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UltreYa! - La via de la Plata

Ultreya is the just the beginning of a cinematographic way to save lives, protect animals and safeguarding arts and environment. Ultreya also wants to be a medium for publicizing of the true culture of the Camino de Santiago, and his dreaded Via de la Plata with 1,150 km long walk. See for 'Believe'

Paolo Montagna

A project of


Created in

Reggio Emilia, Italy
From 6.000€
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ULTREYA – The Breakthrough

Ultreya is a roadmovie filmed in Spain, where a film crew is walking across the Iberian Peninsula, from Seville to Muxia, from Andalusia to Galicia through Extremadura and Castilla.
The performers will document the journey and show their true selves.
The intention of the film is to send a message to those who wish to experience the Santiago pilgrimage, those who have already been and those who are seeking adventure.
Along the “Via de la Plata” the impressive scenery will be the outline of an amazing cultural and emotional journey.

The movie

The movie documents the journey of a group of young people along the Way of Santiago. 45 days, walking for over 1100km, from Seville to Muxia.
From the sunny deserts of the deep south of Andalucía and Extremadura to the cold and rainy mountains of Galicia at the extreme Iberian north-west.

The group answers the call of a dear friend and leave unprepared without really knowing what is actually waiting for them.
They will never get into trouble, but they will have to face some important physical challenges. They will find deep gratification in the incredible feeling of freedom given by the constant close relationship with nature.

The plot intertwines some major aspects:

  • The normal documentary side often proposed in a comic, but always exhaustive way, but a mystery, lingers in history and someone who secretly follows the group, creates the necessary tension and support to the movie

  • The lives of the protagonists, that while impersonating themselves, will not be able to hide their truth, and often they'll live on the set of a Docu-Reality.

  • Physical and Spiritual change to which this experience brings those who undertake this walk, the protagonists and then their friends, allow us to immerse ourselves in the journey and understand why each year more than 200,000 people go to Santiago de Compostela.

The film offers an over view of what really changes and inspires those who undertake this ancient pilgrimage: immediate loss of prejudice, the spirit of solidarity, pain, often common, which will haunt you during the day, and after weeks the body that grows and change.
The Way joins the mind to the heart, deconstructs social classes, age no longer matters as your year of birth becomes nothing but a number on a document.
The chain of daily events, episodes and feelings, lasting 20, 30, 45 days, will reveal an incredible adventure that marks those who undertake it.

The film, which aims to be an educational roadmovie, will bring viewers of all ages, on the endless stages of the Via de la Plata.
The crew will travel through great monumental cities and pueblos blancos (small villages) or tiny villages, perched on the mountain ranges and arriving in Galicia. We'll show the real life of the modern pilgrim, that of the 3.0 pilgrims that are often connected, but above that, we show you the life of the pilgrim who indulges revealing the hidden mystery ... in a #yellow arrow !

Why crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing are sensational supports to audiovisual work, essential tools for a better accomplishment of an audiovisual project and its rapid widespread.

The goals of this campaign

That our product makes a great impact the total cost is 100.000 euro, of which the co-producers provide 72.000 and another ‘almost’ 20.000 comes by partner associations.
We still need minimum 6.000 euro, which we really hope to receive with this campaign.
The more funds we collect, the more options we will have to make our final product even better.
Thanks to your contributions, we can:

Optimize the audio equipment and get easier and better results.
• Buy a better risk insurance for our team.
• Create the physical copies of the film.
• Reach our audience in pre-production phase.
• Bring Stefano with us, because believe me
we really need him!**

The campaign is long and someone may even wish to participate in a more engaging manner.
For this reason, we have created the following objectives. The productino costs will not vary, but with more funds, the quality of the product and its promotion will be better.

Santiago 1920


As production costs will not rise, if we can reach our second goal of 10.000 euro, we could do much more:

We start our charity program donating 5%
• We definitely complete the equipment buying last accessories
• More rewards in delivered boxes.
• Get in advance part of our audience
• Enhance Web-TV platform
• We will improve the promotion and distribution of our movie.
• We bring one or more elderly parents on the way and surely on screen °_°


If a rare planet’s alignment, would grant us to reach a goal of 14.000 euro it would be a really a greatest project-life’s day.
This sum would completely change the potential of the film and would constitute a solid base for the launch of the product and its distribution.

With this very big amount we will:

• Donate the 7,5% to listed association and start with mentioned albergues refurbishment.
• We will improve the hardware of post-production, thus ensuring a more fluid and efficient work.
• Send to any pledger extra perks.
• Cover participation fees for film festivals

Impossible is what you do not believe !!
To get the wonderful as incredible amount of 21.000, we will crowned'd our dream of producing an amazing piece with the enthusiastic support of friends and surely would put up new collaborations.
Even unbelieving to get this result, https we dreamy programmed this eventuality.
We will use this great and awesome sum for:

• We would donate 10%
• Create new merchandising
• We compensate part of the big expenses already incurred, breathing better air.
• We will expand the actual distribution ‘limits.
• We will bring with us to Santiago the first two supporters who find the three hidden words in this fundraising campaign. All expenses included!! :)

About the rewards

The range of rewards for those who want to collaborate in the making of this film is very diversified, including the direct involvement of large patrons that in some cases become co-producers.

