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Spoonful: Voodoo Ring

Are you a true Rock & Roll lover? The Blues makes you shudder with every solo? In Spoonful we got it! So we ask your colaboration to make our first Album come true. Voodoo Ring, will feature 10 songs laden Hard Rock, Blues and plenty of attitude!

Gabriel McKenzie

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Spoonful: Voodoo Ring

Tired of the muzak? Nowadays radio feels like a pain in the neck for you? You need to read this...

About us:

Spoonful are a rock band that was consolidated in Vigo in mid-2015 with the arrival of Byktor Inferno on drums, bringing to the band the rhythmic groove that we needed. Gabriel McKenzie on vocals and guitar, and Álvaro Rodríguez on bass, formed a power trio Spoonful of pure Hard Rock, with the Blues as roots and the sound of 60-70 as flag mixed with modern touches and English letters surrounded by mystery and mysticism. Our goal is to always give everything we got on stage at every concert, and now we need to show what we are capable of doing in a professional recording studio.

After being finalists in the Band Contest "Rock in Rio Tea 2016" and after the flood of requests to record our first album, we started this project Verkami so that together we can carry out, which otherwise would be impossible to :
Burn a disc that will transport you to the golden age of Rock, without neglecting the present!

Our first album: Voodoo Ring

With our first album we want to show out what we can do in a professional studio, and clearly differentiate what we are on stage and what we want to be on studio. This first album will be named Voodoo Ring and will have 10 songs written and produced entirely by us. Showing out our bluesy roots, we're going to get the sound of Hard most powerful and psychedelic classic rock without losing those raw and hard rhythms that make our audience go crazy at every show, but towards to an album surrounded by mysticism and modern touches . Although so far we have been a Power Trio, for this first record we want to be ambitious, and have guests bring new sounds to our songs. We want to surprise you from the first song to the last one.

The Schedule

The countdown is already started. All the pre-production is already done, so, we are ready to enter the study as soon as possible if the project proceeds apace. Once reached the target, the execution will be immediately and after a month and a half as much ,after the completion of the album, plus 15 business days to your physical edition. The rest of rewards in this period will be made.
At most, with incidents and margin of error within 2 months after completion of the project in Verkami, the most special rewards will be delivered. The other rewards will be carried out according to the concerned person.

Presentation of the album

Once reached the minimum target Verkami, we will set a date (About a month and a half after the completion of the Project) in a Venue of Vigo surroundings to perform the presentation show of Voodoo Ring. Click "Like" and stay tuned to our Facebook, we're going to publish all the news about this project, pictures and videos of every progress, step by step, new temporary offers and more info about the presentation of the Album.

How does Verkami works?

2000 € is the minimum possible price we've estimated for completion of our first job: Voodoo Ring , and we have 40 days and 40 nights to get reach the minimum target. If we exceed the number of money inputs that we need, and we got more than 2000€, all the extra money rise will be use to make more copies. If we get double the amount,we'll be able to choose better recording options. If we do not reach the amount, all contributed money will be returned to the patrons and we can not realize our dream to record our first job.
If you have more questions about the operation of Verkami, methods of payment or collection of rewards, do not hesitate to contact us or consult the section Frequently Asked Questions and Answers of Verkami

What we're going to do with your contributions

All the money will go entirely to costs of recording, mixing, master and physical edition of the álbum, as well as promotional material in the form of advertising and merchandising intended primarily for rewards.

About the rewards

All rewards offered for amounts above 80 € are customizable. Once the amount provided, we will contact and we can reach agreement on the details of rewards in exchange for the fixed price. Be assured that we will make a real special mention to all individuals, companies, associations or bands to work with us by these contributions. And if you are interested in collaborating with the project otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us via our Facebook or via email gabidoga@gmail.com putting the subject: Collaborate with Spoonful.

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Facebook Page
Youtube Channel

Spoonful at the final round of the Band Contest: Rock in Rio Tea 2016

We're gonna Groove!

Let’s Work Together!


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#01 / ¡Nuevo Vídeo! ¡"Chicken Run" en directo en Cabral Estudios!

¡Aquí está! ¡‪#‎ChickenRun‬ grabada en directo en Cabral Estudios!

