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Welcome to Fashion Brands with a Positive Impact "by Slow Fashion Next"

What if I told you that the fashion for the future has arrived, a kind of fashion that cares for planet, people and living beings, would you believe me? Would you also believe if I told you that it is a creative and different type of fashion, fit for everyday use? Welcome to Positive Impact Fashion


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  1. Discover all the brands that are already in the Directory!

  2. Project Description

  3. Web Design

  4. Sustainability criteria for participating brands and initiatives

  5. How are we going to achieve this? Together!

  6. Benefits for Users

  7. Benefits for Brands

  8. Target: 10,000 Users

  9. About us

  10. What we will use your contributions for

  11. Planned Schedule

Discover all the brands that are already in the Directory!:

Apart from the brands that have supported us to launch the corwdfunding that you can see in point 4 in which you will have a 20% discount, we leave here the websites of the brands, stores and initiatives that have been registered during the campaign and where you will also have a 20% discount if you contribute with 7 euros as sponsor (we will add those that are missing as soon as they send us their websites; what a joy to see so many companies betting on a new model of production and consumption! ♡ ♡ ♡):


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Project description:

The biggest challenge for sustainable fashion companies, i.e. the brands that create the kind of fashion that is produced free from negative environmental and social impacts, consists in reaching consumers and professionals within the fashion sector, such as fashion editors, stylists, photographers, consumers, journalists, bloggers and instagramers etc.:

  • Those who already know the truth behind conventional fashion, but face difficulties finding alternatives, since they mainly consist in small initiatives with a limited capacity to promote themselves.

  • Those who are new to such brands and don’t yet quite understand and therefore appreciate their value.

For this reason we would like to propose our "Big Plan":

We hope to break down the existing barrier between consumers and professionals alike, which often stems from a lack of knowledge. We furthermore intend to promote the emerging trend in fashion that favours brands with a positive impact.

We are also going to bring together all sustainable fashion brands that offer an alternative to the conventional "Fast Fashion" industry, which contaminates both rivers and land, doesn’t offer decent wages to its workers and is using up our planet’s resources. So let's get together, because together we will be stronger , especially in a competitive market such as the textile sector.

We will help these brands to tell their clients why they matter and what kind of positive impact they are making , thanks to a modern and user-friendly directory. They will also be able to communicate their top credentials through symbols and well-structured information, which will offer users the opportunity to contact all of us personally, should they require additional information.

We aim to become a reference, first in Spain and later in Latin America, as well as Europe, taking advantage of the strong position that "Slow Fashion Next" is gaining in our market, especially online. We are going to ensure that our visibility will be of help to each and every brand that joins our directory.

Let's make sure that when someone thinks of sustainable fashion, our directory will be the first source they will turn to. We would also like to ensure that all fashion editors, stylists, photographers, consumers, journalists, bloggers and instagramers etc. will know where to find us.

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Web Design:

We have chosen a modern and minimalist design, which will let your images shine.

In your profile you can put several photos, your logo, all your contact information, social networks and link to your online store, textile certifications that you use and symbols that represent your criteria of sustainability.

We hope you like it as much as we do ♡

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Sustainability criteria for participating brands and initiatives:

We have created a variety of symbols to help you communicate your social and environmental criteria in the best way possible. You can view some examples here.

We will include all of the following categories as graphic symbols: Recycled, Organic and Compostable Fabric, Biosynthetic Fabric, Free of Toxins, Responsible Use of Water, Textile Certification, Fair Trade, Social Project, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Local Production, Traceability, Handmade, Limited Edition, Upcycling, Second-Hand, Zero Waste, R&D, Produced with Clean Energy and Sustainable Logistics.

Attention! If you have doubts over whether or not you will be able to join our directory, please write to us: [email protected].

We encourage you to be very diligent when filling in your credentials because many users will look for you according to specific criteria, such as a certain certificate.

It will be mandatory to sign a document that will be uploaded onto the website and in which you verify the accuracy of the information you provide in the Directory. You will furthermore have to offer users the opportunity to ask you for any additional information they may require. Inaccurate information will be grounds for expulsion from the Directory.

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How are we going to achieve this? Together!