With codes that we'll send you, you'll have access to our streaming channel to see live movie-set or all October broadcast archive on DACAST or BAMBUSER platforms.



Following are Some songs that make up the soundtrack of the film
Tu Otra Bonita interesting and very cooperative Spanish group, we will see them in the movie!!



Proleter, exceptional interpretations of electronic sound of the 30
Yes Phenomenal !!



Traps and advances will mark your arrival at the finish, the cathedral of Santiago. A good present for the nearby Christmas.


An already prepared backpack
You will not regret. Delivered wherever you would start your ‘camino’ or whatever long hike. Full equipment of extra quality accessories for a safety journey.

With this backpack (2 sizes available), your dog will happily take its things, can become a reporter, cameraman, trainer, bodyguard and bring home wonderful images, record paths, kilometers, speed, altitude and all that high technology can offer.

The backpack is ready for use.
Inside there is already material for long or short outings.

• Action-cam Panasonic thanks to the double pocket can be applied in front of or on the side of your four legged friend, or even apply two cameras for amazing movies.
• Snack bag.
• A ‘Pair’ of 4 boots suitable for long distances and rough terrain.
• New Flea collar (3 sizes).
• Two stackable bowls for food and a practical water dispenser for pets.
• I-Rain dogs poncho (3sizes).
• A Rest mat, microfiber towels and soap.
• Gloves and plastic bags.
• Own customized credentials.
• Brush and toy.
• Micro SD Card SanDisk - class 10 - 32gb.
• Digital copies of the DVD CD POSTER.

Production Calendar and rewards delivery

Filming will begin on October 9 2015 in Seville and will end on November 22 in Muxia after the obvious passage in Santiago de Compostela.
Delivery dates of the rewards vary depending on the level of sponsorship chosen.
Rewards’ delivery can be immediate (merchandising) when campaign end**or postponed** to the creation of the first master of the cinematographic work (DVD), or obviously mixed if the supporter chooses more options.

Our team

Executive Producer: Paolo Montagna a Santiago Way veteran who passionate promotes a clean and cultural walk.
Perks delivery: Filippo Riva
a ‘walking smile’ with high developed communication skills will be sided by Fabrizio Medici, long expertise in the matter. The efficient couple will ensure a regular time delivery of perks.
Screenplay: Sante Agostinelli, my deskmate at primary school is nowadays a professional entrepreneur and a communication teacher with a strong passion for comedy writing. He wove our stories offering a good plot.
Directors: Ilaria Past, with contagious sympathy; she is our filming director with chance to be sided by the Korean directors Miss Cho Hanbyul.
Director of Photography: noel criado , independent professional photographer. I met him in August 2000 in the French way (our first Camino); specializing in migration and border and professor of visual narrative at several universities.
Cameraman and Photographer: Càrlos Gloria and Federica Troisi. The first, whom we met in the Portuguese Way in 2013, a great photographer, professional, the second one, Federica, I met her riding a wheelchair, now she perfectly walks.
Soundtrack: as you probably read up here, we have pick some tracks particularly adapt to the movie and some others professional musician as Johnny La Rosa, Giulia&Flavio Burgos or Dolpo Band will compose the music themes after movie-editing.
Graphics: Fabrizio Fajeti , skilled drafter and cartoonist and of course a very good musician, he will draw the print edition of the guide and some animations for the headlines and will completely manage the CD issues.
Stage assistant: Giuseppe Impellizzeri, an athlete, he's a radiologist in Bari and he spend his free time walking differents ‘camino’ paths.
Logistic support: Emidio Di Girolamo, we grew up together on the beach, he is the man of confidence, the driving force. He is also one of the protagonists of the film that will have much to teach. His 15 year old son will join us as well! Giammarco Di Girolamo
Video Editing: Marco Lazzaro Ferrari, a very good old friend, with several important experiences and successes. Computer engineer, director and filmmaker, will join movie-editing phases.
Marketing Spain: Maria Jesus Baile, Mary takes care of marketing, product placement and promotion in Spain.
Press Office South Korea: Antonio Cavicchioni, our Seoul resident referent, he lives in Korea and makes a trait d’union between press and distribution offices.
Marta Santos Donadei
and Vanessa Natalie: our favorite movie stars!!
The first one, called Nikita]she works as chef’s assistant for a long in my restaurant many years ago. The second one, Ness, she was my housemate for a couple of winters in our hillside very old house. Anglo-Italian, she moved to Mexico several years ago, she is an actress and jungle’s tourist guide in Yucatan!!!

On the web

Facebook page
Twitter page
Official website
Welcome in our work-team, you will have not only fun!!!

ULTREYA! FOUNDATION and its charity program

As anticipated, this project is to help associations, whether actively or economically.
We have started this project to ensure a VERIFIED AND CONCRETE SUPPORT

• To make you feel the real essence of the regions and experience the life of those who are traveling to Santiago de Compostela.
• To promote other paths towards Santiago and deter the crowds from the French path.
• To offer help towards active associations particularly active and to refurbish and keep clean some ‘‘albergue’’ in very bad or abandoned conditions as Cañevaral or Aldeanueva
• We are sure about benefits that Santiago Way brings to the younger generations, we aim to make a good work promoting the pilgrimage of minors (**two Ultreya cast members are minors**) and that of the disabled, more as a social and cultural experience than the more personal, spiritual one.

