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Mi Tierra Nueva Era (Segunda Edición)

A worker placement game set in Chile that challenges you to cultivate, trade and improve your land. A 90-min board game for 2-6 players

Alberto Abudinen

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Created in

Santiago, Chile
From 2.000€
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#Here is your chance to get a copy of this successful, improved and hard to find Chilean game.

What we have accomplished so far

-We already have linen cards :) (there's nothing like cards with textures).

-Recently we unlocked 3 expansions modules (More information of the expansions on March 13 update and in February 29 update).

-We added digital rules in German, Dutch, Italian and French.

-New improved variants for 2 players.

-We changed the cardboard tray for a plastic tray

-We add more event cards

If you want to know, how great this game is, please check out the first edition on bgg.

Differences with the first edition:

We replace the cubes by animeeple.

We replace the seeds by vegimeeples.

We add boards for 5 and 6 players.

We improve the game board layout.

We add events, rodeo, water, horses and many other things

This is an exclusive standalone version of the game, which will only be produced now thanks to KS. We do not plan to make another retail version, but if we make it, it will be more expensive, and will not include the stretch goals rewards. If any retailers want copies of this game, please back this KS.

Mi Tierra Nueva Era is a worker placement and resource management game inspired by the beautiful Chilean countryside. Two to six farmers strive to produce, buy and sell the most goods, competing to become the richest, most successful landowner.

For the final rules we are working with Nathan Morse, who has participated officially in the translation and revision of over 250 rulebooks (and more unofficially). A native English speaker, Nathan has played the first edition of Mi Tierra several times.

Mi Terra was designed by Alberto Abudinen and Diego Benavente ([email protected]). They've been designing games together since 2007, and now have partnered with JcK (www.jck.cl) and the Spanish publisher Guerra de Mitos (www.guerrademitos.com). Production will be handled by Panda Games (www.pandagm.com), ensuring our backers that every aspect of the process is properly managed, as well as guaranteeing the quality of components.


Game reviewers in Chile, Europe and the U.S.A. consistently say that they enjoy both editions of Mi Tierra because of its multiple winning strategies, beautiful artwork, and simplicity of mechanics.

Rahdo: “Really solid game…Jen and I had fun playing it all the way through from start to finish…I am very, very impressed, the gamut of gamers this game can handle.”

Tom Vasel says : “Fast, simple, random (luck & cards), Agricola-lite (minus the card goals), almost on the same level as Stone Age…good for kids and adults.”

Second Edition: Rahdo Final Thoughts

First Edition: Dice Tower Video review with Tom and Melody Vasel

Jacob’s Comments: "Farming in games is nothing new, but what draws me to Mi Tierra is the level of detail to the whole farming process. It’s like what I imagine 4-H in a box would be. Not only do you have to do things like plant different crops, but you have to irrigate them, harvest them, sell them or send them to be processed. The game goes beyond farming though too and it allows you to enter rodeos (though I do wish the rodeos were a bit more involved). Seriously it is 4-H in a box".

Alexander Quarella: “Mi Tierra: Nueva Era impressed me for a very particular reason: think about the hardest German game you know; now imagine you have a magic able to turn it into a game suitable for everyone without losing his charm. This is Mi Tierra.”

Ariel Claure Terán - Collaborator: “The improvements in this new version integrate the original game with the expansion in an outstanding way. The new rodeo and irrigation mechanics enrich players’ experiences with novel options and necessities. I found the game very well balanced, allowing you to focus on something specific, or to do a little bit of everything with equal chances of winning. Replayability looks good too, given that many relevant aspects randomly force the player to adapt and play differently each time. In addition, it has rules that scale suitably depending on the number of players. All things considered, I think Mi Tierra: Nueva Era is a game well worth owning.”

Other Reviews

GDT Live: Game Overview Italian Version


GDT Live: Game Overview Spanish Version


GDT Live: Game Overview English Version


On the Table Review:


Designers Reviews: Ketty, Alberto y Diego


JCK: Instructional video in spanish


First Edition: Melody Vasel Top 100 games


Based on the feedback that we've received, we’ve made the following improvements to the second edition:

  • A revised rulebook, in English and Spanish.

  • Increased replayability.

  • More options: rodeo, water, horses, etc.

  • Faster games, limited to 7 years (rounds).

  • Additional winning strategies.

Check out the Mi Tierra Nueva Era rulebook to see how the game offers multiple ways to achieve victory. Inspired by Agricola and influenced by Pillars of the Earth, the game is set on a farm with multiple locations to place workers. We use dice and random events in order to add some luck, always present in real life.

Now we will have digital copies of the rules in German, French, Italian, Dutch, and paper copies of the rules in Spanish and English.

You can find the Spanish rules here, English Rules here, french here, Dutch, German, and Italian here

Find all Mi Tierra media on our website and join discussions about the game on BGG.

Game Flow

Stretch Goals



Following Jamey Stegmaier's advice (who has been very helpful and without whom we could not have done this project), we'll ship games in bulk to order fulfillment centers around the world to reduce customs fees & VAT, while keeping shipping prices low. Only once we've sent the game to all the backers we'll sell the game to the general public.

