (Figueres), a palace of silence, sound and great professionals who have contributed with their personal color to the album.

Stage with the band before going to the studio

Once in the studio
Once in the studio

Be part of it


Trying to capture the same feeling as the creation process of Waterfall, I designed different types of rewards so everyone can be part of this cascade. The collaborations go from an album to an acoustic concert.

I will set up dates and places to pickup your rewards. If you cannot make it those dates, I will send them by mail (if you are living in the country).


My relationship with music begins at a very young age when I heard my father, my mother and my oldest sister singing and playing classics of soul. Otis Redding or Ray Charles are an essential part of my childhood and youth.

This context was what led me, at age eleven, to do my first performance, when my father asked me to go on stage to sing some choirs in his concert at party in a town near home. I loved singing with him and sharing with the public what he and his daughter did at home every day, almost spontaneously. Since then, my father and I have performed in different music venues around Catalonia playing and singing the songs that have always accompanied us.

For some years now, music has been gaining ground in my day to day life. I’m currently singing and performing with Mainasons, a children songs band. In addition, I decided to improve in this field and I received harmony, guitar and vocal technique lessons.

Beyond all these projects, I have always been writing my own songs. When I was twenty, I started playing the guitar in order to accompany the lyrics and melodies I wrote. This gave me great independence and allowed me discovering different musical corners and making home recordings of my own compositions.

It was not until a couple of years ago I recorded my first song called True Love, at AngelSound Studio. The recording of this single was completely self-financed. A friend of mine helped me with the musical arrangements and brought a more sophisticated coor to the whole song.

Some time ago, I decided to give more space to compose songs. With my guitar and a notebook everywhere I created more than twenty songs (and many ideas waiting to be develop). At that point, I had a considerable volume of songs that I wanted to share, so I decided to record my first album.

Waterfall. This is how is called my first album as a singer and composer. It gathers all the drops I have been creating in the last years. When I put them all together, they have the power of a cascade that falls with force. For me, the music I do is the most sincere expression of what I feel when experiencing life. Waterfall is the materialization of my way to look at things, understanding them and keeping them with me.

Recording voices
Recording voices

And then?

With all contributions I’ll get from this crowdfunding campaign I’ll finish the mixing and the mastering of the album’s 13 own songs.

I will also use the money for designing the album cover (photographer and graphic designer) and to make the copies to reach anyone who wants to have it.


If I achieve the budget goal I’ll finish mixing, mastering and editing the album: photography, design and copies. So, approximately between December and January you will have your rewards with you.

More about me

Here you have some links to know a bit more of my musical universe:

Many thanks in advance,

If you are reading this is because, somehow, you are interested in these kind of artisanal projects. It makes me feel happy.



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  • Carme Mestre Ors

    Carme Mestre Ors

    about 4 years

    Jana, desitjo que puguis complir el teu somni!!!!!

  • Monika Ganzenmuller

    Monika Ganzenmuller

    about 4 years

    Molts ànims!!!

  • claracamprubi


    about 4 years

    En Marc i jo desitgem que mig univers pugui emocionar-se amb la teva música com ho vam fer nosaltres!! <3



    about 4 years

    suena muy bien Jana!

  • Maria


    about 4 years

    Artista! Endavant amb tot el que et proposis!

#02 / Gràcies mecenes! Hem assolit el 100%!

Ho hem aconseguit! Gràcies a les vostres aportacions Waterfall ha tirat endavant i d'aquí ben poc arribarà a les vostres oïdes.

Ben aviat us faré saber dates i punts de recollida de les recompenses.

Gràcies per ser-hi!

Una abraçada,


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