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Children´s Book “A Star Falls”

“A Star Falls” is a modern children´s book that uses emotional education as its base in contemporary education, providing some key tools for managing our own emotions: meditation and relaxation.

Lucía Vazmar

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"A Star Falls" began life in my imagination 3 years ago, beginning a new and passionate journey, later being joined by Alec who has added illustrations thanks to his capacity for interpreting the children´s feelings.

Some years ago, we began practicing yoga in Lugo, in KARMAH YOGA, and thanks to our maestros Wenceslao and Giovanna, we have managed to change our routine, using yoga and meditation in our daily lives as a form of magic potion.

Objective of the story

The mission of our book is to connect with ourselves. How do I feel? What can I smell? I can relax, breathe, reinforce and stimulate creativity. By climbing on a cloud we can learn to breathe by unblocking our diaphragms, and enjoy the peace and tranquility that our new mental state can provide us. Our story is immersed in a creative aura that connects the sky with the Earth, bringing us to a place where values are developed, relieving the stress that the busy-body Rosa has built up inside.

Characters and storyline

This is a lovely story about the protagonists characterized by the valuable teachings of a Maestro Chameleon to our protagonist Rosa and the listeners or readers of the story.

As you can see, Rosa is such a busy-body that she doesn´t take pleasure from doing anything. She comes across a kind and wise Chameleon Zen who doesn´t worry about anything, but simple "is".

Little by little he helps her to connect with her inner self, using the sense of smell and taste.

Rosa begins to relax, getting to the alma mater of the story: a simple and effective meditation, a useful tool for working with children and for living a calmer and more peaceful life.


"Cosy Rosa"

"Cosy Rosa" is a didactic toy that helps us to achieve the mission of our story and become more aware of our own breathing. The children place Rosa on their belly, to encourage them to be still and to relax.

It is designed by Lucia and 100 soft toys will be made by Nerea Gil Do Monte, a dress maker from the railway station neighbourhood in Monforte de Lemos, where they both grew up.

Puzzle and badge

Bag "Front Cover"

Bag "Busy-body Rosa "

How our budget is used

Printing of 500 books: 2550 euros

100 soft toys "Cosy Rosa": 300 euros

VAT of Verkami: 150 euros

Additional objectives if we surpass our target

If we surpass our target, we will put the money towards investigating the whereabouts of Alec´s biological mother, and raising funds for our journey to meet her in Indonesia.

About us

Ever since he was small, Alec has always loved art, and is now director of an English Academy in Lugo (Spain): Alec´s Academy. I am a writer, currently with 5 finished stories, and now working on an adult novel, as well as being a pre-school teacher. . I became interested in improving my writing skills, especially "Therapeutic narrative" in Barcelona, and have enrolled in courses such as "Introduction to creative writing" and have consequently started a Masters in "Theatre and Therapy Gestalt", also in Barcelona.

Alec was born in 1983 in Indonesia, was adopted at 3 weeks of age and 7 years later moved to England with his adoptive parents and sister. Today he is interested in finding his biological mother.

I was born in Galicia, though I lived in Barcelona until 7 years of age, when my parents returned to Galicia, moving to Monforte. We have lived in Lugo since 2004. Alec completed his Erasmus year in Monforte de Lemos, where we met. We decided to begin a life together, and in 2008 our son Dalí was born (who you can see in our video). We live in Lugo, trying to cope with the day to day cold climate using the warmth of our stories.

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  • Carmen M

    Carmen M

    about 8 years

    ¿que precio aproximado tendra el libro venta al publico.? Gracias

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