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II Bacanal of the Marionette for Adults

It is a festivity, an event that propitiates the gathering among the marionette (in anyone in their diverse and infinite forms) and the adult public. The idea was conceived in Havana, in the 2011.

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Why a gathering?

In sixty´s we had here in Cuba a marionettes for adults´s theater of true excellence.

Classic such as The madwoman of Chaillot, Ubú King, The Celestina, next to some Cuban titles as Shangó of Imá were well received by the audience, until a wrong policy at the beginning of the 70s dispelled this theater and turned it in to pariah.

What do we want to do now?

In this time we want to get the attention, again, toward the Animated Figures theater dedicated to the adult public, using stopping marionettes, of shades, of glove, of bars, sights, speakers, body puppets… because the variety of this art is infinite.

Thats why we came up with this idea of the BACANAL: a cultural space where the joy of the life, the surprise, the game prevails and the satire and the parody are present.

The general program is integrated for:

. The presentation of puppeteers shows for adult public on theaters in the capital as well as in outlying neighborhoods, in centers of superior and superior half education, in production centers and in penitentiaries.

. A thematic Exhibition with a sample of marionettes and photos of the shows.

. Celebration of the Puppeteer Cabaret, with the participation of brief puppeteers numbers in a satire, parodies, surprise and humor style, accompanied by dances shows, circus numbers and the intervention of musicians who works with diverse formats. The Cabaret is the area for the artistic dialogue among the different arts that conform its program.

. Creations Workshops: spaces for knowledge and experiences exchange coordinated by puppeteers with a vast experience and in where participate the rest of the interested colleagues next to young students and beginner artists.

In 2012 we were able to carry out the first edition, with 8 participant groups: seven Cubans and a foreign one .

Now we want to make the second edition: the II Bacanal, we established the date from November 16th to November 23rd, and as the place, Havana, Cuba.

We are couting with the disposition to participate of 21 theater groups: 14 Cubans and 7 foreigners, among the last ones are artists from Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and Italy.

However, the Cuban financial situation is getting worst and worst for the theater. Some national groups have no funds in their provinces to finance their passages for coming to Havana and for their corresponding returns. We already knew that the budget was not enough to paying the stay in the capital of all the groups during the days of the II Bacanal.

Nevertheless, it is very touching the support that the event is receiving from the colleagues who reside in the Island, as well as from those who come from other countries. The numbers can show it. Until today, the II Bacanal exhibits a growth of three times!!! in relation to the first one.

The public also supports his celebration. And not only people who live here in Cuba, people who live in other parts of the world have been concerned about the Bacanal.

For that reason we have decided to ask for your help.

To what will we dedicate your contributions?

The contributions that we receive will be dedicated to guarantee the presence in the event of the groups coming from cuban provinces (bus passages and lodging) and these contributions will make real the celebration of the II Bacanal, wich is the same thing because among the fourteen participanting Cuban groups, ten of them are from another regions of the Island far from the capital.

In numbers the cost would be like this:

1 000 Eurus would guarantee the payment of the passage of four groups, integrated by 28 colleagues.

2 000 Eurus would guarantee the lodging of 29 colleagues, integrated in five groups.

Each one of those who receive this call and collaborate will be an accomplice of a dream: will cause that this marionette festival takes place, as it has been imagined and fought, in Havana, the next November of this 2014.

Foreseen calendar

To locate the Project in the Platform (September 17 or before, if it can be, with translations to Catalan, French and English)

Promote the proyect using all the medias we can (e-mails messages for friends, colleagues, promoters and all the fans of the Bacanal, blog and FB page of the event, and to place the Widget in other blogs and webs. (Starting from the publication of the project and during the forty days of the cycle.)

#Giving the recompenses:

The recompenses related with the publication of the name of the mecenas in the blog, as well as those that will be sent by e-mail will be verified during the week after the receiving the money.

The recompenses related with the credits of the mecenas in the catalog and at the entrance of the thematic Exhibition (in this case Eros-marionettes) they will be verified the day of the inauguration of it, set for November 12th, 2014.

The recompenses that are carried out in situ will be verified during the course of the event, between November 16th and November 23rd.


You can have more information about our project through:

[Bacanal Teatro Facebook](http://bacanalteatro.wordpress.com

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bacanal-Teatro/281228615405715 )
Bacanal Teatro Wordpress


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  • Estimada Rosa C. Báez:

    Damos respuesta a su pregunta. El Proyecto de la II Bacanal del Títere para Adultos es conocido y respaldado por nuestra instancia de relación en el Ministerio de Cultura, que es el Consejo Nacional de las Artes Escénicas. El presupuesto estatal no logra cubrir todos los costos pues como explica el documento que usted puede ver en la Plataforma VERKAMI referido al Proyecto de Micromecenazgo 9737, esta edición ha crecido saludablemente en un 300%.

    Por otra parte, desde hace décadas las instancias de gobierno del país exhortan a instituciones y ciudadanos a buscar vías de autofinanciación u otras formas genuinas de financiamiento que complementen el que se recibe por parte del Estado.

    Como dice nuestro Proyecto alojado en VERKAMI, en los años sesenta el Teatro Nacional de Guiñol realizó una obra de excelencia dirigida a adultos. Posteriormente otras agrupaciones teatrales incluyeron alguna que otra vez obras destinadas a público adulto en sus repertorios.

    Equipo Gestor

    II Bacanal del Títere para Adultos

  • Rosa C. Báez

    Rosa C. Báez

    over 6 years

    El proyecto ha sido presentado al Ministerio de Cultura? se les ha negado ayuda? Con respecto a las presentaciones de titeres para adultos que sepa solo el GNac daba esas funciones

  • Mendaro Gregory

    Mendaro Gregory

    over 6 years

    Más que preguntar deseo expresarles que mis mejores votos serán para desearles éxito en vuestro proyecto.

    Lamentablemente desde nuestro país no podemos realizar aportes.
    Éxito compatriotas, divulgaré vuestro proyecto.

    Mendaro Gregory.

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