The Directory Users amongst you who want to back our campaign can make a minimum pledge of Euro 7 (Euro 5 if you do so within the first 48 hours), this pledge will allow you to make purchases with a 20% discount on ALL THE BRANDS IN THE DIRETORY once it will be launched (approximately 1 month after our crowdfunding campaign ends - we will keep you updated!;)) and during the first 2 weeks of its release. So what does this mean in practical terms? Imagine you find a dress for Euro 70 for example; you will be able to buy it for only Euro 56 - great, right? Also, there is absolutely no limit to either clothes or brands with this offer!

We will include the following categories in the directory: Women, Men, Kids, Baby, Footwear, Accessories, Sportswear, Underwear, Jewellery, Home, Second-Hand and Vintage Clothing, Markets and Pop Ups, Fashion Libraries, Clothing Exchanges, Do-It-Yourself Workshops, Online and Physical Shops.

We already have 6 brands and 2 online shops that will definitely join our Directory.

Click on their links below to discover their websites and see firsthand what a difference it makes to learn more about the beautiful stories behind each brand.

IOU Project
Thinking Mu
Elisa Muresan
El Naturalista
Moves to Slow
Verde Agua Style

In order to be part of our global Directory and enjoy many more benefits in addition to those outlined below, we only ask fashion brands, shops and others for a fee of Euro 35 per year (Euro 30 if you sign up within the first 48 hours ).

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Benefits for Directory Users and Consumers:

  • The Power to easily find fashion brands that ensure a decent wage for workers and don’t exploit children along their supply chain.

  • The Power to find the best fashion brands that protect the planet and its natural resources.

  • The Power to find fashionable brands free from chemicals that will take care of our skin and that of our children.

  • The Power to consume responsibly and give preference to small economies.

  • The Power to be able to ask brands for all the necessary information you need in order to reassure yourself that your purchases meet all the criteria that matter to you.

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Benefits for Brands:

  • Belonging to a sustainable fashion platform of reference with the widest selection of brands in all categories, for a minimum investment of only Euro 35 thanks to a 30% discount (the usual cost will be Euro 50), or Euro 30 with a 40% discount, if you sign up within the first 48 hours.

  • Belonging to a "Sustainable Fashion Directory" where we take care of your brand’s reputation and know how to convey its intangible values in an educational, as well as an inspirational and aspirational way.

  • By bringing all brands together you will gain credibility with users.

  • You will also obtain monthly SEO data reports of the website, e.g. regarding visits (find more details below).

  • There will be 2 annual press campaigns: one before the launch of our crowdfunding campaign and another before Slow Fashion Next’s annual Sustainable Fashion Conference in Madrid.

  • Enjoy the promotion of our Directory through our social networks and become visible to your target audience:

  • Facebook: more than 17,700 followers.

  • Twitter: more than 5,900 followers.

  • Instagram: more than 3,300 followers.

  • Web: more than 20,000 visits per month.

  • Remaining in the directory for the following year will cost you only Euro 25 per year.

  • 4 times a year we will offer new brands to sign up with us (January / April / July / October) for Euro 50 per year (companies that are already part of the directory and want to change their images can do so during those times at an extra cost of Euro 25 each time they wish to make a change. However, realising changes is optional and by no means mandatory.

  • Finally, all brands, shops and others who sign up to our Directory, will have a 15% discount on all our courses launched on slowfashionnext.com and events, including Slow Fashion Next’s annual Sustainable Fashion Conference in Madrid.

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Target: 10,000 users:

We believe that now is the time to grow together and we also believe in the collective power to do so. In addition to having set ourselves some economic goals in order to advance further, we also have one very special objective: to use this campaign to reach 10,000 users! We are sure that we can achieve this if we all join in!

Moreover, twice a year during our Christmas campaign (end of November and the first week of December) and again in spring (March), we will create similar promotions with user discounts (20% for 2 weeks) together, in order to attract new "fans" and unite thousands of users, as well as creating new objectives with each campaign. All of this thanks to the implementation of technology, which will help us to communicate more efficiently and grow together more quickly.

If you're wondering how you can help spreading the word of our campaign, don’t worry - it’s super easy! Simply share the "Sustainable Fashion Directory: Target: 10,000 users" image you can see here and talk about our goals, or share our campaign in one of the ways suggested by Verkami further below.

Thank you very much for your support!:)

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About us:

My name is Gema, I am a fashion designer and the founder of Slow Fashion Next, an entrepreneurial project that was born out of the desire to inform people about the impacts of an industry in which I have worked for many years, and to unite all those professionals who, like me, felt that the existing production and consumption model had to change.

For the past year I have been fortunate enough to be accompanied on a daily basis by Raquel Goñi, better known as "Super Rachel" amongst us.

