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“Alba” appears when the following question comes up in Gonzalo Torres’ mind: “What if the Earth stopped turning?”. Then, in that hypothetical point, the Sun stays in a static point and the countdown starts. And then everything begins.

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Now the story can’t stop:

Gonzalo Torres wrote the script and, like a snowball, everything starts rolling downhill. Then Baihyuk Bang, the director of photography from South Korea, joined the project. Afterwards, Vasily Nazarov, editor of Russian origin. Darío Gil, head of sound, from Argentina. Pedro Aijón, along with Genoveva Santiago, two graduates in RESAD, join that ball that continues to grow, and we end up taking the most important decision: we have to shoot this film in Cantabria, in a 18th century rambling house, thanks to Ángela Torres, who assumes the film’s production and offered us this opportunity.

You can visit our website www.albalapelicula.com and check where we are.

There you will find the photos from the teaser’s shooting, the teaser itself and you will get to know us better.

The Synopsis
“Alba” tells the story of a day in Ender’s life. It’s a very special day.

A year ago his parents and sister died. Since then, he takes care over the house where he lives alone, an 18th century rambling house with its endless gardens and silences in the middle of the changing nature.

As the sun moves, there are signs that presage a break in that peace.

Ender goes to the cemetery to visit his deceased family. Then he meets Alba, a young woman who seems to understand Ender’s background. No need to talk – mutual understanding is palpable.

There comes the sunset. The world begins to change – the tide, the clouds. The animals predict the end.

But Ender and Alba don’t seem to mind now they found each other.

What inspires us?

We are inspired by independent cinema like Monsters by Gareth Edwards, Stalker, by Andrei Tarkovski, Children of Men, by Alfonso Cuarón or Melancholia, by Lars Von Trier. The books by Haruki Murakami and Cormac McCarthy. The music by Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto, Radiohead, and Jon Hopkins.

What inspires us is to do things slowly and carefully, protecting the privacy of the artisans. We are moved by the responsibility of doing a good job in order to look after our audience.

What do we offer?

We have the experience, the enthusiasm and the professionalism.

We graduated in different cinema (NIC, ECAM, TAI, CEV) or theatre schools (RESAD) with the same goal: to make a high quality cinema.

We have some exceptional locations. A 18th century rambling house with its gardens and animals (you can see the photos here), the accommodation for all the crew (that you can see here)), a very special cemetery very close to the beach and the incredible landscapes of Cantabria.

But that’s not all. We also have a good photographic equipment. Two CANON 5D Mark II cameras for shooting in different locations simultaneously, professional Canon L series lenses, tripods, and a lot of grip staff, like: crane, camera dolly for tracking shots and professional 12ft arm camera crane with pan/tilt head.

In addition to that, OK ASNO is composing our original soundtrack for the film and David Orrico is in charge of the Art Direction and the storyboard.

We will share the course and progress of the film with all our the sponsors who decide to support us, from pre-production (which is where we are now) to the shooting and post-production. You will receive news, invitations to festivals and competitions, you will be a part of our particular family.

We all know that every journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step.

What do we need?

The budget we request is to cover the costs involved in the shooting.

The shooting will take place in Cantabria, from April 27 until May 2.

Although we have much of the photography equipment, vehicles and a place to stay, the budget will be dedicated to the costs of petrol, the rental of the lighting equipment, food and props.

We already have most of the way done. The effort so far has been immense from all the cast and crew for more than half a year no, without receiving anything more than the satisfaction of doing things with love, but we need a little economic boost to make “Alba” real. More real.


If you liked what you saw, you want to see more and you trust our work, it would be awesome to have you participate at this. We gladly accept any kind of aid, and also any comments and questions you may have. Here you have a space where you can contact us.

Thank you very much.


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  • Daniel H.

    Daniel H.

    over 8 years


    Estoy lanzando una campaña de apoyo a proyectos interesantes para que puedan ser grabados en máxima calidad con las nuevas RED SCARLET-X


    Ánimo con vuestro proyecto!

#04 / ¡Superado con éxito el 100%!

¡Gracias a todos los mecenas!

Seguiremos informandoos de todas las noticias y avances de nuestra película.

Y pronto, de aquí a dos meses, se podrá ver el resultado de todo este viaje que hemos recorrido juntos, más de 40 personas, para sacar Alba hacia adelante.

¡Un beso enorme a todos y todas!


#03 / ¡Seguimos haciéndonos grandes!

¡Hola familia!

Ya hemos alcanzado los 2.305 euros del total.

Estamos a menos de una semana y sabemos que vamos a conseguir llegar al 100% de nuestro objetivo, gracias a nuestra productora Ángela Torres, a la gente de La Crítica NYC, La Guarimba y muchos otros asociados que podéis ver en nuestra web.

Seguimos creciendo, y ya estamos a 10 días del rodaje que saldrá de maravilla gracias a todos vosotros.

Ya sabéis que podéis seguirnos en Facebook, y de paso, ayudarnos a difundir el proyecto posteando nuestro proyecto de Verkami.

De paso, aprovechamos para darles las gracias a Verkami por su trato. Ya queremos trabajar con ellos de nuevo ¡y todavía no hemos hecho nada más que empezar!

Os seguiremos informando de nuestras noticias como siempre.

¡Abrazos y besos para Verkami y nuestros mecenas!

#02 / ¡Salimos en La Crítica New York Fanzine!

¡Hola a todos!

Seguimos haciendo ésto real gracias a todos los mecenas que nos están apoyando. En apenas dos semanas hemos llegado bien lejos, de hecho...

¡Estamos en New York!

Gracias al equipo de La Crítica NY ahora nos pueden apoyar desde el otro lado del globo.

Aquí podéis leer el artículo

Esperamos que os guste, y os animamos a formar parte de nuestra familia que no deja de crecer :)




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