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PÀTRIA 'The legend of Otger Cataló and 9 barons of the fame'

An epic film with fantastic touches that tells the legend of Otger Cataló and 9 barons of Fame, a story about the origins of Catalonia. Directed by Joan Frank Charansonnet. Entirely filmed, it is currently in post-production.

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Patria is a popular epic film with fantastic touches that tells the legend of Otger Cataló, an story that (as indicated by the name of the main character) talks about the origins of Catalonia themselves.

otger catalo armadura
otger catalo armadura

The film aims, from an epic view, take a look at the origins and the Catalan roots giving a new perspective. The film goes ahead and back between the fifteenth and eighth centuries explaining the first historical reference written about the legend of Otger Cataló, which it was transmitted orally to Pere Tomic, Benedictine monk, in 1438 at the Monastery of Sant Llorenç (Berguedà)

The shooting of the film directed by Joan Frank Charansonnet was successfully completed last April at the Castle Requesens Castle, after two intense months shooting in el Berguedà, Solsonès and Alt Empordà.


The budget of this independent and commercial production film, with great espectations, filmed with cameras 4K technology, has been 250,000€, financed by Dejavu Films in co-production with Capaneida Films.

To this day has not received any subsidy or official sponsoring, but has had the logistical support of many municipalities, Berguedà, Solsonès and Alt Empordà and many anonymous people who wanted to bring their one´s bit because our/your dream become a true reality.

otger i barons
otger i barons

It is for this reason that we began this crowdfunding campaign asking for the collaboration and support of citizenship and social base with the objective that Patria is an example of the new way to make a quality film that is rooted in our values, our origins and at the same time can be an exportable product abroad.

Main actors

Patria cast is headed by leading figures of acting, Boris Ruiz, Miquel Sitjar, Miquel Gelabert, Àngels Bassas, Ali Aziz, Joan Massotkleiner, Martí Peraferrer Vayreda and the director Joan Frank Charansonnet.

What are your shares destined to?

The full budget for this campaign will help us continue funding the costly post-production in 4K that requires Patria and currently doing two studies from Barcelona: All Films Juntos and Doblaje digital.

The rewards

We have prepared an unforgettable rewards because you do direct participants of how, where and why was shot Patria.

Each reward has the names of some of the characters in our/your movie. In return for your financial support you can get: CD with the soundtrack, the official DVD, to go to the official pre-release of Mas d'Octubre, take a guided tour with the director and actors by the Requesens castle or have lunch with family or friends in a magnificent restaurant in Alt Empordà where the whole team has spent great moments.


October is expected to get the Final film copy in 4K DCP. Later this month will be the premiere.Is expected that Patria is released in cinemas during the months of November-December 2016. The rewards will be delivered between October and December 2016.

otger vespre
otger vespre

Secondary actors:

Pol Cardona, Albert Riballó, Miquel Folch, Oscar Aragonès, Dani Bernabé, Susanna Plana, David Canals, Elena Codo, Carla Coll, Oriol Corriu, Laura Duran, Neus Garcia, Marta Jodar, Pau Llatjós, Alba Lòpez, Miriam Macias, Laura Martín, Montse Mas, Albert Padrós, Eva Pagerols, Andrea Pajares, Maria Pardo, Xavi Prat, Adrià Pujades, Jordi Reverté, Robert Rodriguez, Elena Antón, Elisabeth Aguilar , Carlos Serra, Carlos Taboada, Alex Van Wijhe, Teresa Villariezo, Jordi Bonet, Montse Ribadellas, Alain Chipot i Sebastián Montecinos.

Medieval struggle stunts: Fets Historics, Alma Cubrae i Aestus

Horses stunts: Caballs de Trulls

Technical team:

Direction: Joan Frank Charansonnet

Script: Pau Gener i Joan Frank Charansonnet

FX & make up. Jessica Molano

Make up assistant: Judyth

Costume: Núria Batlló

Costume assistant: Neus García

Film editing: Fernando Casas (All Films Juntos)

fx & animation: Isart Pellín (All Films Juntos)

Director of photography: Joan Babiloni i Joan Frank Charansonnet

Electrician: Quico Answer

Music: Ricard Boya

Arabical music themes by Pedro Burruezo y Maia

Sound post-production: Sergi García ( Doblaje Digital)

Live sound: Xavi Buxó i Maria Chueca

Direction assistant: Joan Vila jr. , Efren Casas i Rubén Vilchez

Artistic direction : Joan Vila, Jordi Bonet i Mario Rubio

Cameras: Henry Menacho, Tito Baraldes, Francesc Badía

Ligths: Efren Casas

Tecnicians : Jaia Answer, David Salguero

Press management: Joan Ramon Armadàs

Girona Press: Pau Roig

Image post-production: All Films Juntos

Sound post-producción: Doblaje Digital

Drones: Aerial Produccions, Nebraska Produccions

Sponsored by Agència de Desenvolupament del Berguedà i d’A.C.M.A.
(Accessoris Mediambientals)and supported by l’Ayuntamiento de Bagà,

Ayuntamiento de Gironella, Ayuntamiento de Guardiola de Berguedà,

Ayuntamiento de Navès, Oficina de Turismo del Solsonès, Ayuntamiento de Vallcebre, Ayuntamiento de Saldes, Ayuntamiento de Cantallops, Castell de Requesens (Conxita Esteve), Can Tomàs (Cantallops), Dolors (Masia Pujol)

Press links

+ Info

Facebook Oficial Pàtria:
Twitter Dejavu Films:

Press links

Nació Berguedà, 26 de gener del 2016 | Aquí Berguedà, 27 de gener del 2016 | Nació Berguedà, 31 de gener del 2016 | Regió 7, 31 de gener del 2016 | La Vanguardia, 1 de febrer del 2016 | Nació Berguedà, 11 de febrer del 2016 | Regió 7, 11 de febrer del 2016 | La Vanguardia, 11 de febrer del 2016 | Regió 7, 12 de febrer del 2016 | Aquí Berguedà, 12 de febrer del 2016 | La Vanguardia, 15 de febrer del 2016 | Regió 7, 15 de febrer del 2016 | Setmanari Empordà, 23 de febrer del 2016 | Nació Digital, 28 de febrer del 2016 | TV Berguedà, 1 de març del 2016 | Nació Berguedà, 7 de març del 2016 | Vilaweb, 7 de març del 2016 | Acadèmia del Cinema Català, 21 de març del 2016 | La Vanguardia, 21 de març del 2016Ara Granollers, 23 de març del 2016 | Diari de Tarragona, 28 de març del 2016 | El Cinèfil, 14 d’abril del 2016Setmanari L’Empordà, 14 d’abril del 2016


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  • mcollpalombi


    over 7 years

    Per favor, podrieu dir-me si penseu possar subtitols en angles a la pelicula. Per mi es molt important perque es una eina pels estudiants que aprenen la nostra llengua.


  • Patchouli films

    Patchouli films

    over 7 years

    Hola Yunamond, hem pres nota de la teva demanda i si et fixes hem afegit una recompensa amb el que demanes: blu-ray més BSO, a banda de sortir als títols de crèdit com agraiments.

    Esperem que sigui del teu gust i moltes gràcies per la teva aportació.

  • yunamond


    over 7 years

    Hola! No hi ha disponible la edició en blu-ray? És una llàstima que amb la qualitat que té el film no estigui disponible. Un pack amb blu-ray i bso m'agradaria molt. Gràcies i enhorabona pel projecte!

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