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Stellar Elephants: Recording of our first LP 'Argonaut'

3,2,1 ... Argonaut! A new concept album is coming! You are welcome to taste a story between madness and universe. Are you joining us?

Stellar Elephants

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After the release in 2018 of our EP 'Endless Return' we have immersed ourselves in the creation of a concept album, elaborating a story that, intertwined with our music, we intend to transport you to a fantastic place, with suspense and many emotions.

About us

Stellar Elephants
Stellar Elephants

The crowdfunding begins!

Stellar Elephants is:

Jesús Gómez - Vocals, keyboards, guitar

Borja Sánchez - Drums, backing vocals

Juanjo Sanchez - Bass

Daniel Menor - Guitar, soloist

We have more than 15 years of musical experience behind us that have helped us to become what we are today. In 2014 we started with this band project with brushstrokes of progressive, grunge, metal and other styles that feed and form part of our way of expressing ourselves musically.

Argonaut is therefore the culmination of all those years of exploration and learning. It is an expression of ourselves and what we are capable of doing creatively. However, we have needed professional help.

For the recording of the songs that make up the album we have been in Lasting Noise @lastingnoise, a studio in Madrid where the magic of Adrián has given us a lot so that the songs sound as they deserve.

As for the designs that make up all of Argonaut, the hand of Joaquín Soler @joaquinsoler_art is the one behind each brushstroke.

About rewards

Argonaut's album will consist of 13 tracks, presented in a Digibook that will contain a booklet with the lyrics of the songs, so that you can follow them while enjoying the art that surrounds this work.

Preliminary Design LP Digibook
Preliminary Design LP Digibook

As not everything in life is music and we know that you like to be in fashion, we have developed some designs for you to wear a very cool shirt when you come to see us at shows, when you take the dog for a walk or when you go shopping at the supermarket, it's up to you!

If you already have too many t-shirts, you can always choose a bag with the fabulous design and carry whatever you want, but always with your favorite band:

We also provide you with a graphic representation in the form of an A6 size sticker of the sheets that make up the artwork.

And so that you don't miss the dates of our next concerts, we have prepared a calendar where you can write them down... that or the date of the next car review. Of course, since we are already well into the year and so you don't waste even a month, it's 2023.

And finally, we wanted to create something very special and different. The 13 sheets designed by Joaquín will be framed in 26 frames with the highest quality in a limited edition (2 frames for each print). You can choose between A3 or A4 size depending on what suits your room best.

Your contributions will go to...

Your contribution will go mainly to the manufacture of the rewards that you acquire, the remaining part will be to defray part of the expenses of the recording, the mastering and the designs of the disc.

Planned schedule

The composition, arrangement and recording of the songs is complete. We are currently in the last phase before we have the song lists to press the big print button, we have to review the mixes very lovingly so that everything looks great. In addition, we still have to finish shaping the entire design that will make up the work, but we can already give you some estimated dates of production and manufacture of the rewards.

In the second half of May you will all be able to have the rewards you acquire at home, but... since we are the first impatient, we have created a reward called 'I Can't Wait Anymore' so that those who choose this reward will have at the end February a sample of the material that is part of the work; none other than Argonaut's single, Come Back Home, accompanied by his exclusive print.

VIDEO: Stellar Elephants - Come Home [VERKAMI CAMPAIGN]

+ Info

You can follow us on:

Listen to this EP Endless Return on Spotify

Do you have any questions and need further information? Do not hesitate to send us your questions to [email protected] and we will be happy to answer you.

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Próximamente recibiréis en vuestros correos un formulario, diferente en función de la recompensa adquirida, para que lo rellenéis y enviéis. Así te podremos hacer llegar tu recompensa.

Una vez más gracias por todo! Saludos estelares!

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