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âme errante

Âme errante is an art book, is a book of poetry, is a journey and a personal state, is painting and photography together, is visual poetry is a complaint about the required to be between two worlds and countries people. Âme errante is a reflection and a reminder for those who are no longer.

Frederic Saint Pol

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Âme Errante

I am Frederic Saint Pol, an artist who is in-between the abstract formalism and material painting, and more than 30 years I'm working with different projects and developing my works on new forms of expression ago. My works are the result of reflections and personal experiences over the years observing the changes in my environment and the passage of time.

In recent years and I made several exhibitions and participated in collective projects like 20puntocero, and others. For years my artistic restlessness, is experiencing new forms of expression, and my personal and spiritual journey lead me to develop my most intimate and personal work.

My great interest in the events that happen around me social and personal level, has caused concern and the result of this concern, I started in 2010 a series of photographs of a shoe last, and began to notice the changes that are occurring and I take this to reflect and think about the sense of which way to go or take, this concern and reflection led me to develop the project Âme Errante or wandering souls that is the end result and I want to show .

My project is called Âme Errante, which is a journey without destination, a reflection on the wandering souls who can not find their place, they are between two parallel worlds, refugees, misunderstood and souls of the underworld, is a reflection on our personal path, is an invitation to staff within each, and above all a personal journey over the years, where I talk about my personal and intimate journey, my emotional concerns, considering the changes occurring around me.

There are 15 poems written over 30 works of photographs of 50 x 40 framed, printed on watercolor paper and are implanted with acrylic paint, ink and pencil, making different forms of motion cm.

The end result is a book with poems and works, and make a presentation and installation with the presentation of the book, and creating an ebook and folders with blades.

1st photo of the painting without intervening nº6.
1st photo of the painting without intervening nº6.
Painting No. 6 without intervening

Creation Process i end result printed on paper 180gr paint nº6

Poem No. 1
I, not you,
Neither I,
Nobody sees you coming.
And I'm alone,
I wash my hands and I look out the window,
I think and do.
I want to see you,
I want to watch.
That means let
But you do not tell me that you say and take your coat,
And I look,
We are souls,
wandering souls

The format of the project

The project consists of the creation of a 100-page book consists of 30 of these sheets with a series of 15 poems that accompany the works, an exhibition of 30 sheets with an installation of mold of shoes that represent the poem No. 11 and folder of the printed sheets.

foto del llibre
foto del llibre

Format Book

  • The book will have 100 pages and can be seen all the works and poems it will be the first edition of 100 books signed and personalized, and folder are 30 printed sheets of original works

  • The book will Hardcover (16x21) and paper of good weight.

  • 100-page book, closed Format: 21 x 29.7 cm. + 8 cm ride-mind

  • Covers Paper: stuccoed cardboard 260 gr

  • Interior Paper: matte coated 115 gr.Impresion cover: 4 + 0 inks, inside Printing: 1 + 0/4 + 0 dyes, Binding: Sewn rustic finishes: matte or glossy laminated

Format exposure

The exhibition will 30 framed works and installation of 50 forms of shoes that form the poem No. 11

foto de la carpeta
foto de la carpeta

Format Folder

  • The folder is closed Dina A3 format with 30 color chips in the original printed work I 300g matte coated paper folder and matte coated paper 150gr tabs. Printing inks cover 4 +. Printing tabs 4 + 0 inks binding pocket folder with cleft finishes this addition to the layout and design.

What destinare your contributions

  • In the editing and publication of the book.
  • In the editing and publication of the folder
  • In the edition of an ebook
  • The exhibition of the works and framed, and installation to the exhibition
  • A promotion and dissemination of the project.
  • Shipping and packaging.

What advantages will have to contribute to the campaign?

  • The availability of a book of my work signed and personalized
  • An invitation to the book launch and exhibition opening
  • And depending on the contribution to have my original work.
  • If you exceed the target at all patrons would give him an original piece of paper from my collection.


In November you can edit the book and deliver the rewards.
exposure and face presentation in 2017 in Art Fusion Bcn and other rooms, halls around February and have scheduled exhibitions.

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Frederic Saint-Pol (Mogoda 1961).

Self-taught artist trained in painting techniques since 1970.
His style has evolved a clear influence of the work of Antoni Tàpies and in-formalism based on constant experimentation with the art of abstract art, basically, looking for a conceptual and emotional work.

His work has been exhibited several times in Sabadell and Santa Perpetua. He has also collaborated on the project "Combined Arts" Tàpies Foundation and participate in collective "20.0"

Born in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, on March 20, 1961.
1975 published his first poem in the literary magazine 'Sabadell "devil tail ...
1976 second prize at the Art Institute of Vidal and Barraquer, freedom of expression work.
1978 participates in the collective exhibition at Fine Arts in Sabadell.
1980 participated in the exhibition in Santa Perpetua.
1981 begin to know the work of Antoni Tapies, over the years is his great artistic influence.
1981 Dead Viçens his brother was the one who introduced in the paint.
1987 Birth of his daughter Silvia
1990 begins work on different-se forms of expression. and begins in-formalism approach the abstract.
1992 dies his brother Joan
2001 Retrospective exhibition at the cultural space of the farm in Sta. Perpetua.
2002 his father dies
2002 begins to delve into the subject, as a means of expression.
2005 began painting with different materials and focuses on the symbolic and conceptual art.
2008 dies his nephew Viçens
2010 starts wandering Âme projects.
2010 Tàpies participates in the Combined Arts Foundation.
Integrated into the project in 2011 20.0
2012 Exhibition and presentation of 20.0 Elizalde house
2012 Pop Up Gallery Exhibition Gallery
2013 projects poems Eva Muñoz
July 2013 expo in Tortosa.
December 2013 expo Pop Up Gallery
January 2014 fairground Mediterranean Civic Barceloneta.
2014 next project sources.
2014 kaos next project.
2014 projects poems Joan Salvat-Papasseit
2014 video art project oreix
2014 oreix project
2015 www.danielvanderbiltgallery.com
2015 www.saatchiart.com
2015 www.virtualgallery.com
2016 ends projected Âme Errante
2016 begins project "Chernobyl rains"

Frederic Saint-Pol.


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Ets el fantasma d'un home que voluntàriament no ha realitzat el seu viatge.
El seu viatge després de la mort.
Tot es quedarà reduït a una ombra, bé perquè tu així ho has decidit,
la por a l'Infern, al Purgatori a la vergonya.
¿Perquè no has rebut honres funeràries?
¿Perquè no has estat enterrat segons la teva religió?
¿Perquè mai ha estat trobat el teu cos?
No pots rebre l'homenatge ni els sacrificis dels teus.
Ets una ànima famolenca i desesperada.
Ets una ànima errant.

Frederic Saint Pol

#03 / Poema nº 3 - Poema nº 4

Som peixos
em secrets,
Sense destí.

Frederic Saint pol

Tarda d'ombres,
Suaus, eternes,
voreres per llançar

Camins, de
Silencis censurats,
Silencis desconeguts.

Somnàmbuls de matinada
estan magrejant el peix
Animes de piano.

Frederic Saint Pol

#02 / POEMA Nº2

Enterrats en els marges del voltant,
sota oliveres I ametllers,
ells estan.

En blau i negre
sense cap,
es passeja , camina i volta,
pel carrer empedrat.

Frederic Saint Pol

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1 copy of the book Âme errante
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1 copy of the book Âme errante
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Original Work Framed valued at 1000€
+ 2 copies of the book Âme errante
+ 2 folders with 30 sheets
+ Ebook
+ 4 sheets printed and signed

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