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Help Boreal Project record their first CD !!!

Boreal Project will get in the studio from 21st to 24th of May of 2016 to record their first album !

Lorea Aranzasti Pardo

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We are a different Band fighting to walk their own path in this difficult moments for arts.
This coming May 2016 we will record our first album in the Studio and we are hoping you can help us to bring this project to life !!

Project is born in Switzerland in 2012 after an unexpected encounter between the pianist, Miguel Ángel López and the singer, Lorea Aranzasti Pardo. After this meeting they conceive a repertoire of diverse influences. For the sound they had in mind, they had new additions in mind, and Mario Quiñones (guitar), Gerardo Ramos (double bass) and Miguel Benito (drums) were added to the crew. Musicians of great musical, artistic manners bringing a palette of new sounds into the band

This band is in constant experimentation and search for new colors **, forms, atmospheres, and harmonies beyond a defined style, which reflects in the arrangements of a **fresh jazz repertoire and their own compositions that give birth to a personal and characteristic style.

Electric sounds and synthesis, open and changing forms and a boreal atmosphere, configure a starting point from which they explore with no hangups styles close to Jazz, Pop, Electronic, Classical…

The voice of this quintet, Lorea Aranzasti Pardo, uses her specialization in Baroque music as a violinist to introduce into her compositions a new and particular view , out of the conventional Jazz quintet soloist rol, taking part in a circular group conception in which none of the musicians assumes any leadership as main character.

What do we use the money for ...

We will use your collaboration to pay the Recording Studio, Sound Engineer, Master of the CD, we will as well record a Video and of course, the actual design, printing and editing of the physical CD.

when do we deliver your rewards ...

We hope to have our CD in about three months from the recording dates, meanwhile, people that have concerts or rehearsal or recording session as a reward, will of course come to those as soon as they happen !





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  • Lorea Aranzasti Pardo

    Lorea Aranzasti Pardo

    almost 4 years


    Prueba con este link, y si no, buscamos otra forma de hacerlo ! Mil gracias !!!

  • Carmen Álvarez

    Carmen Álvarez

    almost 4 years

    Disculpad, pero no consigo ver cómo hacer la aportación. Dadme el enlace directo, o el número de cuenta. Slds

1 backer

Signed photo of the Band.

22 backers

A copy of our signed CD

0 backers

One Signed CD + signed photo

3 backers

One signed CD + one ticket to one of our concerts in Madrid + signed photo

9 backers

One signed CD + A ticket to one of our concerts in Madrid + one T-shirt + one signed photo.

2 backers

Wherever you live in the World, we send you our CD! No mailing charge !

7 backers

CD + Two tickets to one of our concerts in Madrid or wherever we play !

6 backers

One signed CD+ Entrance to one of our rehearsals to prepare the CD or one of our concerts + one T-shirt

3 backers

Come and sit with us while we make the magic happen in the Studio in May ! + one signed CD + one T-Shirt

1 backer

Two signed CD's + Two tickets to one of our recording sessions in the Studio

1 backer

Two signed CD's + Two tickets to the release concert of our CD in Madrid + Two tickets to one of our recording sessions in the Studio

4 backers

Two signed CD's + Two tickets to the oficial release of our CD + Two tickets to one of our recording sessions in the Studio + two T-Shirts

2 backers

Two signed CD´s + two T-shirts + two signed photos . We send it wherever you are in the world !!

3 backers

Special mention in our CD + two copies of a signed CD + two tickets to the oficial release of the CD in Madrid + two T-shirts

2 backers

Special mention in our CD, Two signed copies of the CD + Two tickets to one of our concerts of your choosing in Madrid + two Tickets to one of our recording sessions in the Studio

4 backers

Have dinner with Boreal in Madrid, we will show you our favorite places in Madrid, two signed CD´s and two Tickets to the oficial release of our concert in Madrid.

0 backers

Private cocnert of Boreal duo (Guitar and voice) at your house in Madrid + two Cd´s + two T-shirts + Special metion in our CD

2 backers

Private concert of Boreal Project at your house in Madrid + Two signed CD´s + Two T-Shirts + Special Mention in our CD

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