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Yo Soy / I Am

A dream takes us on a journey through the chakras. A colourful story to read as a family and reconnect with nature and ourselves.


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Kaixo, hola, hello! Our names are Arantzazu, Fredrika and Casey, and we are delighted to present the story I Am.

Our main character, Sananuk, falls asleep on the beach and his adventure begins. He rows a boat, he meets sea turtles and dolphins, he roars with a sea lion….and from within, he realises that he is part of EVERYTHING.

The story covers the five senses and explores yoga postures and chakras in a subtle, non-didactic way. It is a nice story, and for those who wish to go deeper into the meaning, the story can be used to talk about the body’s energy centers and how to connect with them.

And it’s not just a story! There is a guide for adults at the end of the book. Adults and children can come together for a yoga session. What better way to experience the connection among all of us?

Now we just need your support! Choose a reward and help us get this book into your hands!

The book

I Am is a book with 32 pages measuring 16cm x 23 cm. We have chosen a sturdy soft cover. We hope that the reasonable size and light weight will allow you to take this book in your backpack and enjoy it outside to reconnect with nature!

The book has two components:

1) the story: the story about Sananuk and his adventure where the real world and the dream world come together. The story presents yoga postures and chakras in a subtle way for people aged 5 to 10.

Draft of double page spread
Draft of double page spread

2) the guide for adults: we give some guidelines for a yoga session that adults and children can share, based on Sananuk’s adventure, along with some additional information about chakras written in a very simple way.

draft of the guide...we are still polishing it so that it is peeeeerfect and Fredrika will do amazing illustrations
draft of the guide...we are still polishing it so that it is peeeeerfect and Fredrika will do amazing illustrations

The rewards

We have put together some simple rewards that reflect our values. We hope that none of what we offer winds up in a landfill.

book and bookmark: choose one (or more!) copies of the book. Each one will be signed and comes with an illustrated bookmark (6cm x 15cm). Be sure to choose the combination of languages that you want.

shipping costs: if you don’t live near Uribe Kosta, choose the reward with shipping costs included.

If we surpass our financing goal, we will offer the audiobook in both languages (corresponding to the Spanish-English and Basque-English versions) to all of our sponsors. We would love to produce the audio, so share the project and help it grow!

About us

Arantzazu is a storyteller who has been offering family yoga and chakra workshops for years. One day, on a beach in Uribe Kosta, Casey, a freelance children’s story writer, said, “Why don’t we publish one of your stories? They’re so lovely.”

And so it was that one night Arantza’s eyes opened suddenly at 2 AM and she wrote the first draft of I Am in one go.


We shared that draft with Fredrika, a Swedish illustrator settled in Euskadi. Fredrika said, “Yes! This story needs to be published!” And she came up with her vision of how the real world and the dream world melt together in the story.

Casey and her beloved laptop
Casey and her beloved laptop

Casey brings to the project seven years of experience as a writer and editor of children’s literature in English. She will make sure that the book is delivered on time and with the highest quality.

Thank you for your support!!!

By supporting this campaign, you contribute to I Am being printed.

If you want the Basque - English version, please select it so that we know how many copies are needed and can collaborate with a translator for this version.

As with all crowdfunding, this project will only come to fruition if we achieve 100% of the objective, so your support is essential! (If the project does not reach the goal, your money stays in your wallet - no amount is deducted until the campaign finishes.)

Project plan

July 2021 - September 2021: Finalise illustrations and translations

November 2021: Book delivery. It will make a great Christmas gift!

+ Info

For questions or to send messages to cheer us on, write to us at libroyosoy at gmail punto com.

If you have made it this far, thanks for reading! Please accept an energy-filled hug from us :)



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  • Joseba Chef Saludable

    Joseba Chef Saludable

    about 2 months

    Es un lujo que existan cuentos tan constructivos que enriquezcan el alma para niños especialmente pero también para adultos. Muchas gracias y felicidades 🙏

  • Iratxe


    2 months

    Preciosa descripción de proyecto, video, ilustraciones, principio y todo.

    Suerte y fuerza para llegar al objetivo.

    Deseando tenerlo en mis manos para regalárselo a mi sobrino

  • AmaiaG


    2 months

    Adoro este proyecto, gracias!!

  • Arantzazu


    2 months

    Animo vamos a tener el cuento entre las manos para disfrutarlo

  • Itziar


    3 months

    Ia euskaraz ere gozatu ahal dogun!!!

  • Miguel Galan

    Miguel Galan

    3 months

    Ánimo, es un proyecto muy chulo que merece la pena apoyar!

  • Shamanessence


    3 months

    💓Mariamne🌺 Shamanessence®

  • Nana


    3 months

    Zorte on Arantzazu

#01 / Seguimos con ilusión!

Muchas gracias por apoyar a nuestro proyecto, el libro Yo Soy / I Am. El crowdfunding no llegó al objetivo pero la campaña nos ha dado información valiosa para calcular los ejemplares a imprimir porque.... SÍ vamos a imprimir este libro. Lo queremos ver en las manos de los peques.

Se ha unido Aitziber al proyecto para la traducción a euskera así que habrá dos versiones: Yo Soy / I Am y Ni Naiz / I Am. Seguiremos el mismo calendario que lo que pusimos en la campaña, con objetivo de entregarlo a finales de noviembre / principios de diciembre, a tiempo para Navidades. En esta entrada están algunas muestras de las ilustraciones que siguen en curso.

Como el proyecto no llegó al objetivo, Verkami no te ha cobrado nada. Cuando estén los ejemplares listos para entregar, nos pondremos en contacto otra vez y se puede arreglar el pago via Bizum o en mano.

Disfruta del resto de verano y muchas gracias de nuevo por tu apoyo que nos ha dado energía para seguir con el cuento.

Un abrazo enorme

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