I am also very privileged to have been joined by all our great teachers and collaborators who have helped me transmit the value of doing things well to our students and followers alike.

Since its beginning, we have trained thousands of students through Slow Fashion Next . We have also organized 5 Sustainable Fashion Conferences for professionals at the Museum of Costumes in Madrid. I have given close to a hundred talks all over Spain, as well as in Colombia, Chile and Beirut, and we communicate our passion about sustainability on a daily basis through our social networks.

We are very fortunate to have generated a lot of interest amongst media outlets dedicated to sustainability and entrepreneurship, and more and more so across those specialised in fashion as well. At Slow Fashion Next we are also Spain’s official coordinators for the global campaign of Fashion Revolution, which provides us with a wide international network. Furthermore, we are an Entity of the Social Market of Madrid and have more recently become Contributors of Made By, a pioneering NGO which acts as a consultancy to fashion companies that intend to implement sustainable criteria along their production chain.

We are often contacted by a variety of national as well as international publications, besides those dedicated to fashion and sustainability, which ask us to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments in our sector. You can find a few links to articles about our work (and yours) below.

S Fashion
Yo Donna
El País · Estilo
Buena vida · El País
Objetivo Bienestar
Efe Estilo
La Nación
El Economista
Revista Triodos
The Ecologist
El Diario
El Confidencial
Red Emprende Verde
BBVA Innovation Center
Rtve · El Escarabajo Verde
[Intereconomía · EcoGestiona (23.12.2016)](https://intereconomia.com/ecogestiona-programas-completos/ (23.12.2017)
Rtve · El Canto del Grillo

It’s time to take a further step and this Directory would be this leap for our emerging entrepreneurial community.

Do you want to be part of our vision and make the world a better place through fashion?

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What we will use your contributions for:

If we raise Euro 5,000 we will use them for:

  • The launch of our Website.

  • The payment of our domains (Spanish and English) and the hosting for 1 year.

  • Equipment for the Administration and Management of the Directory, in order to upload your data, photos and information.

These are the basics. The more companies and users will join, the more promotional campaigns we can create to target our audience, and the more we can rely on technology to keep growing. To achieve all of this, we need your help - why don’t you sign up?

If we get Euro 20,000 we will use them for the following, in addition to the above:

  • Website translation to English.

  • Equipment for the Administration and Management of the Blog and the Newsletter and the dynamization of social networks during 1 year. We will continue to write blog posts ourselves, along with our collaborators, as we have done for Slow Fashion Next before. However, on the blog of our new website, we will aim our communication at users, rather than professionals, in order to generate interest amongst the general public.

  • Development of a Customized "SEO Analytics" tool that will allow us to view the number of page visits and new monthly visitors, the number of times your profile has been visited and the "go to the website" button was clicked on the same.

  • We will also have a "Community Manager" in Spanish for all our networks should we achieve this milestone **.

  • We will translate 4 monthly posts (48 annually) to English in order to attract audiences in both Europe and America.

  • We shall create 2 press campaigns per year: one for sustainability and another for fashion media outlets.

  • We will create a monthly competition on social networks, including different brands every month, to keep our existing followers interested and gain new ones.

  • We will create a Group for "Fashion with a Positive Impact" on MEET UP so that everyone who is part of the Directory has a place to upload their events. We shall also encourage our community to join said group and share all events via Twitter.

If we raise Euro 35,000 we will use them for the following (in addition to the above points):

  • The development and implementation of a specific marketing strategy and SEO positioning through a professional agency . This will help us consolidate the image of our brand’s concept (branding), generate awareness and engage both existing, as well as potential new clients with our Directory for a whole year.

  • An English-speaking Community Manager and the creation of specific social networks in English for 1 year.

  • 2 monthly campaigns with either European and / or American bloggers in order to promote our Directory in Europe and America, as well as 2 posts in English (i.e. 48 English entries per year).

  • We will create a second "Fashion with a Positive Impact" Group in English on MEET UP, so that anyone who is part of the Directory can upload their events in other languages as well. We shall also encourage our community to join said group and share all events via Twitter.

Other Expenses

Remember that regardless of what we will eventually raise, we have two fixed expenses which are:

  • 21% VAT.

  • 7% commission for Verkami.

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Planned Schedule:


Media campaign on sustainability to attract 10,000 sustainable fashion directory users during this campaign.

