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Manifesta of the Obskené Company at Fira Tàrrega Festival 2016

The Obskené Company wants to make his new Street show **Manifesta** at Fira Tarrega Festival 2016, so if you help us we invite you to a very special * Guateque*!

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Obskené is preparing a new show that premieres in Fira Tàrrega 2016: Manifesta

Manifiesta is a festive show that is intended for the street. It is a symbiosis of three artistic languages: circus, spoken word, and music. The text is a manifest displayed in different languages, that reclaims the public space, the sense of community, and collectiveness. The circus set is composed by six Chinese poles, one trapeze, and a circuit of zip-lines in order to defend the manifest. The electronic music will transform the manifest into a party.

Manifiesta is a show with a lot of energy where the main character is the audience. It brings the public into a sensation of ecstasy, it invites them to dance and to think on the beat of the manifest. The circus, by representing an esthetic of risk, makes us feel alive. The music is the art that allows our body expression. The word articulates our discourse. We present you both a manifest and a party on the street.



Artistic director: Ricard Soler i Mallol (Catalonia)

Set designer and technical director: Adrià Pinar (Catalonia)

Set designer assistant: Maria Alejandre (Catalonia)

Text: Jean-Frédéric Messier (Quebec)

Costume designer: Manon Guiraud (France)

Light designer: Hugo Dalphond (Quebec)

Choreographer: Anne Morin (France)

Actors-acrobats: Ilona Muñoz (trapeze) (Catalonia)

Martí Salvat (Chinese pole) (Catalonia)

Valia Beauvieux (Chinese pole) (France)

Alessio Motta (Chinese pole) (Italy)

Catarina Rosa (Chinese pole) (Portugal)

Music & DJ: Grey Filastine (USA)

Second DJ: D.WattsRiot (United Kindom)

Production manager: Nuri Santaló (Catalonia)

Production assistant: Eva Carrasco (Spain)

Sound Technician: Efren Bellostes (Catalonia)

Light Technician: Isidro Ortiz (Catalonia)

Technical advisor: Björn Eriksson (Sweden)

Distribution: Fani Benages (Catalonia)

Student internship of Institut del teatre: Joan Escribà-Escolà (Catalonia)

Student internship of Aula Municipal de Teatre de Lleida: Verònica Gistau (Catalonia)


The Obskené have prepared a Verkami to complete the financing of the show. We count on your support to make this ** Manifesta** possible. We believe that those who want to work collaborate do because you want to invest in our project, because you may want to do another show because you think you should support the theater and think that your contribution put a grain of sand the bleak cultural landscape. We think we do not want differences between them and everyone collaborates since its possibilities. We do not consider yourself a patron or patrons * premium * or * low cost*. So we've decided to make a unique reward.

The reward, a special party!

The Obskené are preparing an evening. A cocktail party in August to thank you for your co-operation. We always liked parties, meetings, share a good wine...

In this case, the evening will be to the north of Barcelona. On August 26 th at 19: 30h the doors of the Rogelio Rivel Circus Tend will open and we will show what we are preparing.

You'll see a full review and share with you the creative process.

Then we will snack on fresh with a little music, and talk about what you saw and if you like what we propose... and talk about circus... culture ... and music ...

Other collaborations

Finally, if you can not bring nothing but economic help feel like there are other ways to cooperate with the company. If so, write to [email protected]. There are many other exchanges so that we can service like quick money.

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