This game offers Chilean-friendly shipping, and we also have a pledge level for Canadian backers. FunAgainGames will help us deliver games to the USA and Canada.

Note: We do not have complete information on customs and related fees for Brazil and Russia. We are charging €50 for shipping to these two countries, and will reimburse any excess charges. If this value changes during the campaign, we will let you know.

Where the money go.

If you missed the campaign, please go to www.jck.cl/mi-tierra-eng/

Risks and challenges

Some reviewers and play testers showed concern about the replayability of Mi Tierra's first edition. We confronted this problem when developing the second edition by introducing new paths to achieve victory, new mechanics, new industrial developments, new C markets and new event cards. We've worked hard to balance the new components through successive playtests of the game, and we are convinced that Mi Tierra: Nueva Era is balanced, and much more fun.

Some of the information and images may suffer small changes in the final game; we would like to improve the game with the comments from this campaign.

Our other concern is manufacturing and fulfillment. We are working with Panda Games, a well-known board game manufacturer – hopefully this should alleviate the risks of undertaking a project like the second edition of Mi Tierra.

We are also aware that shipping worldwide is a very complex process: our box isn't small and we have a lot of components; that in itself will prove to be an additional challenge. With the help of Jamey Stegmaier’s blog (from StoneMaier Games) and the advice we’ve gathered from other developers on BoardGameGeek, we will try and make it work as best as we can.

Apparently shipments to Brazil may be late and have additional charges. We want to support our Brazilian backers, so if you have problems please contact us and we will do what we can to help you.


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  • Ricardo


    about 8 years

    Hola, Alberto:

    Quisiera poder adquirir el juego Mi Tierra, segunda edición, ¿es aún posible?. Muchas gracias.

  • Alberto Abudinen

    Alberto Abudinen

    about 8 years

    Hola Jesus,

    Puedes trasferirme de forma directa via paypal a [email protected]

    Por favor al momento del pago, detalla el tu nombre , cantidad de copias , pais de destino, , tu dirección, tu teléfono y email.

    Ademas en lo posible una vez que lo hayas hecho envíame un correo a [email protected] para validar que hayamos recibido el pago.

    Esta semana tenemos que enviar los archivos digitales a panda games , por lo que te pido si puedes hacer esto esta semana.

    Saludos y gracias por el apoyo

    Alberto Abudinen

  • jesus


    over 8 years

    Como podría adquirir el juego segunda edición si ya ha finalizado el periodo de financiación? gracias

  • Alberto Abudinen

    Alberto Abudinen

    over 8 years


    Como estas, ponerle el nombre al rodeo y que este quede impreso en todas las copias (mas de 1000 copias se van a producir entre Verkami y KickStarter ), es uno de nuestras recompensas mas importantes por nosotros, y por supuesto podemos hacer la excepción de que nos aportes de forma directa, para ello por favor paga con paypal la suma de 267 Euros a [email protected] , para que tengas una copia del juego y que le coloques el nombre al rodeo.

    Por favor al momento del pago, detalla el nombre que quieres colocar al rodeo , tu dirección, tu teléfono y email.

    Ademas en lo posible una vez que lo hayas hecho envíame un correo a [email protected] para validar que hayamos recibido el pago.

    Esta semana tenemos que enviar los archivos digitales a panda games , por lo que te podría esperar hasta el viernes.

    Saludos y gracias por el apoyo

    Alberto Abudinen

  • Jennifer Valenzuela

    Jennifer Valenzuela

    over 8 years

    hola. quiera saber si ya habia terminado la posibilidad de aportar con una cantidad de euros especificos y poder ponerle nombre al rodeo. si aun no ha terminado. te agradeceria me indiccaras la forma de hacerlo y el plazo maximo. muchqs gracias

  • Alberto Abudinen

    Alberto Abudinen

    over 8 years

    Hola como estas, muchas gracias por el apoyo, pienso lanzar una actualización pronto y ahí enviare algunas imágenes de los nuevos diseños que hemos estado mejorando.

  • Oskar


    over 8 years

    Hola. ¿Tenéis imágenes de las nuevas cartas de mercado q se desbloquearon a los 3000€?

    Gracias y enhorabuena por la doble campaña. No es fácil conseguir financiación de un juego e dos plataformas de crowfunding y vuestro juego lo ha superado. Bravo!

  • Alberto Abudinen

    Alberto Abudinen

    over 8 years

    Hi Charlie, I understand that Verkami only charge the amount specified in the pledge, I can not change the amount of the charge.

    if you prefer you can contact me at [email protected] and we can talk in more detail, or find other alternatives.



  • CharlieDelta


    over 8 years

    Why does the PayPal process make it so you can charge my account whenever you please? Why can't I just pay the pledge amount without worry that I'm going to get charged again at another time?

  • Alberto Abudinen

    Alberto Abudinen

    over 8 years

    Hi chad, The game is language free , but we have rules printed in English and Spanish, in addition to digital rules in German, Dutch, French and Italian.

    You can use the 55 pledge.

    Thanks for the support


#06 / Felices Fiestas y actualizaciones con algunos envíos.