We will spread the word of our sustainable fashion community to grow together.

Crowdfunding campaign (with a positive outcome;)).


Launch of the website and uploading of your information.

We will send the discount code to all users who have backed our crowdfunding campaign in order to enjoy a fantastic 20% on all brands that joined our Directory.


Once we are all under the same umbrella, we will officially inform the general fashion press and that of our sector, as well as bloggers. We will hold a press conference in a nice place (so that nobody will be able to decline our invitation!)


During the VI "Sustainable Fashion Conference at the Museum of Costumes in Madrid" (you can watch a video of one of our last conferences here) we will give the official presentation of the Directory for the whole community to enjoy.

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If you've always thought about being part of a global movement that supports sustainable fashion, this is your chance to make it happen, so let's go!


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    over 7 years

    Estupendo Salva, Noemi...¡bienvenid@s!!

    Espero de verdad que este Directorio se convierta en el referente de la Moda Sostenible :)


  • Salva


    over 7 years

    Hola Gema y equipo! Felicidades!!! Estamos ya inscritos www.dothewoo.com. Un saludo y abrazos!



    over 7 years

    Estupendo ¡os apuntamos!

    Si difundis la promoción del 20% de descuento etiquetarnos y reposteamos ;)


  • Ray Musgo

    Ray Musgo

    over 7 years

    Ya casi lo tenéis, Gema! ;) Tal y como indicáis en el apartado 1, os indicamos nuestra web para aparecer en la relación de firmas que hemos aportado al proyecto: www.raymusgo.com ¡Mucha suerte con la campaña!



    over 7 years

    Hola María ¡bienvenida! cuando consigamo el crowdfunding, os enviaremos un formulario para rellenar con toda la informacion que necesitamos, hasta que no acabe nada ¡bienvenida! :)

  • María


    over 7 years

    Hola Gemma, he aportado mis 35 euros a este estupendo proyecto, pero no me he podido incluir en ningún directorio. Cómo lo hago? Soy fundadora de marymood.com . Camisas de algodón estampado y elaborado en España. Nos conocimos por modaes. GRACIAS



    over 7 years

    Hola Ivan, nuestra relacion con Thinking Mu es muy cordial, siempre dispuestos a echar una mano a emprendedor@s y a nosotras mismas por lo que no sé muy bien a qué te refieres, no hemos tenido esa vivencia con ellos, totalmente al contrario.

  • Ivan


    over 7 years

    Ostras! Me parece una idea genial pero me indigna mucho que promocionéis una marca machista como Thinking Mu. La sostenibilidad social tambien deberia ir ligada al contenido e imaginario que difunde la ropa.



    over 7 years

    Gracias Eduardo, es un 20% de descuento en todas las marcas que formen parte del directorio durante dos semanas a partir de cuando se lance el mismo, aproximadamente un mes despues de cuando salga la web. No dudes en hacernos mas preguntas:)

    Muchas gracias a ti!

  • Eduardo Lacalle

    Eduardo Lacalle

    over 7 years

    Hola Gema: Acabo de ver contestada mi pregunta.

    Un fuerte abrazo.


#27 / Recordatorio recompensa

¡Buenos días mecenas!

Os recordamos que podéis disfrutar de vuestra recompensa del 20% de descuento en las firmas del directorio por participar en nuestro crowdfunding hasta el domingo 17 de septiembre de 2017.

Recordad poner vuestro código de descuento a la hora de realizar vuestras compras en las tiendas online propias de las marcas que participan en nuestro directorio que podéis ver en: https://modaimpactopositivo.com/slowfashion-marcas-complementos-ropa-ecologica-online/

Y si tenéis alguna duda podéis escribirnos a [email protected]

¡Que tengáis un buen fin de semana!


#26 / Aviso importante, código de descuento

Buenos días,

Nos han avisado algunas marcas que en su web no pueden incorporar el # del código de descuento así que por favor, a la hora de realizar vuestras compras probad tanto con #BienvenidaMIP como con BienvenidaMIP.

Y si tenéis alguna incidencia, podéis escribirnos a [email protected] o directamente a la marca, y lo solucionaremos lo antes posible.

Recordad que el 20% de descuento durará desde este lunes 04 de septiembre al domingo 17 de septiembre.

¡Qué disfrutéis de vuestras compras sostenibles!


