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Verano Rojo (Red Summer)

Verano Rojo (Red Summer) is an horror movie of slasher genre, shooted in Mallorca with low cost budget. Right now we're working on the post production process. Please help us to make it possible!


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VERANO ROJO (RED SUMMER) is a low cost horror movie, our homage to the slasher sub-genre. With this film we want to make our contribution and our tribute to this subgenre why we feel so passionately

VERANO ROJO (RED SUMMER) is a real thing, the movie is already shooted, we are working right now at the post-production process. Help us to create the finest horror film possible!.

The Teaser Trailer of VERANO ROJO was released in the Nocturna Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Madrid en 2015 and also in the Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Sitges en 2015.

Now you can help us to achieve our goal. This money will make us able to complete the crucial post production process, in which we'll fit all the sound and video effects to reach the finest result.

We have just 40 days to achieve it.

Help us to make it possible!

The film tells the story of a group of friends who arrive to Mallorca to enjoy their idyllic holidays. Searching for sunny beaches and enjoyment they will lead them to the most inhospitable wilderness.This will be the beginning of an infernal journey.

This project started when a group of Film students felt the need to make their own movie. This production had an almost inexistent budget from the beginning, but was overcomed by a great team of very professional people who put in a great amount of talent. This is a low cost movie in which the team invested more passion than money. It was a very hard filming process in which every detail had to be planned ahead and adjusted to the budget and the needs of everyday during the 40 days shooting, with fantastic results.

We have to bear in mind that this is a film created by and for the lovers of this genre, a real homage to it.. It has a classic structure, but with a Mediterranean atmosphere and a personal touch.

VERANO ROJO (RED SUMMER) is written, directed and edited by ESCAC (Superior School of Cinema and Audiovisual of Catalonia) graduate Carlos Jofre.

Its main feature is the presence of a psychopath who brutally murdered youths who are outside the supervision of adult people. Most of the time the victims are involved in premature sex or drug use. Another recurring element in the genre is the presence of the so-called "final girl", a young woman who is pursued by the murderer during the last minutes of the film. The success of these films for the audiences has led to the production of numerous sequels.

VERANO ROJO (RED SUMMER) is a Majorcan movie that pays homage to the Slasher sub-genre.

VERANO ROJO (RED SUMMER) part of this classic premise, does not intend to innovate, on the contrary, it rejoices in the Slasher movie´s cliches.

We are several media professionals covering the main creative departments in the world of audiovisual ( direction, script, editing, cinematography, sound, production, VFX, music film composer ) combine experience with youth, will and the illusion of filmmaking.

VERANO ROJO (RED SUMMER) is Written, Directed and Edited by Carles Jofre under the production of Francisco Jimenez, Carles Jofre e Irhlie Serra Production Design Ihrlie Serra, Production Manager Francisco Jimenez, Director of Photography Antonio Payeras and Carles Jofre, Assistant Editor Anais Urraca, Music of Joan Vilà, Direct Sound of Raúl Comino, Audio Postproduction Jaume Duque and Visual Effects - Graphic Design by Miguel J. Romero.

We count with a cast of young actors beginners graduates in ESADIB (School of Dramatic Art in the Balearic Islands) Inés Palmer, Juanan Cruz and Aina Zuazaga, Guiem Juaneda, in addition also Carlos Poyal, Dominic Hull, Gaspar Alemany and Daniel Salom who have a long career in film, television and theater.

In addition we also count with the participation of Simón Andreu, the most international Majorcan actor and an icon in genre films. (The Blood Spattered Bride, Flesh and Blood, Beyond Re-Animator, etc).

We show you part of the Soundtrack created by Joan Vila for our film.

We also have the official theme of our film, played by the group The Monster Ones, a song titled "Slasher".

The money raised from the contributions is intended to complete a vital process as the post-production. We go with all for it, because we consider that a good post-production is essential for a film like this.

The contributions will be aimed at:

  • Recording BSO (Orchestra)

  • Sound Mixing.

  • Digital effects (VFX).

  • Color Grading.

  • Copies DCP.

We need 7.000€ and we have only 40 days to achieve our goal. This amount of money will give us the possibility to finish the movie with the maximum quality.

By sharing this info or embedding, on your blog or/and website, the widget you'll find at the end of this page, also by sharing the icons of our social networks or by sending an email to your contacts.

Also by spreading this info to your circle of friends and family, by sharing the content on your website and social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, helping us to achieve greater outreach for our crowdfunding campaign.

  • Your name appears in the credits of the film under "This film was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the following patrons".

  • VOD Code to view the film online.

