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Documentary Behind the Frontier

Documentary that makes a reflection on Romania's communist dictatorship through the history of people that lived that time, and that still work for their country. Vía Babel's project is supported by Hispatriados.

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Behind the Frontier is a project for a documentary produced by Vía Babel. It will be shot in Romania in July of 2017.

We’re looking to interview people that have suffered the communist represion, and that we’re impeded to express freely. People from different backgrounds: journalists, artists, investigators, priests, etc. We believe those are heroes that, spite everything, still live and work for their country.

We want to hear their stories:

• How did they go through that time?
• Why are they still in Romania?

What’s Vía Babel?

Humans are divided by frontiers. There’re physical frontiers, like the ones that separate one country from another. Also, there are invisible frontiers; these are often harder to identify. They represent our history, beliefs, values, and prejudices. Nowadays the barriers that divide the world’s societies have reached a critical point. Millions of people suffer, and have suffered, these separations. Their histories deserve to be told.

That’s why Vía Babel is born: a journalist, artistic, and social project with the objective to give a voice to those that should be heard. 

The Team

We’re students of the Master in Travel Journalism of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. We’ve studied journalism, communication, tourism, history, and painting as our major degrees. We’re a diverse group united by one passion: to know the world, and it’s people.

• Direction: Daniela Morales
• Content Direction: Miguel Rodríguez
• Contents and edition: Patricia Saiz
• Production: Lucila Sirombra
• Image and social networks: Adriana Pfab
• Ilustration: Yunzhu Xu

Our Goals

• Create awareness about a little known subject: the communist dictatorship in Romania.
• Through the documentary, inform our public about the reality of that time.
Honesty, commitment, and responsibility on all the steps of the investigation.

Reason for making the campaing

All the money will be destined to the pre-produtcion, production, and post-production of the documentary.

The most important thing is that you become part of our project. Your collaboration will always be recognized with your name in the acknowledgement credits. From there on, you'll be able to get from postcards of photographs made by us, an invitation to the documentary premiere, and our star product: The DVD Deluxe, with the film and great bonus features.

Why it's important

Romania is a country located in between of Eastern and Western Europe. Through history it has lived wars, invasions, unification, and separations. It’s a land that has struggled to build its identity.

After World War II, Romania was a place we’re the Cold War was lived harshly, even though it wasn’t at the center of it. Also, the country went through four decades of communist dictatorship. Now, almost thirty years after the revolution that put an end to Nicolae Ceaușescu, Romania has proven an ability to adapt itself. Romanians now know democracy and capitalism, but the sequels of their past still persist.

Many times, in the studies of the world history, social life is left behind. The part that considers the lives of the people that lived a specific epoch. What did they think? What did they feel and said? Do they still live? What do they do today?

Their histories should not be allowed to be forgotten. These stories can open doors to reflection and might help to build a better world.


• We’ll shoot the documentary in July of 2017.
• The project will be concluded by November of 2017.

More Info

You can also email us to: [email protected]

This project is supported by Hispatriados


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  • lambormigui


    almost 7 years

    Buf, solo leer la descripción ya apesta de lejos. Madre mía.

  • Vía Babel

    Vía Babel

    about 7 years

    Hola. Nos gustaría entrevistar a personas que hayan vivido esa época. No solo las personas que fueron reprimidas, también nos interesa la opinión de quienes no lo fueron.


  • Aurelia


    about 7 years

    El documentario sera solo sobre los que han sufrido en epoca de Ceausescu?


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