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URSmyBike ready to ride

URSmyBike is a brand that combines fashion and technology inspired in the urban bicycle. Versatile sweatshirts adapted to be used with the bike, prepared for the quick setup of our LED illumination prototype which will make you more visible at night. Now is the time for us to produce them for you!


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Why do cars have indicators but bikes don't?

We are two young entrepreneurs, who are also keen urban cyclists. We had a problem and we decided to find a solution.

Now, with your help, we can make it a reality!

Presenting our fashion label URSmyBike and our gadgets URSmySense, URSmyLight and URSmyApp

**URSmySense, URSmyLight and URSmyApp

URSmySense is a device that translates the cyclist’s hand signals into light signals achieving this way more visibility and givingeasily understood indications to the other drivers on urban roads; and URSmyLights is a bluetooth receiver which is integrated into the back of our clothing.

Currently we have the following prototypes:

The Bracelet URSmySense which is formed by two leds that project light onto the rider’s hand, a red one that blinks constantly and an orange one that blinks when the arm is held horizontally (indicating left) or held vertically (indicating right)

making the left hand more visible when signalling. **You may use it by itself or

linked via Bluetooth to URSmyLights.

URSmyLights is the indicating module (placed in the back of the garment)

**may be used together with URSmySense or via your Android Smartphone

using URSmyApp**. The mobile phone is placed on the handlebars close to the left

hand, which means signals can be controlled without letting go of the handle; the

big buttons of the APP make it easy to use without looking or having to handle the

smartphone when cycling.

Both devices are charged via USB and have a battery duration of 5haprox and an aprox reach of 6 meters.

Who are they for?

The URS system can be used by a single cyclist carrying both gadgets, or by a group of cyclists, with the one at the front wearing the bracelet and the one at the back, the indicator unit. It's use is not confined to just cyclists either. It can be used by skaters, skateboarders, motorcyclists... to improve their visibility on the roads.

With your help we will be able to produce the first pre-series of smaller prototypes, lighter and with a definitive cover design.

This Project is part of our urban clothing company URSmyBike, which produces unisex sweatshirts designed and adapted to use together with

URSmySense&lights, and a range of other, versatile accessories for the bike, to help cyclists move comfortably around the city.

¿Our main goal? To make urban life easier and more comfortable for cyclists

We are…

Passion is the driving force of this Project for both of us: for Ursula Pacheco it's fashion design and for Micky Suarez it's technology and bikes. A young and restless couple looking to create solutions to make everyday life easier for cyclists. Ursula –fashion designer- is in charge of the design and textile production, and Micky – photographer- of the image and technological design.

URSmyBike Past, present and future

It was born as a personal project, in which we worked in a completely

artisanal way creating clothing and gadgets in a very small quantities, and in some cases, purely for personal use.

Currently, we work with small product runs, always innovating and improving

technical aspects, like for example, the illumination system. We research, work

and produce with the latest technology in textile digital printing, 3D prototype

printing and electronic controllers, as well as artisanal techniques like printing and


We want to introduce to the public our URSmySense and establish our brand as a Company. But in order to achieve that we need your help, to transform our idea and our passion into a reality.

We pedal strongly to make the city and the bicycle more compatible each day.

What will your contributions be used for

Your coontribution will enable us to produce and distribute the first prototypes of URSmySense, helping bicycle lovers everywhere to feel more

comfortable in the city, and ro encourage the ones that are not yet bike lovers, to get outside and start cycling! You will be pioneers in wearing intermittent lights in your clothes!

About the rewards

During the campaign, you will be able to acquire the first prototypes of illumination URSmySense&lights and our exclusive fashion collection URSmyBike Black Edition.

The black has never been so visible in the dark!!


Most of our rewards are produced quickly in our workshop; you will be able to have a great gift for Christmas.

URSmySense&lights and URSweatshirt have a more involved production process but if we manage to get our goal before the ending of the campaign, all production times will be shortened.


URSnotebook 80 pages A-6 (Write, draw, fix your ideas on paper)

URSfannyPack in black for the bicycle and the

22x17x3 cm with digital print (5 different prints to choose)

URSbag purse in black, with liner and 27x35 cm with digital print (5 different prints to choose)

URShirt with silkscreen Black cotton, short/long sleves for Men/Women/Kids (print up to your choice)

URSweatshirt (Unisex) , URShood o URSweatshirt + URShood

Hoodie with turtleneck, adjustable ropes inblack and inner liner.

Unisex Sweatshirt in black, with digital print ready for immediat installation

URSmySense and *URSmyLight, 250gr (5 different prints to choose).

URSweatshirt carries two frontal pockets, plus one additional in the left sleeve and at the base of the back part.

Fashion and technology designed and manufactured in Spain.

All sizes of the clothing will be specified in our blog soon (from XS to XXL)

I want it all!!

Prints for URSweatshirt, URShood, URSfannypack, URSbag (you will choose after deadline)

+ Info

You can see us in Instagram, follow us on Facebook, read us on our Blog, retweet us in Twitter and visit our [Web]site (http://ursmybike.com)

URSmyBike is suported by Factoria Cultural and ONO


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#01 / Presentación URSmyBike Ready to Ride


Somos URSmyBike y estamos felices de poder presentar nuestro proyecto de Micromecenazgo.

Con vuestra ayuda Ursula producirá colección nueva y Micky el indicador intermitente para la bicicleta.

Este tándem sólo es posible gracias a vuestra ayuda! y la de nuestros múltiples colaboradores y amigos que nos ayudan con mucho más que su trabajo y su tiempo.

En este blog y el de URSmyBike iremos subiendo todo el proceso que podremos ir haciendo con vuestra colaboración y seréis participes de ello.

Reserva tu recompensa y recíbela si el proyecto finaliza con éxito!!!

Te lo contamos aquí

Muchas gracias
Úrsula y Micky

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