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Death over the kingdom

Crowdfunding project for the party-filler family game "Death Over The Kingdom". Is an easy, fast, fun and addictive card game where can play 2-20 players (yes !! 20 players !!). The best choice for family reunions !!


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Hi, dear backers!!!

My name is Sergio Rodríguez and I want to introduce you to an idea I have been thinking about for some time with my pal Nacho Rodríguez (not, we aren’t brothers!!); try to produce a tabletop game. I know, I know!! That’s not very original, but... who hasn’t thought about it sometime??? I would imagine all the boardgame players, don’t you think?? The only difference is that we are trying to realize the idea.

We want to produce a party game or filler game, a game of 26 cards with no text dependence, with a bunch of tokens to count the penalties and instructions in two languages (Spanish and English, because we are from Spain). This game can be played by up to 20 people being the minimum number of players 2 (with a minimum age of 10 years), but the more players there is the funniest!!! The average time of a game is around 20 minutes if there are between 6-10 players.

The game is very fast and easy to learn, and so much fun to play. A card is dealt face-down to each player, beginning with the player on the right, and the deck of cards is placed to the right of the dealer. Once a card is dealt face-down to each player, the player on the right of the dealer starts playing. Each player during his/her turn may opt to take any of the following three actions:

  1. Keep the dealt card and forego turn (known as stand).

  2. Use the power of the card if it is allowed. Show the card and apply the power.

  3. Exchange cards with the player on the right. If the player changing the card is the dealer, instead of exchanging it with the player on the right show the card, tell your intention to change it, cut the deck of cards and the card that comes up is your new card.

Once all players have gone through their turns all the cards are turn face-up. Following the playing order the card with powers meant to be use in the final round are played.

Once all the powers of the cards are enforced, the player or the players having the cards with the lowest value lose and take one token each. Death always loses if it is in play. The round ends once the tokens are hand out.

And this is only one of the three mode games we have in the game. In addition, we believe with that mechanism you will be able to create new forms of playing the game, so be our guest!!!

In Death Over The Kingdom there are two kind of cards: the cards you can use its power in your turn (the power is surrounded by a star in the card), and the cards with powers you can use at the end of a round (surrounded by an hexagon in the card)

  1. Playing the Dragon in your turn allows you to destroy the card of the player on your right, and make him draw a new card.

  2. The Knight must be played at the end of the round and forces all the Dragons in play to spin and show a level 6 instead of the 8 from the beginning.

If you like the illustrations you can see more in our web

We need 4.600 euros to be able to produce the game. You can see in the mockup the components. We estimated four months until you have your game, probably 5 if we have some issue with postal office and international shipping.

In case we can reach the stretch goal 5.500 euros of funding, we will include without additional cost six help cards (three in Spanish, three in English) in all the pledge levels, for those first times you play and you don’t know what the cards does.

If we can reach the strech goal of 7.000 euros we can change the box for another box with better quality. A piece of box, bro !!

You can follow us in Facebook to be in touch with the new upgrades* from Dead Over The Kingdom !!

Now, two things to finish!! First, forgive me for my poor English!! Sorry about that!! And second, lots of thanks for the effort of reading till here. You are priceless, buddy!!!


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  • Dream With Us Studio SL

    Dream With Us Studio SL

    about 9 years

    Hola David!!

    Aún no hemos cerrado nuestra agenda de eventos para promocionar el juego, así que todavía no te puedo confirmar que estaremos en Barcelona.

    Escríbeme a [email protected] y te iré informando de los eventos. También estamos abiertos a sugerencias ;).

    Muchas gracias por tu interés. Un saludo!!

  • David Casares

    David Casares

    about 9 years

    El juego pinta muy bien y las ilustraciones me encantan, enhorabuena! Sin embargo, antes de comprarlo me gustaría probar unas partidas, haceis alguna demo por Barcelona?

  • Dream With Us Studio SL

    Dream With Us Studio SL

    about 9 years

    Buenos días Johann !!

    Gracias por pasarte a ver ti te interesa !! No, son trece cartas diferentes duplicadas. porque da mucho juego a la hora de eliminar el que haya personajes repetidos.

    Muchas gracias. Un saludo !!!

  • Johann Lothangur

    Johann Lothangur

    about 9 years

    Buenos días, quería preguntarte sobre el número de personajes presentes en el juego. ¿Son las 26 cartas personajes diferentes o tienen otras funciones?

    Gracias y mucha suerte!

  • Dream With Us Studio SL

    Dream With Us Studio SL

    about 9 years

    Buenos días, José !!

    Gracias por entrar a echarle una ojeada al proyecto. te comento: ¿importarnos? no !! de hecho contamos con ello. Como backer en kickstarter he visto unos cuantos print and plays en páginas de descargas fuera de la web de los autores. Es una cosaque sabemos que va a pasar y lo aceptamos. Mirándolo por el lado bueno, ayudará ala distribución del juego y quizás si a la gente le gusta el juego quiera comprar el de cartón fabricado, no o sé.

    Respecto a lo otro, como muchísima gente, hemos basado el estilo del juego en un montón de cosas que hemos visto y nos han gustado,pero nuestras ilustraciones son originales.

    No obstante, escríbeme si quieres a [email protected] y me cuentas más.

    Muchísimas gracias de nuevo !!

    Saludos cordiales


  • José Ezequiel

    José Ezequiel

    about 9 years


    En el caso de que alguien suba el pdf del juego terminado a alguna página de descargas para que otros usuarios se lo bajen gratis, ¿os va a molestar? Lo digo porque para fusilar el estilo y las ilustraciones no habéis tenido reparos.


  • Dream With Us Studio SL

    Dream With Us Studio SL

    about 9 years

    Muy buenas tardes !! Viniendo de parte de Meat Loaf no puedo si menos que alegrarme !!

    para nada estandar !! las cartas son casi de 12 cm x 8 cm (11 coma algo por 7 coma algo), ya que efectivamente, el arte de Nacho nos pedía algo más grande que una carta de póker. En el facebook del proyecto tienes un prototipo impreso: la primera carta escrita a mano es de tamaño poker... esa foto te da una idea.

    Muchísimas gracias por tu aportación y alabanzas. Así da gusto, oye !!


  • BatOutOfHell


    about 9 years

    Interesante juego, creo que os mereceis la oportunidad de sacarlo adelante, así que ya tenéis mi aportación en las arcas ;)

    Una preguntita, ¿el tamaño de las cartas es el estandar, no? Es que verdaderamente el juego clama por cartas tamaño tarot.

  • Dream With Us Studio SL

    Dream With Us Studio SL

    about 9 years

    Gracis a tí ;o)

  • fedorita


    about 9 years

    muchas gracias, y muuucha suerta ^^

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