#25 / Recompensa del 20% dto. para mecenas crowdfunding


Por fin ha llegado el momento de que los usuarios que participasteis en el crowdfunding podáis disfrutar de vuestra recompensa del 20% de descuento en las tiendas online de las marcas del directorio.

Tenéis de plazo desde este lunes 04 de septiembre de 2017 al domingo 17 de septiembre de 2017 y las marcas ya están avisadas para que preparen sus webs y así podáis disfrutar del 20% de descuento utilizando el código #BienvenidaMIP

Así que os invitamos a entrar en modaimpactopositivo.com e ir viendo las marcas y los productos que os pueden interesar adquirir ya que hay una gran variedad y esperamos que disfrutemos tod@s de esta iniciativa y que así nos resulte más fácil comenzar “la vuelta al cole” vistiendo más sostenibles.

Por favor, si tenéis alguna duda escribirnos a [email protected]

Que tengáis una buena tarde,


#24 / Marcas, fecha límite de inscripción

Buenos días,

Este es un aviso para las marcas participantes en el crowdfunding de las que aun no hemos recibido su información de marca mediante el cuestionario https://modaimpactopositivo.com/inscribirse-como-marca/ para poder inscribiros en el directorio.

El lunes 24 de julio es la fecha límite para recibir vuestros datos y si no está para esa fecha, no se podrán inscribir o mandar la información hasta diciembre que haremos otra convocatoria.

Si tenéis alguna duda escribirnos por favor a [email protected]

Un cordial saludo,


#23 / Aviso para las marcas

Buenos días,

Como ya habréis visto ya vamos poniendo en marcha el directorio, aunque no ha sido tan fácil como esperábamos el montar la web, ajustar detalles e ir añadiendo toda la información.

Aún nos quedan muchas firmas que participaron en el crowdfunding de recibir su cuestionario con su información para poder añadirlas a la web en modaimpactopositivo.com

Por favor, si no has cumplimentado el cuestionario para proporcionarnos la información de marca como os hemos ido solicitando desde nuestro mail de Verkami escribirnos a [email protected]

No obstante, acabo de escribir a las firmas de las que tengo constancia que nos faltan un email desde esa misma dirección.

Esperamos que os guste como va quedando la web y de nuevo muchas gracias a tod@s por el apoyo y por participar en el directorio Slow Fashion Next.


#22 / Recompensas

Buenos días,

Como ya habréis visto vamos avanzando con el directorio de marcas, iniciativas, diseñadores y tiendas sostenibles aunque no ha sido tan fácil como esperábamos montar la web, ajustarla e ir añadiendo las primeras informaciones de marcas.

Cómo consecuencia, la oferta del 20% de descuento en las marcas participantes en el crowdfunding para los mecenas se hará las dos primeras semanas de septiembre.

Muchas gracias por el apoyo y disculpad las molestias.

Os seguiremos informando,


#21 / Programa VI Jornada de Moda Sostenible

Un programa cerrado con diversas actividades relevantes en el sector de la moda que no dejarán indiferente a nadie. Consultores, expertos en el sector, empresas de moda sostenible de éxito, periodistas, grandes profesionales y expertos en su materia que nos desvelarán importantes claves para seguir avanzando.

Se realizará la presentación del primer Directorio de Moda Sostenible en España, que incluye más de 100 empresas donde aparecen identificados sus criterios sociales y medioambientales.

Este directorio se crea como herramienta de referencia no solo para los consumidores, también para el sector en general: redactores de moda, estilistas, fotógrafos, periodistas, bloggers, instagramers…Un espacio bien estructurado donde se podrá encontrar toda la información, donde la transparencia y… read more

#20 / Avance de programa VI Jornada de Moda Sostenible

Os avanzamos el programa, actividades y actores de la próxima VI Jornada de Moda Sostenible que celebramos en el Museo del Traje de Madrid el jueves 25 de mayo.

Un encuentro que reunirá a profesionales de la moda, estilo de vida y comunicación, expertos en sostenibilidad y actores implicados en esta materia, con el objetivo de crear sinergias entre las empresas e iniciativas que apuestan por la transformación positiva de este sector.

Se presentará el primer Directorio de Moda Sostenible en España, que incluye más de 130 empresas donde aparecen identificados sus criterios sociales y medioambientales.

Y los asistentes podrán disfrutar de una exposición de prendas con conceptos de moda sostenible y materias innovadoras, que nos servirán para desvelar los criterios sociales y medioambientales que cumplen estas marcas.


read more

#19 / Tómate un café conmigo

Tómate un café conmigo es la invitación que lanzamos a expertos, empresarios y prescriptores para incentivar la creación de relaciones profesionales productivas y duraderas en la VI Jornada Internacional de Moda Sostenible que organizamos en Madrid (España).