Si te ha gustado, dale a "Like" y participa en nuestro Verkami para hacer realidad nuestro primer álbum de estudio ‪#‎VoodooRing‬ y conseguir una copia anticipada del disco y mucho más:

¡¡¡También podéis dejarnos vuestros comentarios sobre qué os ha parecido el vídeo, y sobretodo cual de las 3 camisas que aparecen en el vídeo os gusta más!!!
¡Juntos podemos hacer que #VoodooRing sea una realidad!

Keep on Rocking!


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Digital format download + Presentation Show ticket

4 backers

Digital & Merch Pack
Digital format download + Sticker Spoonful + T-Shirt

(Local Delivery)

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Vigo's Special Offer
Album CD + Sticker Spoonful
(Local Delivery)

2 backers

Voodoo Ring: Free shipping

Album CD + Sticker Spoonful

(International Shipping)

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Voodoo Ring: Live
Album CD + Presentation Show ticket+ Pegatina Spoonful

(International Shipping)

10 backers

Standard Pack
Album CD + Sticker Spoonful + T-Shirt

(National Shipping)

23 left (of 30)

Album CD + T-Shirt + VIP Ticket Presentation Show (Private supper with the band)

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PACK for 2
2 Album CD+ 2 Sticker Spoonful + 2 T-Shirt + 2 VIP Ticket Presentation Show (Private supper with the band)

20 left (of 20)

Do you have a business? Are you looking for media to advertise your Ideas? With This collaboration, your logo will appear at the end of the booklet of the album in exchange for this little solidarity contribution that will help us to cover the cost of sound equipment for the recording + Appearing on the posters of the tour as Official Sponsor+ Dedicated Album CD

2 left (of 3)

Choose the song that you'd wish we play at the presentation show, and we'll make a special version towards our style. + Album CD + T-Shirt + VIP Ticket Presentation Show (Private supper with the band)

0 backers

Golden Patron
Appearing as "Golden Patron" in the back Album cover + Get on stage to sing a song with the band live at the day of the Presentation show + Signed Album CD+ Golden Patron
Appearing as "Golden Patron" in the back Album cover + Get on stage to sing a song with the band live at the day of the Presentation show + Signed Album CD+ VIP Ticket Presentation Show (Private supper with the band)

0 backers

Spoonful Unplugged
We'll appear anywhere you choose; your Bar, your house, your garden, your bed ... and we'll set up and play an acoustic concert for only you or to anyone you like (Province Pontevedra)+ Dedicated Album CD + T-Shirt

1 backer

Spoonful Unplugged Out-of-Bounds
You can take us to the venue that you want in Spain, and will give you an * acoustic * concert at your bar, your party, or in your backyard (Peninsula)+ Album CD +Your Name or Brand in a special part of the Album.

0 backers

Spoonful Out-of-Bounds
You can book a full show of Spoonful anywhere you want by this contribution. Your Home, your backyard, Wedding or communion; we'll be there with all of our stuff and We're gonna groove together.*(Travel expenses not included outside Galicia)* + Your name or brand in a special part in the album credits + exclusive merchandising kit.

1 left (of 1)

Song Writing

We'll make up a song on the topic, story, anecdote, or whatever you want! Slow one, fast one, as you want, but within our style + special dedicated mention in the booklet as "Patron of Inspiration" + Special Merchandising Pack+ Signed Album CD + VIP Pass for the next 5 concerts

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Spoonful: Voodoo Ring Tour
Full concert show at your music event venue, your private party, or in the garden of your Party hard (Out of Spain) + Your name or brand logo in a special part in the album credits + exclusive merchandising Kit

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Executive producer
Would you like to be a member of Spoonful? We have an empty charge: Executive Producer of the band + Custom T-Shirt + Custom Exclusive VIP Pass for all concerts + Direct interaction with the band

3 left (of 3)

Crazy Tattoo
We wanna prove that we're gonna work our fingers to the bone in this project. So, in exchange for this contribution, we're gonna tattoo our bodies with your name, phrase, picture or any filthy little thing you want! (Let us choose the body site, but we will make it public) + special mention in the booklet of the album as "Patron Platinum: Voodoo Ring" + Photo gallery and video of the Tattoo moment + Kit special Merchandising + Private Dinner with the Band +Special Photographic Picture of the Tattoo moment signed and dedicated to put it in your wall or anywhere you want, crazy!

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