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Camino esquivo, new album

New CD with exclusively new and own arrangements and compositions resulting from our experimentation with tango, in search of a musical language of our own. With this album we make an important step in our artistic trajectory: be part of it with your precious contribution!

Tango Tinto

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Tradate, Italy
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How the idea was born

The idea of producing a new album (and it is already the third one!) with exclusively own arrangements and compositions was something we, Tango Tinto ensemble, have had in mind for a while. Parallel to a long and very intense trajectory related to traditional tango, with "Camino esquivo" we undertake a new path of creative experimentation within the framework of the genre. Creating and re-creating new tango music is a noteworthy challenge if we consider the broad and marvelous heritage that big Masters of this music have left us. And it is precisely on that heritage that we want to shape our music. Succeeding in making our work continue such a tradition and –at the same time– obtaining an original product is a tough task to which we have devoted ourselves with conviction, love and free from prejudice

Camino esquivo

Tango as a cultural expression embracing music, dance, singing and poetry, among others, results from the experimentation by artists who in little more than a century have created a unique language from their multiple heritages and resources, coming from different geographies and origins. Its popular nature has made it open to diverse influences since its very beginning and so, little by little, its main features have been forged up to nowadays. "Camino esquivo" is the result of our experimentation with that vast world, also us having diverse origins and geographies, also us in search of a musical language of our own.

With this new album, we make a new and important step in our artistic trajectory. It is the outcome of four years of patient and tireless work, as well as of countless concerts and presentations during the eleven years of activity of Tango Tinto in Europe, of many comings and goings between the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, and permanent exchange of ideas in rehearsals in which the search of the precise melody, the best word or the efficient phrasing oftentimes made us lose track of time.

Cd tracks

Al artesano - Varassi Pega
Camino Esquivo - Agnese
El último organito - Manzi (arr. Agnese)
Blasti - Varassi Pega
Voy a Volver - Agnese/Fernandez dell'Erba
La Serpiente - Agnese
El rioba de la Ex - Peloni
La casita de mis viejos - Cobián/Cadícamo (arr. Varassi Pega / Agnese)
Inspiración - Paulos (arr. Varassi Pega)
Sin tus manos - Agnese
Chiqué - Brignolo (arr. Varassi Pega / Agnese)
Ensueños - Brighenti (arr. Varassi Pega)

Why Crowdfunding

Because we think we are on the right track, and because we believe that what we are doing is both an original contribution as well as a product that respects this musical language's tradition. Because we have decided to be completely in charge of every step of this project, since its very beginning up to the actual making of the cd's and their distribution. And also because we are pleased to know that whoever will support this initiative will be part of this adventure together with us. In this way, we will make this dream be a collective experience allowing our musical adventure to go around the world.

Tango Tinto

Our ensemble “Tango Tinto” –composed by Argentinean and Italian musicians– was created in 2004 with the aim of working with tango music from different angles, researching its features and possibilities, and developing an own voice in its interpretation and creation. Since then, we have frequently performed in Argentina and all around Europe, where we have always been very well acclaimed as a result of a solid experience and intense trajectory. We have already recorded two cd's: Tango Tinto (2004) and Éxtasis (2007).

Bárbara Varassi Pega, piano, compositions and arrangements
Gerardo Agnese, bandoneon, compositions and arrangements
Vincenzo Albini, violin
Virgilio Monti, double bass
Rubén Peloni, voice

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4 tracks of our new album in digital format.

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All the tracks of the new album in digital format.

26 backers

We will send you the new, autographed album by post
+ Thanks on FB

8 backers

The new, autographed album sent by post
+ CD "Éxtasis" (our previous CD)
+ Thanks on FB.

19 backers

Special thanks in the CD booklet

+ We will send you 2 copies of the new CD
+ CD "Éxtasis" (our previous CD), autographed by post!

7 backers

Special thanks in the CD booklet
+ We will send 2 copies of the new CD
+ 2 CD "Éxtasis" (our previous CD), autographed by post
+ 1 original, autographed score

1 backer

Special thanks in the CD booklet and on our Facebook page
+ We will send you 4 copies of the new CD
+ 4 CD "Éxtasis" (our previous CD) autographed by post
+ We will send you 2 tickets to one of the presentation concerts of the new CD and we will offer you a glass "Tinto" wine ;)

1 backer

The band in a smaller line-up (3 musicians) will give a private concert in date and place to agree with the patron(s). Travel expenses, accommodation and meals not included.

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The full band will give a private CD presentation concert in a date and place to agree with the patron(s). Travel expenses, accommodation and meals not included.

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