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Cortometraje experimental con vocación social y personal. Trata sobre las sensaciones que experimenta una chica que padece de un trastorno alimenticio: Obsesión, ansiedad, purga y posterior calma. Elaborado en base a la metáfora visual y una recopilación de poemas.

Fati De Jesús

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Beauty is a prison

Lola lives overwhelmed by beauty from birth. Genetics gave her the "luck" of being beautiful enough to want to be more. The world admires her beauty, she gives worship, and feels obligated to not disappoint anyone.

This is why, as she grows up, her need to be perfect led her to go through dark passages, engaging in a demonic relationship with something that´s really the essence, what gives her life: food .

Lola always loved to eat. For her it was a kind of fantastic ritual of flavors and textures, I appreciated every bite as if it were the last one ... until it began to grow. Then, she noticed that around her, the princesses, the beautiful girls, had slender bodies and long legs ...

However, she was different. Her face was beautiful and fragile, but her legs and arms were big, she has always been a chubby girl.

From the age of ten, she began to deprive herself of meals, and forged a kind of obsession from which she would not be able to escape. Until she discovered bulimia. Then, she thought she had found the key to the riddle, she could devour everything she wanted without gaining weight.

That was how little by little Dolores grew, its dark duality, its demon, its shadow. Since then, she recognizes two of her sides with different strength.

Dolores is much more powerful than Lola, and although Lola maintains hope, Dolores appears as a serpent, offering her temptation, whispering to her ears, and who may be the most beautiful person on earth.

Lola always kept her illness as a secret, she only shared her feelings with the paper. She wrote poems compulsively, vomited words of anger, secret laments that never saw the light ... That was the way of expressing herself, the only escape, since deep down she felt living in a impossible prison, threatened by the greatest danger of all: herself.

Hysteria is an experimental short film that shows the feelings that a girl suffers from an eating disorder: Obsession, anxiety, purge and later calm.

The poems written by Lola during this stage will be the ones that will guide us throughout history, and will tell us the feelings that she has to face during her struggle with this problem.

We need your support to make this project succeed. We intend to create a history of aesthetic quality and require funds to materialize the story.

Your contributions will be used to cover expenses related to:

Technical equipment (cameras, lighting, and other accessories).

Rolling location, costumes and makeup.

Transport and catering for the participants.

Production costs

OST: we got the help of two producers who will get to work, and create with delicate care an unpublished Soundtrack for the short film. We need income to help them with all their needs

Of course as creators, we will be the first to contribute, but as students, we still don’t have enough income to be able to tackle the project alone.Therefore, your help will be much appreciated.

Participation in this work will be awarded. The rewards you can get based on the contribution are:

  • The code or the password to be able to view the short film in network.

  • The name of the patron appears in the credits.

  • Tickets to attend a session in a conditioned location where the short film will be screened.

  • Tickets for a performance related to the work..

  • An edition of an original Fanzine with the poems in its literary version..

  • The short film in physical format signed.

  • Appear as a producer..

¡All patrons are invited to a party held to promote the campaign! :)


March-May: Pre-production stage.

May-June: Shooting.

June-September: Post-production stage

October: Presentation and projection

I am Fátima, writer and director of Histeria. I am currently finishing the Double Degree in Journalism and Audiovisual, I also work as a copywriter and Infographer. This is the first professional project I carry out. My previous experience is limited to short films and university work for different Audiovisual subjects.

I'm Maggie, assistant of Hysteria. I am finishing my studies with a Film Management course at the Septima Ars school and I have also finished the Degree in Audiovisual Communication.

I have worked on several projects: the last three films of Three Columns Entertainment and the pilot of a series in the same company. I've also worked on another 3star Production movie and the last Danny Romero video clip. In addition, I participated in the Festival of Blues de Béjar and I have directed two shorts. The rest of my work has been various collaborations in the projects of my partners of Septima Ars.

I am Jorge and I am the Director of Photography of the short film. I study photo direction in television and cinema at the Séptima Ars school, although I have also taken a course of design and photography. Currently I work as a photographer in the company "SGF Ágora Arquitectura", with specialization in photography of plots. As far as my professional experience in the audiovisual world, I have participated on diverse short films of the Séptima Ars school, almost always in the camera equipment. Also I was in charge of the realization of the video clip "Crazy Rachel" of the musical group Tangerine flavor; As well as the realization of the documentary of the editorial "Bistec negro". In 2016, I got 3rd place in a photo competition (photomontage category) at UC3M.

My name is Daniela-Alexadra Maracine and I am the producer of Histeria. I am 29 years old and I am from Bucharest, Romania.

I´ve worked in Bucharest on a television network for 6 years: 3 as a copywriter and 3 as a producer. I have come to Spain to study film and television production. Here are some of the TV shows I've worked on:
"Wonder Life" (it was a television show about what a normal day is like for a famous person).
"Dincolo de Apparente" (the translation would be "Beyond the Appearances" - a weekly program in which a celebrity was invited for a special interview).

In this program, the famous person comes face to face, on a television plate, with press people who wrote articles about him).

