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In her Eyes

Will be my new travel photography project, traveling by motorcycle across India from its Southern end to the North in 6 months in the search for a small Tibetan nomad little girl whom I portrayed five years ago. It is my wish to find her, give her back her portrait and shoot more portraits of her.

Federico Frangi

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In her Eyes

Will be my new travel photography project, scheduled to begin in February 2015. In this project, in addition to touring across India from South to North in 6 months, which is the closure of a trilogy that began in 2009, I will also search for a small Tibetan nomad clan called Changpa that I found near the border with Tibet.

This journey will be the culmination of a trilogy

History and Purpose

In 2009 I started a motorcycle journey through the inner routes of northern India, on the foothills of the Himalayas, very deep in the northern tip of India, at 4000 meters above the sea level. Here, families, animals and natural settings live in the most extreme conditions of cold and altitude, like centuries ago.

The encounter with this little girl was brief and I realized about the portrait just weeks later when the film was developed. All this time, after showing her picture in different exhibits, it grew in me the interest and curiosity of knowing what it became of her after all this time.

I'll search for her to give her the portrait and thank her for all she has given me with her image, find out her name and portray her again.

At my return, once the production and edition of this new work is finished, I will exhibit it at the Tibet House Barcelona (Carrer del Rosselló, 181) at the end of 2015.

The main scope of this project is to create a bond and generate an interest on the common human similarities among different and distant cultures.

I also intend to humbly create a reflection on the fundamental values on which the traditional lifestyles and their interdependence with nature are sustained in contrast with our contemporary lifestyles.

The itinerary

The start of this journey will take place at the beginning of April 2015. I will arrive and depart from Delhi to Goa where I will get my bike. Then, I will travel from Goa to the southern most point of India, Kanniyakumari. From South India I will embark Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, Maddya and from there I will begin to go into the deeper paths of the Rajasthan desert. In Himashal Pradesh is where we can see the foothills of the green mountains with terraced fields.

Finally, crossing the second highest pass in the world (Khardugla to 5606mtrs) I'll get to the city of Leh in Ladakh at 4000 meters above sea level .

I will visit the area where Tibetan nomads, who at that time of year, they cross from Tibet to India to live and celebrate traditional festivities.

There is where I will start the search.


Once completed, I will return to Delhi where I will leave my bike to return by train to Goa.

I will approximately travel 10,000 km.

Estimated time of departure is April, and my return in September 2015

Who am I?

My name is Federico Frangi. I was born in Buenos Aires in 1974. I graduated in Graphic Arts and I have been working as a designer for 11 years. I moved to Barcelona in 2004 and following the visit of HH Dalai Lama in 2006 I came in contact with Tibetan Buddhism and meditation practice.


In 2009 he made his first trip to India and made his first photographic work entitled ** On Top Of The World ** (Ladakh, India)

In 2012, he made his second photographic project entitled Lives On Route ** ** motorcycle, this time from Delhi to Nepal, Sikkim to Bhutan and back, traveling 6000 km.

In 2015, his third project In Her Eyes ** ** This time, he will be traveling throughout India from the south end to the north end (Kanniyakumari- Ladakh).

Mis fotografias.

Las fotografías están impresas sobre papel hecho a mano en Nepal.


My photography

Photographs are print on hand-made paper from Nepal.

CopiaLab in Barcelona prints the final prints with eight-color-pigment ink.

The combination of the paper, the film texture, analog rollei cameras and rolleiflex, plus Inkjet definition prints create a final artistic work of quality and definition with a pictorial touch in pastel colors.

Prints will be signed and autographed.


You can choose from all these images. The column on the left of Lives on Route ** and ** the right column of ** On top of the world **



In addition to providing a signed and dedicated photographs, I will keep informed to all those who have been collaborating on this project, everyone of my steps in India. Periodically during the journey I will inform of my location, status, anecdotes and images.!

Help me spread the word!

Help me do it!


Federico Frangi

Barcelona 12-10-2014



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  • Federico Frangi

    Federico Frangi

    about 9 years

    Hola Gracias por el interes. Cuando Vuelva del proyecto con todo gusto! Saludos

  • Dante EG Fañgon

    Dante EG Fañgon

    about 9 years

    ¡Maravilloso! ¿Cómo puedo comprar cualquiera de sus fotografías, por favor?

  • Federico Frangi

    Federico Frangi

    over 9 years

    Muchas Gracias!..son piezas separadas. Fijate que al costado estan las medidas y donde esta el video arriba, hay unas flechitas para cambiar la imagen...ahi muestro como estna impresas.

    Muchas gracias

  • montserrat.gs@gmail.com

    [email protected]

    over 9 years

    Hola ! qué bonitas fotos! Espero la exposición ... Cómo podemos hacer el pedido de la foto?. Están editadas en formato libro? Que vaya muy bien!

  • Federico Frangi

    Federico Frangi

    over 9 years

    Hola Lula, a todo tipo de Paises. Lo envio por correo certificado.Dependiendo el formato por sobres duros o tubos para que lleguen perfectos.

    Gracias a ti! :)

  • Lüla Reyna

    Lüla Reyna

    over 9 years

    A qué países puedes enviar las fotografías y cuándo?? Tus fotos tienen alma. Gracias por dedicarte a tu arte!

  • Federico Frangi

    Federico Frangi

    over 9 years

    Hola BEa, Claro pueden ser diferentes. Pero necesito que se especifique # y tamaño, para no cometer errores a la hora de imprimir. Muchas Gracias!


  • Bea


    over 9 years

    Hola! Una pregunta, en la recompensa de 40€ que pone Una Postcard + Fotografía firmada y dedicada de tu obra On top of the World. La Postcard y la fotografía son de la misma foto o pueden ser dos fotos diferentes?

    Muchas gracias!


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