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Growing up with them. Photographies and rumination.

Book of photographs and reflections on the life of two girls. The game, the dream, how they flight. The learning. Parenting. Rise them. The education.

Mònica Mauri

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When people ask me what kind of photography I do, it’s quiet hard to explain.

And then, they ask me about my personal project, wich I show in this book, what is it abaut, what I pretend, what I meant.

So many things!.

I do not know if I intend something. By pretending, as a photographer, I intend to make you vibrate with every shot. I want to say things that remove that charm you, that make you laugh or mourn. Touch the soul. That would be the sumun.

It’s about life, portraying the day, just like that. I use no extra light and I intend always find the focus and framing every shot before I do, it is not always easy, but neither is life.

It is parenting but parenting two bands, which I practice on them and they exert over me. To grow together, learning from things that everyone has and they are good, are huge, they are fascinating.

I mean many things, things I feel when I see them, or things that remind me when I see them do, say or feel.

Education through learning.

The value of it and learn from it all.

The childhood. Our foundation as adults.


How will the book be?

The book has a 30x25 format, it is hardcover and has 176 pages.

Each photograph is accompanied by a text (all texts are translated into English).

Is an explanation, a reflection, an observation, not sure what it is, at first I thought it accompanied the photography, then I understood that I needed to speak and not just show.

What photographs which gift in postcard format?

These are the ten photographs that be chosen to give in postcard format. If your contribution includes postcards, these may be one of each, or repeated if you want, just let me know.

What allocates your contributions?

All the money goes to the printing and distribution of the book.

Although there are people who have helped me nonprofit, there have been other, procedures, officialities, legal deposit, intellectual property, companies that have their rates and I will paid it with the money raised.


If I reach the goal, the book would be ready for printing, so it would depend on obtaining the ISBN number, legal deposit number and printing, that normally needs about 15-20 business days for editing.

I will protect and will package carefully and will be taken to the post office, which will take 3-4 days to delivery to the place that you have chosen. I estimate that a month, a month and a half, but I'll try to push everyone to do it faster!




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  • Mònica Mauri

    Mònica Mauri

    about 7 years

    Hello! no! I didn't even in the junk email! so rare... and I need to talk to you! can you try again, please?

    [email protected]

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Estiban


    about 7 years

    Hi Mònica, I sent a reply to your message. I have not heard back from you. Did you get my email? Or did it end up in your junk email folder instead?

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