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'Proxy', an album and a book from Tuya

An album, a book, and years of road that materializes in this edition. Participate and make it possible.

David T. Ginzo

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Hi, my name is David and years ago I started this project called Tuya. In the following points I will tell you a little about this album-book and how I got here. This is the moment when I invite you to help me make Proxy.

Since 2017 many things have happened to Tuya and that has given me the opportunity to write several texts that complement the album from within. By recreating myself in those experiences from the calm distance that time gives, some ideas have appeared that serve as a roadmap for the album.

Making music today is tremendously easy, but making music come to light as it deserves and having a good work team is more difficult than ever. That's why I'm going back to Verkami again to ask for your help.

About the rewards

  • The rewards all start from a €25 basic pack that includes a copy of the album on cassette tape, a copy of the book in fanzine form, a double ticket for the concert in Madrid or Gijón, a bag with the album art, a digital download, your name in the acknowledgments and the shipping costs included in the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands. 7x1! :)

  • You also have the T-Shirt Pack option (I'll ask you for the size later) but BEWARE: if you need any reward sent outside the Spanish mainland or the Balearic Islands, you must also include the International Shipping option.

"Complete Pack" with t-shirt and tape player
"Complete Pack" with t-shirt and tape player

  • This is an album conceived to be released on cassette tape. If this puts you off because you don't have a place to play it, I've put together a good solution: include a portable player in two of the rewards (the Walker and Complete packs). Likewise, all patrons will receive the digital version.

  • The Masterclass Pack reward includes 4 hours of personalized classes. It is intended for people who, like me, are dedicated to music and have always wanted to learn something in greater depth. If you want to understand more deeply how a DAW works, your instrument (acoustic or electronic), the physics of sound, production tricks... or you want to gain agility to work more orderly and with better and faster results, this is your reward.

  • The Concert Pack is aimed at local promoters who want to organize a concert in their city. It's easy, I go with my backline and do what I know the best. Ask me if you want before, but it is super simple.

  • And finally I have put an Executive Producer Pack. I don't think you are a Business Angel reading this but maybe you have a small label and/or you think it might be worth supporting this work. With this reward you can have a percentage of the royalties.

About us

For several years, many people have been part of Tuya. But now I'm back like I was at the beginning: by myself.

I'm David T. Ginzo, a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Gijón. I have dedicated myself to music since I was very young and although my usual job is to work for other people's projects, Tuya is the project I have had for years.

So far you have been able to hear this:

  • Own EP (Subterfuge Records, 2011)

  • Waterspot (Subterfuge Records, 2012)

  • Mountains Moving EP (El Rayo Verde, 2014)

  • A War Is Coming (El Rayo Verde, 2016)

I don't show myself much on social networks lately, but an Instagram account shouldn't be missing here.

What your contributions will be used for

All the money collected goes to pay the costs of the rewards. Here is a chart with budget data for the Basic Pack:

Expenses related to recording, mixing, mastering, art design, etc, are left out of this crowdfunding.

But, as you can see, everything related to shipping and parcels accounts for almost a quarter of the cost. For this reason, only in some cases, I may ask you for the possibility of delivering it by hand in order to recover part of the expenses prior to manufacturing. Everything will depend on the final result. Obviously I'm talking about Madrid and Asturias (Spain).

Prices have gone up a lot as you well know. I wish I could put a more affordable price but unfortunately it is impossible.

Planned schedule

If the dates are met and nothing is delayed, all materials should be ready to ship to the factory in January.

From there we depend on the factories and shipping services timings. The initial intention is that I can make the shipments in April.

I will inform you of the process status.

+ Info

And lastly, in addition to re-linking the Instagram account, here are several videos and albums from recent years:


There are none published yet.

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  • diezelxxx@hotmail.com

    [email protected]

    over 1 year


  • Javier Luque

    Javier Luque

    over 1 year

    El amigo David y su proyectazo bien merece tu apoyo!

  • Fernandito


    over 1 year

    No entiendo la decisión de poner una camiseta en lugar de una gorra teniendo en cuenta el estilo personal de este artista, pero como Jaime Tuya es uno de mis grandes de la música en España, he decidido colaborar de todos modos.

  • Sara López

    Sara López

    over 1 year


  • La Butaca Music

    La Butaca Music

    over 1 year


  • Ivan Amores

    Ivan Amores

    over 1 year

    Un abrazo fuerte maestro!Contando los días para disfrutar de mi pack ☺️

  • Alfredo RM

    Alfredo Rodríguez Moñivas

    over 1 year

    Aquí va mi aportación para el disco-libro. ¡Mucha suerte con el proyecto! Abrazos. :)

  • Monserrat


    over 1 year

    Enhorabuena Jimi!

  • Juan Carlos Roldán

    Juan Carlos Roldán

    over 1 year

    Un abrazo!

  • Sebastian Maharg

    Sebastian Maharg

    over 1 year


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