Hola a todos, junto a Diego y a Ketty les queremos desear unas felices fiestas.

Lamentamos mucho que algunos de ustedes aun no hayan recibido sus juegos. Planificamos para todos recibieran sus juegos en noviembre y tuvimos varios problemas con los envíos al centro de distribución en Francia.

Adicionalmente nos ha costado mucho realizar los seguimientos desde Chile y IdeasPatcher (empresa que envió los juegos a todo el mundo excepto por USA, Canadá y Chile) tarda mucho en respondernos muchas veces más de 15 días.

Por esta razón es que aún no he respondido todas las consultas de los envíos ya que estoy esperando tener mejor información antes de enviarla. Pero de alguna forma u otra todos tendrán sus copias ese es un compromiso que hicimos y lo cumpliremos a toda costa. Les pido por favor un poco más de paciencia aunque tenga que reenviar las copias desde Chile así lo hare.

Les dejo aquí una anécdota entretenida que me contaron ayer en un partido de básquetbol.

read more

#05 / News about shipments / Novedades sobre los despachos

Hello, how are you, we finally managed to solve all the shipping problems along the distribution centers (it's a complex task from Chile), and it gives us great joy to see that most of our Backers have already received their copy.

If you have not received your copy please wait until next week to write us, we will do our best to solve any inconvenience.

Today, I will begin to solve some problems with the dispatches to certain Backers, who have already written to me, I will answer each case independently.

Anyway, I wish you a lot of fun playing "Mi Tierra Nueva Era". From next week we will focus on answering any questions you post in BGG and as always we appreciate the comments and rating that put us in BGG.

Have a great week


Aldebaran Team

Hola como estas, finalmente logramos resolver… read more

#04 / Finally the games arrived to Ideaspatcher / Finalmente los juegos llegaron a Ideaspatcher

Finally the games arrived to Ideaspatcher in France and now they are ready to start with the international shipments. I apologize for the delay to all our backers who have not yet received their copy of "Mi Tierra Nueva Era". Unfortunately when we had the games ready to send them to The United States and France, we had problems with the shipment to France and we had to change shipping company to France which meant a significant additional expense on our part and a long time delay.

But all the problems are solved, and we are very happy because the shipments to Europe and the rest of the world will began. I hope you can enjoy the game and share your comments on BGG.



Finalmente los juegos llegaron a… read more

#03 / Shipment News -- Noticias de Despacho

Hi there,

I have good news; “Mi Tierra Nueva Era” is on the way to the fulfillments centers.

Panda has finished all the games a couple of days ago, and now they are in transit.

The first Batch to arrive will be FunAgain so the EEUU and Canadian backer will be the first to receive the games.

IdeasPatcher will send the other games, and will arrive in France in a couple of week.

I will send you another update very soon.

PS: if you have children maybe you will be interested to see this Chilean mathematical game

Hola como estas,

Tengo una buena noticia; "Mi Tierra Nueva Era" está en el camino hacia el centro de despacho.

Panda ha terminado todos los juegos hace un par de días, y ahora que están en tránsito.

El primer grupo en llegar será el de FunAgain, por lo que todos los patrocinadores de EEUU y Canadá serán los primeros en recibir los juegos.

IdeasPatcher enviará los otros juegos, y llegará a Francia en un par de semanas.

Les enviare otro update muy pronto.

read more

#02 / Unboxing e Informacion de Envío.

Ya tenemos la versión final de Mi Tierra Nueva Era y quedo increíble, fue un acierto engrosar los tableros y hacer el inserto adecuado para el juego, todo calza perfectamente. Aquí podrán ver un vídeo de Ketty del unboxing. Queremos saber que opinan por favor dejen sus comentarios en Verkami o bgg.


Estamos muy contentos con la versión final, los colores son llamativos, los componentes adecuados y cuando todo está desplegado se ve bellísimo.

Sobre la planificación de entrega, me es muy grato comentarles que estamos en los tiempos planificados y esperamos que en septiembre salgan los juegos desde Panda a los centros de distribución y luego en octubre se realicen todas las entregas, también creemos que los juegos llegarán a tiempo para ESSEN para aquellos que nos pidieron recogerlos ahí.

We have… read more

#01 / Piezas de Madera / Wooden Pieces

Hola ¿cómo estas?

Muchas gracias por responder la encuesta, ya hemos procesado la mayoría de las respuestas.

Junto a Ketty y Alberto trabajamos en todas las piezas de madera y gracias a la ayuda de Panda, hoy tenemos algo que mostrarles. Espero les guste tanto como a nosotros.

Personalmente una de las figuras que más me gusta es la gallina, ¿Qué opinan ustedes?

Con Alberto tenemos varias sorpresas preparadas que iremos informando en los siguientes update.

Próximamente Alberto se contactara con las personas que quieren una copia adicional.



Hello, How are you?

Thank you for completing the survey, we have processed almost all the answers.

Along with Alberto and Ketty we have worked on all the wooden pieces and now with the help of Panda, we have something to show. I hope you like it as we are.

Personally one of the figures that I like is the chicken, what do you think?

read more

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