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Jolanda Marrone: la evolución es Sinestesia.

Synesthesia will be the place where the music lives. To make this possible, I need to raise € 7985, the budget for the sound equipment and lights. Lets help Synesthesia to have a well-equipped stage and make history in the Barcelona music scene!


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The evolution is Sinestesia

Hi. I am Jolanda Marrone. Over the past three years I have been responsible for the music program in Sala Fenix, Raval, Barcelona. I have also organized art exhibitions in the gallery of the Sala Fenix. It has been a very profitable time that helped me decide to go further and invest in a place dedicated to live music.

Sinestesia Is a big project

A local of 130m2 that requires structure work and soundproofing. The main investment covers everything except the sound equipment and lights. With this crowdfunding and your help we hope to raise the money needed for provide a good technical equipment for Sinestesia.

Why we need the money for?

The fee, collected with your help, will be used to purchase sound and light equipment similar to the one that we had in Sala Fenix. We also need a piano and a drum set.

about the rewards!

I tried to create a pack of attractive and interesting rewards. We offer free tickets to concerts, VIP invitations, seasonal discount (a discount of 50% on tickets during season 2016/17), seasonal 2x1 cards (two tickets for the price of one during season 2016/17). Season cards are not transferable, individual tickets and VIP invitations will not be nominal.

CDs Mosaic Jazz Trio (Reflections) Ari Ann Wire (Midnight Songs) Memory One (Crisis, Cook For Butch) Jorge Da Rocha (These are a few of my favorite songs) as a special reward offer exclusive David Mengual Collection, eight CDs of this great artist with different musical formations.

Synesthesia exclusive limited edition T-shirts, iron roses from sculptor Jesús Borra Arto, collaborator and friend, his works were part of the ECONET 2015 we organized in Sala Fenix.

Private concerts of Melisa Bertossi, Jorge Da Rocha, Mariano Camarasa, Nicolas Cristancho, Mosaico Jazz Trio, Sabina Witt, and a private show of fabulous Excentric Lab. The grand finale of this pack, the private concert of big band Memoria Uno led by Ivan Gonzalez. All these artists and groups reside in Barcelona, and in the case that you purchase these rewards, you can enjoy their music in your house, garden, for a birthday or any special occasion. For book a date and end the details, we will put you in contact with the artists. there are also two stays of two nights for two in Barcelona, with free concert tickets, T-shirts and CDs and a two-night stay for two in a country house, Mas Gaia, Riera de Gaia, Torredembarra area.

calendario provided

According to the works schedule and if this crowdfunding ends successfully , Sinestesia will open on 12 November 2016. All patrons are welcome at the opening. There they may cary off some of the rewards (CDs, roses, posters). The discount cards, 2x1, and free tickets will be digitally send via mail (the patrons have to leave their email address). T-shirts will be printed after knowing the sizes and will be ready two weeks after the inauguration. They can be collected in Sinestesia or sended by mail. Dates and locations of private concerts will be agreed between patrons and artists. Patrons who can not go to withdraw their rewards, will receive it by mail. The stays in the country house and in Barcelona, can be redeemed until June 2017, making a reservation six weeks in advance by mail or phone.

if the money collected exceeds the initial fee

First we will make a party to celebrate !!! If the amount is larger, we will use it to continue the improvements and expansions of sound system, lights and instruments.

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Jolanda Marrone
The Jam


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  • Zuza


    about 5 years

    Hola, pues no se como, pero el verkami nos facilita un listado con nombres y direcciones de mail de nuestros mecenas. las aportaciones no son donaciones, es una preventa de ofertas variadas. un saludo. zuza.

  • balakami


    about 5 years

    Hola Jolanda! Animo con el proyecto! Ya he hecho un pledging, pero en el formulario no he visto un espacio para poner mi nombre. Cómo sabréis el nombre de los donantes? Gracias! Josep-Maria Balanyà

  • Zuza


    about 5 years

    Hola de nuevo. tanto en el video como en la descripción de nuestra campaña explicamos que si no llegamos a reunir la cuota necesaria, no podremos abrir Sinestesia, o mejor dicho equiparla. el local es nuevo y ahora mismo esta en fase de insonorización. en el calendario de recompensas explicamos que todas las recompensas son viables a partir de la inauguracion del local. un saludo

  • Teo Boy Curcio

    Teo Boy Curcio

    about 5 years

    Hola! gracias por la respuesta acerca de las horas e grabacion, una pregunta mas: la sala ya esta funcionando? en que fechas se podria concretar la grabacion? Gracias!

  • Zuza


    about 5 years

    Hola Francesc, te invito a contactar con nosotros al colectivodear@gmail.com, gracias, un saludo!

  • Francesc


    about 5 years

    Yo aportaría una mesa de mezclas Spirit Live de Soundcraft de 24 canales y 4 subgrupos fija para el local. Os interesa?

  • Zuza


    about 5 years

    Hola, se trata de la propia sala Sinestesia. Una vez abierta, la alquilamos para ensayos, grabaciones video, sesiones de fotos. es una practica que trasladamos de la Sala Fenix, y el escenario será muy similar, un poco "teatral", lo que suele gustar a la hora de planear una sesión de fotos. el local esta situado en sans, calle Santa Catarina. dispondremos de una mesa de sonido de 8 pistas, piano, ampli de bajo, micros y mas. espero haber aclarado tus dudas, gracias por tu interés, un gran saludo! Zuza

  • teo boy curcio

    teo boy curcio

    about 5 years

    Hola, quiero aportar 30eu, quisiera saber de que se trata la recompensa, 3 horas de ensayo o grabación (alquiler de sala)
    +aparición en los créditos del video de la inauguración

    Utilizaría las 3 horas de grabación, donde es el estudio?

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