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Matar is from Senegal and lives in Europe for almost 6 years but the crisis has changed his route, now he takes African immigrants back home… crossing the Strait of Gibraltar and the Sahara Desert. It’s a road movie, a tale told backwards…

Chang Cheng

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The trip is a reality. It will take place the 17th of July 2013. We already have the van, the crew, the camera, the sound equipment and the backpacks. We only need your help for the post-production, that’s why we’re doing this crowdfunding so the taxi will be seen in the big screen with a nice sound design and cool motion graphics.

Our idea is to finish the film on November 2013.

This project is co-produced by Hijos de Rouch Films y Madina Producciones

Matar Thiam Fall: Screenplay

Carlos Chang Cheng: Direction

Daniele Piras: Camera

Diego Iñiguez: Photography

Giovanni Corona and Diego Eslava: Sound design


TAXI MATAR is a tale where an African called Matar Thiam Fall decides to make a journey. Matar (also named Mactar by the people who don’t know him quite well or Mahu named by the cute girls) is a Senegalese in his forties, bald and rogue. He is as tall as Michael Jordan, chubby for eating too much kebabs.

Matar Thiam Fall travels across the towns of Spain in the middle of the European economic crisis, he just carries an old suitcase with a handful of self-published books: the first Wolof-Spanish dictionary and the first Spanish-Wolof practice books as well as Catalan-Wolof practice books.

Wolof is the language of many Africans that came to Europe pursuing the dream of buying some new Nike tennis shoes dreaming of being like Samuel Eto'o but they ended barefooted and unemployed.

Matar travels through Spain selling his books in universities suffering from cutbacks, in warehouses, in tiny libraries, in highway restaurants, in the streets, etc and all that money he saves it to buy a van that he will use as a cab.

Matar returns to Africa by road, like a Paris-Dakar without the prize or the fame. He tries to convince the few people that want to return, but they know that the return trip will be tough, the worst thing to happen is to go back to Africa empty-handed and without a penny. This journey is like Uysses going to Ithaca, crossing Cadiz through the graveyard of shipwrecked boats, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, running into the wandering African zombies in Casablanca, Tarifa, Rabat... Africans that weren't able to cross Europe and stayed in no man's land. They know that there is another journey, a quiet and intimate journey, a journey through their memories living in Europw, a journey that doesn't talk about the experiences lived and ideas learnt in Europe.

Matar travels knowing that wealth is not in the new Nike tenis shoes but in the intangible things, where the only prize is to reach the gol... to arrive home.


Now we are in production phase

Journey starts: July 17th 2013.

Back to Barcelona: August 7th 2013.


September 1st 2013


November 1st 2013

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All rewards will be given when we get to the final cut of the film: November of 2013 (don't worry, we will take care of your baobab seeds).

Thanks a lot!

Cineteca Sarda
Barcelona Futbol Club
Maritim Museum of Barcelona
University of Granada
University of Sevilla


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Disculpen el retraso pero nos hemos tomado la edición con el tiempo africano.

Acá un extracto de lo que les espera.

Seguiremos enviándoles más avances.

Seguimos cuidando sus semillas de baobab!
¡Muchas gracias!

Scusate per il ritardo però il montaggio di questo film, per motivi vari,

sta procedendo con i tempi africani. Qui ne potrete trovare una sintesi.

Continuiamo a lavorare e farvi sapere.

Sempre tenendo cura dei vostri semi di baobab (per chi non li ha ancora ricevuti)

Molte grazie!

#02 / THANKS!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

We achieved our goal and

now on September we start editing TAXI MATAR,

thanks to all of you... we already have your sahara sand...

(with a little help of our friend Babacar Jr.)

and the little baobab seeds are starting to blossom!


we keep in touch.



Mucha gente me pregunta qué es un baobab.
Many people ask me what is a baobab.
Molte persone mi chiedono cos'è un baobab.

Un baobab es un árbol enorme y extraño
A baobab is a big and strange tree
Il baobab è uno strano grande albero

Algunos baobabs parecen salidos de un comic.
Some baobabs look like a comic book.
Alcuni sembrano dei cartoni animati

(Sebastián Mulero)

Otros baobabs están tristes
Some baobabs are sad
Altri sembrano tristi

(Edurne Gallego)

Otros son naranja y azul
Some are orange & blue
Alcuni sono arancioni e blu

(Ignacio Foj)

Otros baobabs son tímidos y elegantes
Other baobabs are just fancy & shy
Altri sono timidi e capricciosi.

(Ignacio Foj)

Y otros crecen en lugares raros...

And some grow in strange places...

E qualcuno cresce in strani luoghi

Muestra este proyecto a tus amigos para que planten este bello árbol en sus casas...

Show this project to your friends so that they will plant this beautiful tree in their houses...

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