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First QUICO TRETZE solo album.

Project to collaborate in the release of the first solo album of the musician and poet from Igualada (Barcelona), Quico Tretze.


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We have been taught that being lost is always negative, destructive... But there is a regenerative & reconciliatory in the act of getting lost, a creative energy that pushes you to go ahead and clean the impurities that we all have on our coarsened skins. This energy is what has prompted me to write this record without pretensions or complexes, simple distillation of a lost human being in the act of finding himself.

It is for this act of captive regeneration that I felt the title for my first solo album should be PERDUT, that means LOST in catalan.

Definition of the Project:

I needed to record an album with a collection of songs from the last two years of my life when I have not stopped giving solo concerts around; so in the summer of 2014 I entered Pau Sastre’s studio to start the first recordings.

I wanted a plain and realistic production, so I invited great musicians friends of mine to come by the studio to create completely new combos. Once in the studio we set all the instruments and mics, I showed them the song I wanted to record, we rehearsed 4 or 5 times and then recorded it playing all at the same time. It is so, little by little, that the album has taken its unique and genuine shape.

Now that the disc is already recorded, I can only say that I am really grateful to the 18 musicians who have agreed to take part in my madness, some of them international musicians as important as the Australian Steve Smyth, the American violinist Alex Guy Led To Sea or the Venezuelan trumpeter Joseph Derteano and also even a band Pribiz.**All of them good friends and better people!!**

The Record:

The album will have a total of 13 songs with different sounds and lyrics where poetry has become the trigger for the song.

PERDUT has been recorded in Catalan but with the simple intention to be translated into other languages as the power of the song lyrics is important to me. Therefore, the English and Spanish versions will be available soon (all the languages I have an acceptablefluency in).

Recorded by Paul Sastre in his Dr Hope Studio and co-produced between himself and me (a luxury to work with him).

Mastered by David Batalla in his DB Studio.

The CD booklet has been designed by the artist Maria Pujol from the atelier Manera Negra, who I discovered in Gijón while on tour with Steve Smyth and I immediately "flipped out" over her work. Rosa Permanyer has also contributed with her water-colors. The inspiration came from a photo I took on one of my lost days, which will also be the cover. I can already anticipate that there will be a limited edition hand-carved by Maria herself!

What will I do with the money?

Well, as you know the process of making a record like mine is expensive, I've already invested a lot of money in the project and now I need the final push to finish it and make it (become) a reality. That's why I created this Verkami, a philosophy that I share very much, co-operation . This is not charity as I have suggested a number of rewards which are well worth the money they have, I have always understood the crowd funding as an advance purchase, a way to help finance projects that unfortunately nowadays would not have many options to see the light if it were not for our commitment to continue to create and not let our mind and hope be drained.

I am not asking for a very high amount, an amount that does not show the total cost of the disk.

I have already paid

The recording, mixing and mastering of the album.

What will I pay with the crowdfunding money? (21% VAT... abusive!)

Editing of the album and presentation concert.

And if I make more money?

A good communication agency for a good promo and the recording of a video.

When will it be released?

I plan to release it by the end of April and then give you your rewards, I will contact you.

The premiere concert will take place in the province of Barcelona, probably in Igualada. I’ll keep you posted. And for those who choose the other rewards, we will work out the details about specific dates individually.

I just want to add that this album is me, my “me” from the last years, a “me” who I will not be but it’s something that now has become a Brot the llum (a gleam of light) in my life.

Do you help me?

Apart from this Verkami collaboration I will be really grateful if you share this project's link to all the people you think that could feel my music, the link is really easy:

Very Grateful

Quico Tretze


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  • quico13


    about 6 years

    Hola Inés, t'has registrat?

    A sota de la recompensa que vulguis fer hi ha un boto, estan a la dreta, hi cliques i segueixes les instruccions, ja ho veuràs!!

  • Ines Molina

    Ines Molina

    about 6 years

    Hola Quico he intentat per una aportacio al teu disc i no m'en surto. Help!!!

#02 / Concert a Luz de Gas


demà dimarts 14 d'abril estaré actuant a la mítica sala Luz de Gas de Barcelona, un concert benèfic per ajudar l'Owen, un nen que necessita urgentment una operació que val moooolts diners.

Actuaré amb banda, una banda molt especial que fa que les cançons creixin i creixin!!!!

I a part comparteixo cartell amb artistes que respecto i admiro con en Damià Olivella, en Cesk Freixas, en Cece Gianotti i en Marc Freixas i l'Albert Gàmez.

Us deixo el cartell i espero veure-us a tots a partir de les 20:45h a Luz de Gas, la causa prou s'ho val, creieu-me!!!!

I només puc dir que per part meva serà un concert amb moooolta energia...

Fins demà!!

#01 / Versió de Steve Smyth

Us deixo la versió de l'Steve Smyth que vaig poder gravar al Cultur3 Club de Gijón, espero i desitjo que la gaudiu!

Va ser un gran regal que ens van fer!!

(Cliqueu per veure el vídeo)

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