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Support the Koalas of Melbourne

Human Towers in Australia? Of course! The Koalas of Melbourne are the first human tower group in Australia. We are promoting the Catalan culture and the human tower tradition from the other side of the world. To keep doing it, we need your support. Help the Koalas to climb higher and higher!

Koales de Melbourne

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Ashwood, Australia
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The Human Tower group, Koalas of Melbourne was founded in late 2014 by a group of Catalans living in Melbourne. We are the first human tower group in Australia and we are very proud to be able to promote the human tower tradition and the Catalan culture from the other side of the world.

The response has been great so far; beginnings are never easy, especially since this is a cultural activity outside of its original country. Nevertheless, we are very motivated and excited with the project.

The more we grow, the bigger the challenges we come across. That is why we need your support.

Our objective is:

  • To get to more people involved by spreading the word and recruiting new members to come and build human towers with us.

  • Guarantee that all rehearsals are undertaken in the best possible conditions, with all safety requirements met for the activity.

Where will your donation go:

The funds raised by the project will be dedicated to cover costs of:

  • Helmets for the "canalla" (young ones) and safety gear.

  • Rehearsal "faixes", for potential new members wishing to trial human towers.

  • "Faixes" and bandanas, to have readily available for new members (including postage costs).

  • Rental of an indoor rehearsal space during the winter months.

  • Printing of all promotional materials, such as posters, flyers, etc.

  • Website hosting and domain purchase expenses, for the promotion and communication of our activities.

  • A reserve to help fund any "castellers/eres" wanting to come to Melbourne to assist us.


With your donation you can get from magnets, to our soft toy mascot or a dedicated Australian road sign. And even, a 2-week exclusive visit to Melbourne with including a human towers rehearsal and a day trip to visit a Koala reserve. Note: the design of the magnet is indicative only.

Shipments to the Iberic Peninsula and Australia are included.


The physical rewards will be sent within 6 months, from the end of the campaign. As for the digital rewards, it will be of 2 months maximum.

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  • Koales de Melbourne

    Koales de Melbourne

    almost 9 years

    Hola Sergi,

    Les recompenses s'enviaran per correu postal a la direcció que ens facilitis un cop acabem la campanya. Gràcies per ajudar els Koales!

  • sergiroig93


    almost 9 years

    Hola bones:

    Jo sóc de Barcelona, com ho podrè fer per tenir les recompenses?


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