Una actividad que se generará y podrá vivir a lo largo de toda la Jornada y que mucho más que un espacio de networking o de intercambio de contactos, es una invitación al diálogo creado con la intención de generar verdaderas sinergias profesionales, estableciendo lazos entre todos los agentes que tienen una inquietud o proyección en el ámbito de la sostenibilidad en su día a día.

Como apunta Gema Gómez, directora de Slow Fashion Next, “se trata de establecer relaciones - one to one - de largo recorrido en un ambiente distendido pero riguroso en su… read more

#18 / ¡Buscamos las mejores ideas!

Creemos en el poder de la creatividad y las buenas ideas para mejorar la moda y más allá el mundo ya que la moda es una de las industrias más potentes de este planeta. Por eso te pedimos que nos envíes por WeTransfer un vídeo corto de un minuto explicándonos tu idea, cómo piensas tú que la innovación, la tecnología, las ideas simples, pero de alcance colectivo, las ideas de producción local o cualquier otra cosa que se te ocurra, al mail [email protected] junto a una descripción tuya de 150 palabras hablándonos de ti y tu motivación principal.

Colgaremos todos los vídeos en nuestra página de Facebook en un álbum que se llamará#PositiveFashion #PositiveFuture y los dos que más “likes” obtengan, así como el que consideremos más visionario, podrán venir a nuestra VI Jornada de Moda Sostenible de Slow Fashion Next en el Museo del Traje de Madrid a presentarlas dentro de la sección final del programa #PositiveFashion #PositiveFuture.

Fechas a tener en cuenta:

#17 / Seguimos avanzando

Buenos días querid@s mecenas!

Soy Rachel de Slow Fashion Next y voy a estar muy cerca de tod@s vosotr@s ayudando a Gema a gestionar la información del #DirectorioSFN.

Tan sólo deciros que seguimos trabajando en la web y ¡está quedando fenomenal! ya veréis.

Avisaros también de que por favor añadáis el mail de Verkami a vuestros contactos para que os lleguen nuestros correos del crowdfunding a vuestra bandeja de entrada y podáis verlos, sino os podrían llegar como spam o notificaciones y perderos nuestras noticias ;)

Seguimos en contacto y si tenéis alguna duda o inquietud no dudéis en escribirnos a [email protected]

¡Hasta pronto!



Mil gracias a todos por hacer de este sueño una realidad, sin vosotros no hubiéramos podido hacerlo posible.

En los próximos días nos pondremos en contacto con vosotros para deciros los siguientes pasos.

Gracias ♡ ♡ ♡


Thank you all for making this dream a reality, without you we could not have made it possible.

In the coming days we will contact you to tell you the next steps.

Thanks ♡ ♡ ♡


#14 / Os presento a Rachel, una "extensión" de mi cabeza / Meet Rachel, an "extension" of my head

Cuando eres emprendedora se agradece infinito tener ayuda de verdad, de esa que quiere apoyarte y ver como tú que el proyecto sale adelante. Desde hace ya mucho tiempo Rachel, conocida en la comunidad como SuperRachel ;) es para mí ese apoyo día a día para conseguir que las cosas salgan adelante ¡muchas gracias por formar parte de esta fabulosa locura! ♡

When you are entrepreneur, you really feel grateful when having real help, this kind of help that wants to support you and to see, as much as you, that the project goes ahead. For a long time Rachel, known in the community as SuperRachel ;) is for me that day to day support to get things moving forward, thank you very much for being part of this fabulous madness! ♡

#12 / ¡Lo hemos conseguido! / We did it!

124 empresas e iniciativas de moda sostenible apuntadas y 289 mecenas...

Gracias, gracias, gracias... ♡

124 companies and initiatives of sustainable fashion targeted and 289 patrons ...

Thank you, thank you, thank you... ♡

#11 / Os presento a Greta, Asesora de Imagen y Colaboradora de Slow Fashion Next / Meet Greta, Sustainable Fashion Stylist and Slow Fashion Next Collaborator

Greta es Asesora de imagen con énfasis en sostenibilidad aplicada a la moda. Su slogan es "transitando a través de la moda con un propósito". Greta escribe actualmente en nuestro blog, y seguirá haciéndolo en nuestro fantástico Directorio, dando trucos e ideas para tener un mejor estilo sostenible.

