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Técnica de Dúo

Técnica de Dúo-Duo of Technique by Master René de Cárdenas is a book edited in Spanish, English, and Italian. Teaches the dance of couples in Classical Dance with a novel Methodology, interviews, and a detailed technical explanation, defining the rules of preparation and development of the teaching.


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Busto Arsizio, Italy
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To inhabit in Magisterium is an act of great responsibility. To transmit knowledge, is a gesture as admirable as fulfilling. To write a book, a technical book, is more judicious yet challenging because it transcends the students in a classroom. As teachers we transmit values and knowledge, but in particular educating in the art world we cultivate freedom.

From my innate incentive for creation, to go after new goals and confront adversity, Técnica de Dúo -Duo of Technique- has emerge. For this reason, knowledge and dedication to share what I've learned, I am pleased to say, that I have lived, the decision.

To create this book, I have relied on research and reviews of relevant publications but above all, in my experience within the Cuban National Ballet beside Alicia Alonso and in the last years the master Fernando Alonso who didn't have any cavil to share with me, in a personal and very special way, a little of his wisdom.

Description of the Project

Técnica de Dúo -Duo of Technique, encompasses all matters relating to the teaching of dancing couples in classical dance, and is the result of an intense and thorough investigation. Includes, update the methodology of teaching, as well as interviews, tips and a detailed technical explanation. To be more explicit and easily accessible to all, it contains guidelines for teaching which defines, in the smallest details, learning rules, as well as the lines of preparation and execution of the class, the musical development of the same, among other important aspects.

The Prologue is one of the last writings of the Master Fernando Alonso, Founder of Cuban National Ballet School, where makes a tour of this important segment in the formation of the dancers; product of several unreleased hours of interviews, with valuable tips that have been registered.

Also contains various collaborations with important specialists. A chapter dedicated to the history of the historian of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba. A scientific analysis on the training of dancers and the introduction of couples dancing at an early age.

Técnica de Dúo -Duo of Technique is a necessary book for all who dwell in the world of dance.

The Author

Master René de Cárdenas, for more than 30 years was part of the Cuban National Ballet under the direction of Alicia Alonso, and also was a teacher, choreographer a ballet master in different academies and companies. His choreographic work is recognised and respected in different companies around the world specially his dance and percussion show Sonlar, which was performed in many Cuban and European stages with positive reviews.

When he graduated, he obtained the award "Best Junior Couple" in the International Ballet Competition of Varna, Bulgary, 1978.

He has published a book of tales of fiction Hatana de los Remedios, the Publisher, whose launch occurred at the International fair of the Book of La Habana, 2009. First of a trilogy on the life and despair of their inhabitants, in an island wandering aimlessly through repeated seas.

In their constant search for new spaces for creation, for a few years has ventured into the world of photography. And their images have been chosen for different spot, base graphic designs. He has been invited to show his work at various regional festivals in Italy and Sweden with its Roads series broken, and works for creation of a book with its new Series of nudes.

Objective of this campaign

To publish the specialized text book about Pas de deux in English-Spanich-Italian languages.

Your support

It will be very important that is why the seriousness and accuracy of recompenses.

According to your contribution, which I highly appreciate, I make the greatest effort to look for the balance. Your support is the base of this dream.

Funding includes:

Without other financing sources, the economic amount that we are soliciting is directed to:

• Colour printing
• Solicitude of code ISBN and inscription in the legal deposit
• News Design
• Booktrailer
• Graphical and digital design of the book
• Printing of book-marks, posters and promotion
• Content marketing
• Launching
• Promotional AudioBook

If we overcome the first 1,850 € they will be destinated to finance a making of DVD with exclusive interviews of teachers and important figures of ballet, very detailed technical explanation and demonstration of examples of exercises.


Timeline for definitive edition of the book is 45 days after words to obtain the financing. The recompenses will be delivered when the book has been finished.

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Facebook - Tecnica de Duo

Havana Cultura - Rene de Cardenas
Wikipedia - Rene de Cardenas


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  • rene


    over 7 years

    Saludos Jasmany, un gusto saber de ti. Mira habrás visto que hay varias opciones de aportaciones donde el libro te puede llegar a tus manos, mira bien las aportaciones. Se venderá sobretodo en Europa.

    Me parece mejor adquirirlo ahora por el Crowfunding.

    Un Abrazo

    Mi mail: [email protected]

  • Jasmany


    over 7 years

    Hola Maestro Renee, como estás? te mando abrazos desde Mexico...... Jasmany....donde se editara este libro, una vez que esté realizado como podemos adquirirlo....???

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