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A clutch for the Erotikar

Erotikar is a german art car that has been attending to the rought environment of Nowhere Festival(the european regional of Burning Man) at Monegros desert(Spain) for the last few years.., in order to be able bring it back to the desert once again this year, we need your help to get a new clutch!


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The Erotikar needs you!

Our sexy artcar has been resting in Sariñena for a whole year and now needs a complete make over (and a new clutch) in order to be ready for another week in Monegros!

The new erotikar will feature a brand new sound system, fully equiped bar, comfortable sofas and cage dancing facilities being the ultimate mobile party at Nowhere!

Please contribute with whatever you can to bring back the Erotikar from the junkyard to glory!

Thanks in advance,

The Erotikar team

Erotikar's history

Made out of an old Volkswagen van, Erotikar came to life as an art car back in 2012 with the name of "Moustache"; it was developed by the german crew of Cathode Ray Mission, who brought it directly from Berlin to Monegros' desert for Nowhere festival and then back to Berlin.

In 2013, this art car tried to come back to Nowhere with the name of Viva Muerte; unfortunately it couldn't happen...

It was back in 2014 when two of our most intrepid members of Erotikrew did the dangerous trip of going to Berlin, picking the art car, and bringing it back to Nowhere, and to life.., Erotikar was born!!!

Nowhere 2014 was awesome, Erotikar kicked it!. Unfortunately it's clutch got broken during the festival, and when the festival finished we had to leave it resting at Candido's, a local repair shop.

Why do we need your help?

In order to fix its clutch, redecorate, and get this piece of hard metal with wheels back to glory at Nowhere2015, we need your donation. The sum collected will be spent in a new clutch.., but that's not the only new item that Erotikar2015 will wear, it will count with a fully equiped 1K PA sound system, dj booth, bar, lighting, and the so popular sofás where to chill while navigating the dust of Monegros desert.., a luxury that every nowherian will enjoy!!!

Who we are?

The 2015 Erotikrew is a bunch of Nowherians joint by dust; Octavio, Vanessa, Edel, Nora, Rul, Lila, Kike and Javier.., you may remember some of us for the Nowhere Film,

You can also find out a bit more about us in our pages OjO! and Aguadulce

And finally...,

Go on!, don't be shy!, push that donate button to support us.., and get our super sexy t-shirt!!,


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