Greta Aguilar, sustainable fashion stylist, floating through fashion with a purpose. Greta writes in our blog, and she will continue to do it in our fantastic Directory, given tips and ideas to have a better sustainable style.

#10 / Os presento a Sabina, traductora, profesora de moda.../ Meet Sabina, translator, fashion teacher..

Sabina ha sido la persona que ha traducido nuestra página de Verkami (menos la parte de las marcas nuevas, que si hay alguna falta he sido yo:)

Sabina es una gran amante de la moda sostenible, profesora en Slow Fashion Next de nuestro curso "Hello Africa" y una compañera en este apasionante viaje desde hace ya varios años ♡

Sabina has been the person who has translated our page of Verkami (except the part of the new brands, if there is a mistake is my fault:)

Sabina is a great lover of sustainable fashion, teacher in Slow Fashion Next of our course "Hello Africa" and a companion in this exciting journey for several years ♡

#09 / Os presento a Javier, nuestro Responsable de Prensa / Meet Javier, our Head of Press

Javier nos ha ayudado a conseguir todas estas entrevistas y seguramente más que aún no hemos monitorizado :) en esta campaña.

Javier has helped us to get all these interviews and articles and more we don't still have monitored :) in this crowdfunding.



La Ser Madrid norte http://cadenaser.com/emisora/2017/02/06/ser_madrid_norte/1486377489_771614.html

La Ser Madrid sur http://www.modaes.es/look/20170206/crowdfunding-para-lanzar-la-moda-sostenible-a-la-red.html





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#08 / Más de 100 empresas apuntadas / More than 100 companies registered

A día de hoy: más de 100 empresas apuntadas en el Directorio, en concreto 112, y superados los 4.000 euros del crowdfunding ¡¿te lo vas a perder?! ¡participa como marca o empresa de moda sostenible aportando 35 euros o como mecenas aportando 7 euros y disfrutarás de la moda que genera impacto positivo con un 20% de descuento!

Si crees que la industria de la moda debe cambiar, este es el momento de ayudarnos a conseguirlo ¡vota con tu dinero!

Updated: more than 100 companies registered in the Directory, specifically 112, and 4.000 euros achieved for the crowdfunding, are you going to miss it ?! Register yourself as a brand of sustainable fashion company with 35 euros or as a sponsor contributing with 7 euros and you will enjoy the fashion that generates positive impact with a 20% discount!

If you think the fashion industry should change, this is the time to help us get it Vote with your money!

#05 / ¡Descubre y disfruta las mejores marcas de #ModaSostenible con un 20% de descuento!

Con solo un mecenazgo de 7 euros , podrás disfrutar de la mejor moda con un fantástico 20% de descuento.

Te mostramos las primeras marcas que ya tenemos seguras a las que se sumarán el resto de marcas que participen en este crowdfunding:


El Naturalista

IOU Project

Thinking Mu

Elisa Muresan

Verde Agua Style

Y todas las marcas que encuentres en Moves to Slow y CoShop

¡¿A qué esperas?!


Nos estáis proponiendo muchos mecenas participar con más de 7 euros, por lo que se nos ha ocurrido una nueva idea ¿qué os parece becar a una marca? es decir, participar con un mecenazgo de 35 euros y escribirnos diciendo a qué marca creéis que se merece que la bequéis.

¡A nosotras nos encanta la idea!

#02 / Uno de esos mensajes privados que estamos recibiendo y nos emocionan...

Buenas tardes Rachel

Te cuento a grandes rasgos quien soy o más bien que hago...llevo mas de tres años investigando sobre moda sostenible aparte de haber realizado muchos cursos en instituciones y de forma particular con distintos profesionales del mundo de la moda, ya que considero que la formación es fundamental para llevar a cabo cualquier proyecto, por pequeño que sea.Realicé un curso con Gloria López con vosotras (fue de gran ayuda) y espero poder realizar otros con vosotros en cuanto disponga de más tiempo.Desde diciembre he comenzado ha trabajar en mi proyecto que será una marca de complementos masculinos para comenzar, luego esta contemplado ampliar con ropa,pero todo paso a pasito, espero culminar este proyecto para dentro de un año ,y obviamente quiero que sea sostenible en todo su proceso.

En cuanto a la aportación serían entre 30 y 50 euros, read more

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