For each ‘opera’ of UnCommon Movie, the 30% of the total profit of the movie and a further percentage (variable from 5 to 25% depending on the cases) of the co-producers will be donated to the following associations.
The rest will be used to cover the expenses and to found the following production which you can read about on our website.

The following organizations belong to the list of the foundation.
Known for commitment to animal welfare
Vida por Vida, is their ‘slogan’ and says it all.
For the hospitality offered to pilgrims in many towns and villages along the Via Lusitana, location of our next project.

For the important collaboration or particularly active on the issue:

The president Matteo Cucchi for new premises cultural club.

Endemic fauna rehabilitation group

As the Italian Government, abolish the body of Forest Guard

We gladly help association that gave birth to the our project
and it hosted the 'sprouting' of this film project.

- OPERATION Wallacea -
Promoting youth and students to biodiversity

For the excellent work protecting our Oceans

- Rowers SCHOOL SBT -
New sports equipment for the a new Youth Rowing Association
San Bendedetto del Tronto

Click CTRL + P to print these 20 pages and read them at leisure or pass them to someone and share our project.

Thank you for reading!!! : D

Orationem Peregrinans

Deus, qui Abraham puerum suum implevit
ab urbe Ur Chaldaeorum, muniens totis errore
ut esses dux populi Iudaici per desertum
petimus quod simus servi tui in nomine
et peregrinos Compostella.
Sit comitatur iter agebam difficultate
lassitudinem requiem defensionem periclitari Lorem semitam
umbram calor, lux in tenebris lucet, et consolare destituimur
eo proposito firma cum duce
incolumes pervenirent ad finem itineris,
gratiae et virtutum praemiis ditatus conservatoris redeamus ad nostros lares incolumis
plena salutis aeternae felicitatis.
Per Christum Dominum nostrum, Amen.
Iacobus apostolus Iesu, ora pro nobis.
Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis.


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5 backers


Your pic on the movie poster
+ Your name on our website
+ Greetings in social

97 left (of 100)


You on the poster
+ A post card from Santiago, signed by team
+ Download link to print the movie poster with your photo

82 left (of 85)


Postcard with cast greetings
+ Code to the streaming of the last 10 days of travel. Live broadcastTV from stage and clearly from the camino de Santiago

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The T-shirt that you prefer (Ultreya or Troupe)
+ Skype with your favorite
+ Download of the movie

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Warm hoodie for that the winter comes early.
+ Skype with your favorite Ultreya teamer
+ Download the movie preview

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Preview of the film 'unique rough cut version'
+ Movie DVD
+ Backstage DVD

Backers will receive before the digital version

33 left (of 35)


Santiago Goose’s game
+ Streaming access
+ Mediapack 3DVD + 1CD + POSTER

Backers will receive before the digital version

13 left (of 14)


Game of the Goose to Santiago
+ Streaming access
+ Mediapack 3DVD + 1CD + POSTER
+ Guide of the Via de la Plata handmade by the cast during the shooting of Ultreya. 50 pages.
+ Pilgrim’s pasport personalized with your photo, for your next journey to Santiago

14 left (of 14)


Mediapack 3DVD + 1CD + PLAYBILL
+ 3 t-shirt (troupe-ultreya-wwoofer)
+ 1 sweatshirt uncommonmovie
+ Santiago goose’s boardgame
+ 3 Skype calls with your favorite
+ streaming access
+ A Special italian dinner at my mommy house !!!

14 left (of 14)


Technical Backpack for your best friend. Equipped in all details.
This special backpack will allow your four-legged friend to follow in short or long trips, easy or challenging hiking trails. The technology applied to the backpack offers many functions, the ability to record video while hiking to monitor an area, so on and so finding routes. See FULL DETAILS at the bottom of the page
We will ADD ALSO:
Streaming access
+ Mediapack + DVD + CD
+ Two customized pilgrim’s passport

14 left (of 14)



Backpack prepared in every detail, except underwear : ) Equipped by long hiking "veterans", everything you need at the lowest possible weight.
And we ALSO ADD:
+ All media products related to the movie
+ 20.1 megapixel Canon Compact
Spanish + Smartphone and sim card
+ Signed Playbill
+ Full Mediapack
+ Profile IMBd Pro and MyMovies profile
+ Thanks on film’s credit and photos on the poster
+ 1 night for two at the Parador Praza Obradoiro in Santiago

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This rewards is more articulate, and is addressed to companies or individuals who want to be more involved in our productions.
Please contact our staff for a nice talk and verbal confrontation.

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This interesting reward, is aimed at sponsoring companies.
Contact us for more information

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Invest in your future and live an experience on the set
Contact us for more details!

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It's simply amazing that someone has ‘just’ thought of this reward, that borders the incredible!! I wonder if one of you will have this privilege :)

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