We are Borja and Sergio, and we will be in charge of creating the Soundtrack of Hysteria. We are two friends who share rehearsals and musical tastes. For more than 10 years we have experimented by looking for our own style, in different sporadic groups, until finally we decided to unite to develop different frequencies. We use Ableton Live and we are interested in everything midi, samples and syntes. In addition, Borja Gardía is founder of a musical platform, called "Possible Others", that bets on the different culture and ideas, organizing sessions like "La Tran Tranquille", and betting on producers and DJs of the scene.

I am Cristina Martín Franchy, and I will give life to Lola, the protagonist of Histeria. I have just finished my degree in journalism, and although I have participated in different videos of ESNE design school, this is my true debut as an actress. I decided to accept the role because the theme and the script seemed fascinating to me. I hope to learn a lot from the experience, and who knows, maybe it's the first of many more.

In the following links you can find the poems that appear in the story, in addition to many others, all written by the director of the film:


We hope you like it and looking forward your participation! We are sure that together, we will make this possible :) Thank you!


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  • Fati De Jesús

    Fati De Jesús

    over 4 years

    Hola, Luna.

    Esta película es una experiencia con tintes autobiográficos y personales. Aún así, puedes compartir tu experiencia conmigo. Sabes que en estos problemas, lo mejor es el apoyo, el conocerse a sí mismo y a iguales. Yo estaría encantada de escuchar tu historia, y compartir contigo la mía.

    Escríbeme a fafadejota@gmail.com si quieres.

    Gracias, Luna.

  • Luna


    over 4 years

    Si quieres un caso real me ofrezco

#04 / FIESTA!!

Hola chicos. Quedan solo dos días para finalizar la campaña....

¡Y hemos conseguido el objetivo!

Es más, lo hemos superado. Todo gracias a la ayuda de nuestros mecenas. ¡Estamos muy contentos! Todo lo que queda por ahora es trabajo nuestro...

¡O bueno, no del todo!


El lugar: ONESHOT, Calle tribulete, nº18. (Metro Lavapiés o Embajadores).

La hora: desde las 8 p.m. hasta la 1 a.m.....

¡Puede que se alargue!

Os dejamos aquí el Line-up definitivo....ha habido pequeños cambios, pero la buena música está asegurada.

El garito ofrece por su cuenta cervezas a partir de 3 euros, chupitos de sake desde 1 euro y oferta en BAOS 2x5.

¿¿¿No es maravilloso???

#03 / ✞nosomosantos✞ Histeria en la Pista

¡Saludos a todo el equipo!

En primer lugar, agradecer a todos los nuevos mecenas, estamos muy cerquita de conseguir nuestro objetivo, y hacer el proyecto real.

En segundo lugar, queremos anunciar que el día 19 de Mayo hemos preparado una celebración maravillosa, para conoceros a todos, para compartir risas y cervezas, y para recaudar lo poquito que nos quede.

El lugar donde se celebrará es One Shot, y está en la Calle Tribulete, nº18 (Metro Lavapiés y Embajadores).

Lo hemos elegido así porque es familiar, porque la entrada es gratis...¡y porque podréis disfrutar de degustaciones de cerveza y sake japonés a partir de 1 euro!

Además, podréis probar sus deliciosos Baos artesanales, a un precio también bastante asequible, 2x5 euros. ¿No se te hace la boca agua?

Como invitados, tendremos a los miembros de Possible Others (que están… read more

#02 / Primeros días de Rodaje.

Un saludo a todos los mecenas!

Confiando en que la recaudación saldrá como esperábamos, hemos iniciado la jornada de rodaje. Han sido tres días muy intensos, de enfados y de risas, de errores y de aciertos, de gastos y de compañerismo....Muchas dificultades han surgido, pero ninguna de ellas ha podido impedir que todo saliera a pedir de boca. Queremos agradecer una vez más vuestra participación. Confiamos tanto en vosotros, y en el proyecto, que hemos iniciado el rodaje antes de lo esperado.

Queremos compartir con vosotros algunas imágenes de los momentos vividos durante las sesiones de rodaje.

Esperamos que os gusten

No olvidéis que sois parte del equipo. Aunque no hayáis estado presente en cuerpo

#01 / Hemos llegado a los 250. ¡Gracias a todos!

¡Saludos a todo el equipo de #Histeria!

Estamos muy contentos. Hoy, tan sólo trece días después de iniciar la campaña, hemos logrado 250 euros, gracias a 20 mecenas que se han unido al proyecto.

¡Es toda una maravilla!

Quedan 27 días para que finalice la campaña. Estamos seguros de que lo conseguiremos gracias a vuestro interés y a vuestra ayuda. ¡Histeria está un poco más cerca de ser real!

Aún así, todavía queda mucho por hacer. Pero estamos tan entusiasmados que no vamos a parar hasta conseguirlo. ¿Te gustaría participar a ti también? Sabes que eres muy importante para que esto salga adelante

De nuevo, queremos agradecer a nuestros 20 mecenas su participación. Os aseguramos que trabajaremos más duro (si se puede) para que estéis muy orgullosos de vuestra participación.

¡A trabajar!

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