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"Wood that Sings" - Verónica Cagigao's First Marimba CD Album

"Wood that Sings" is Verónica Cagigao's first CD album, which includes a varied and exciting repertoire and the latest renowned composers. Help us make this project become reality!

Verónica Cagigao

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What is this project about?

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out this project!

My name is Verónica Cagigao and we are only one (BIG) step away from obtaining the help we need to carry out a very special project: Wood that Sings, the recording of my first marimba CD album.

/Volumes/Despensa/VERONICA/Veronica/VERONICA DOCUMENTOS/Fotos Vero/Vero Fotos/DSCF1339.JPG<br/>
/Volumes/Despensa/VERONICA/Veronica/VERONICA DOCUMENTOS/Fotos Vero/Vero Fotos/DSCF1339.JPG

Created with all my heart and hard work, I intend to gather these last few years of work, which I have dedicated to becoming closely acquainted with this instrument, into a varied and interesting programme. I will include works from international composers such as Keiko Abe, Enmanuel Sejourné and G. Stout; as well as new pieces from big names in the world of composition: Dori Díaz, Mario Carro and Guillo Espel.

I am creating this album with the conviction that we need to make the marimba better known everywhere in the world. Some of the key features I want to include in this album are:

The involvement of Spanish artists

Spanish composers and performers will work together to offer new sounds and dimensions to the marimba with the aim of widening the repertoire of the instrument.

It will be a great pleasure to count on:

---- The effort and experience of two renowned Spanish composers: Dori Díaz Jerez and Mario Carro.

---- The exquisite participation of my colleagues, both in life and in work, Paco Díaz and Carlos Castañeda, who are great professionals and lovers of culture and music.

---- The addition of a very special piece for marimba and vibraphone duo by the Canarian musician and composer Enrique Guimerá. This composition still hasn’t been recorded in its original version.

Exciting original creations

As suggested in the subtitle of the album, New Music For Marimba, we strive to offer new creations to contribute to the development of the instrument worldwide. As well as national composers, I am lucky to have the participation of Guillo Espel (Argentina), who has kindly offered to compose Descanso en el bosque (Rest in the forest) especially for this project.

So… Let’s get to work! We have 40 days to fulfil this dream!

By pledging your support, you can choose a reward and we can help each other. There are many reward options available.

How will we use your contribution?

As you know, recording an album always involves a lot of work and requires the effort of many professionals. In this case, your contribution will help us with the following tasks:

  • Commissioning works to the three composers participating in this album

  • Recording, producing and audio mastering the album

  • Releasing the first 500 physical copies and booklets

About the rewards

Excellent! Here is the section that might be more interesting for you, the patron: rewards.

If you have decided to help us and become part of this project,


Thank you helping.

Thank you for your trust.

Thank you for your interest.

Thank you, thank you and again: THANK YOU! I am sure you won’t regret it and you’ll get a wonderful reward.

The pledging process is very simple:

1) Take a look at the reward list on the right.

2) Choose the reward that fits you and your budget. There are a lot of possibilities and some of them are quite original and exciting!

3) Once the crowdfunding campaign has finished, and if we achieve our objective, your pledged amount will be charged to your card/account. If we do not reach our target, there will be no charge.

If the campaign is a success, I will make sure that the reward gets to you as soon as possible. Depending on your chosen reward, the product will be given to you in person (in the concerts presenting the album) or posted to your address (I’ll cover delivery costs). Concert and workshop dates will be published in advance on my website www.veronicacagigao.com and sent to your email addresses. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you up to date about everything!

If you have any questions, you can contact me via the Q&A section below or my email address: vcagigao@yahoo.es

Project calendar

  • Album recording: February-March 2017

  • Post-production: April-June 2017

  • Sending out rewards: September 2017

  • Concerts: September-October 2017

More info

Follow these links for more information about my work:

Website www.veronicacagigao.com
Twitter Verónica Cagigao
Facebook Verónica Cagigao


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  • Verónica Cagigao

    Verónica Cagigao

    almost 4 years

    Hola Vicenta! Muchísimas gracias por tu interés. He creado una nueva recompensa en la cual aparece tu proposición. En este caso, en vez de una aportación de 100 euros, cambia a 110 euros. Un ligero aumento ya que una clase privada tiene más costos que un taller. Creo que una buena opción para llevarte un pack completito! Espero que se adecúe a lo que buscabas...

    Un fuerte abrazo, muchas gracias y a participar! Cualquier cosa, me preguntas de nuevo.



    almost 4 years

    Buenas noches, Verónica., una preguntita, en la aportación de 100€ el taller colectivo se puede cambiar por una master class???

#02 / La cuenta atrás

Queridísimos mecenas y amig@s:

Tan solo quedan 2 días de campaña y la evolución ha sido muy satisfactoria, sobre todo en estos últimos momentos. Probablemente la campaña salga adelante, pero todavía no podemos cantar victoria....

Quería agradecer de nuevo el apoyo y la confianza a cada uno de los que ha participado en este proyecto. Si todo va bien, el CD estará en proceso muy pronto y eso será gracias a ti.

Como decía, nos quedan 2 días de campaña, así que agradecería máxima difusión para que el objetivo sea cumplido sin complicaciones!

De nuevo.. ¡GRACIAS! y seguimos yendo a por todas! Un fuerte abrazo :)

#01 / Gracias!

Muy buenas querid@s mecenas!

Muchísimas gracias por vuestra confianza y aportación. Ha sido un buen comienzo, pero todavía quedan 30 días de campaña y mucho trabajo por hacer... Así que manos a la obra!

Les mantendré informados sobre el proyecto a medida que vayan habiendo actualizaciones.

Estamos en contacto y para cualquier pregunta, no duden en contactar conmigo a través de la página de www.verkami.es o a mi correo: vcagigao@yahoo.es

Un abrazo a tod@s!!

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