  • DVD Signed by the Director.

  • 2 Teaser Poster Print Size DinA3.

  • CD Original Soundtrack Joan Vilá.

  • 2 Tickets reserved for the premiere in Palma de Mallorca + 2 VIP invitation to the premiere after-party in Palma de Mallorca, with all the team members.

  • Collection of Exclusive "Red Summer" badges.

  • Exclusive "Red Summer" Shirt.

  • Cap Exclusive "Red Summer".

  • 1 Posters Giant movie poster.

  • Name featured in the credits as "Associate Producer".

  • Book collection with production design drawings.

  • Verano Rojo's Psycho Killer Replica Mask.

  • Projection of your company spot or promo (with a maximum of 30 seconds) right before the movie at the premiere in Palma de Mallorca

  • Your company spot or promo (with a maximum of 30 seconds) on the DVD of the film.

  • Your company logo in the film credits and photo-calls

The delivery of rewards will be based on the nature of them:

Within 5 months approx after the goal has been achieved.

Those rewards that have to do with the premiere of the film, the release of the DVD and the VOD Code for the online film view, will be postponed till then.

Rewards and notifications will be made postal mail. Those rewards that consist of merchandising material will be send by via mail to the address indicated by you.

To get more information and stay abreast of the progress of the movie you can follow us on both Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/veranorojo/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/verano_rojo


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  • Slapstick Films / UFO Studio

    Slapstick Films / UFO Studio

    over 7 years

    Muchas gracias Cris ;)

  • Cris Noguera

    Cris Noguera

    over 7 years

    Enhorabuena chicos ! Estamos ansiosos por ver el resultado ! ;)

  • Slapstick Films / UFO Studio

    Slapstick Films / UFO Studio

    over 7 years

    Muchas gracias Luis, saludos ;)

  • LuisMi Sabio

    LuisMi Sabio

    over 7 years

    Óleee! Enhorabuena por cumplir el objetivo. Un saludo y mucha suerte!!! Terrorrrrrrr!

  • Slapstick Films / UFO Studio

    Slapstick Films / UFO Studio

    over 7 years

    Muchas Gracias Kike. Nos alegramos mucho que te haya gustado tanto nuestro proyecto.

    Un saludo de todo el equipo de Verano Rojo

  • kikealapont


    over 7 years

    Menuda pintaza tiene vuestra peli!!! :D ya he aportado mi granito de arena a vuestra gran playa. Un saludaco!!!

  • Slapstick Films / UFO Studio

    Slapstick Films / UFO Studio

    over 7 years

    Muchas gracias Rubén por tu interés.

    Escríbenos sin problemas a nuestro correo [email protected].

    Un saludo y muchas gracias.

  • Rubén


    over 7 years

    ¡Buenas! Antes de nada, enhorabuena por la peli! Quería hacer una pregunta pero es un poco extensa y por aquí no puedo. ¿Os puedo escribir al email de más arriba? Un saludo y mucha suerte!

  • Slapstick Films / UFO Studio

    Slapstick Films / UFO Studio

    over 7 years

    Hola, Muy Buenas.

    Muchas gracias por tu interés en nuestra película. Nuestra intención inicial es moverla en festivales y a ser posible buscar una posible distribución en salas de cine, DVD, Blue-ray, etc... pero esto de momento solo es una intención y por supuesto también será difundida en plataformas digitales.

    Muchas gracias por tu ayuda, Borja.

    Saludos del equipo.

  • Borja


    over 7 years

    Buenas! Me ha parecido interesante y novedoso - en cuanto al cine nacional - vuestro proyecto, me gustaría hacer una aportación. Podrían decirme si la difusión del largometraje será es lúdicamente en medios digitales?

    Un saludo!

#17 / Nuevas Noticias de Verano Rojo

¡Saludos a todos los mecenas de Verano Rojo!.

Os escribimos para comunicaros que ya hemos finalizado los últimos retoques de sonido e imagen, cosa que ha sido posible gracias a todos vosotros.

Si todo va bien, a finales de este año podremos hacer un primer pase de la película. Evidentemente series los primeros en tener noticias del evento.


Una vez se haya estrenado la película y finalizado el recorrido por festivales procederemos a la recopilación y al envío de las recompensas que correspondan a cada uno de los mecenas.

Pero sobre eso ya os informaremos más adelante.

Muchísimas gracias de parte de todo el equipo de Verano Rojo.

Carles Jofre.



Enhorabuena a todos los mecenas y personas que durante estos 40 días habéis apoyado y colaborado con este proyecto.

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