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Horror Short Film "Kímaris"

We delve into the past of a Jorge, a writer who will recap his past to discover who was tormented for so long.


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Dear patrons,

We are pleased to present Kímaris, a horror short film that will cover one of the most important stages in the life of Jorge, an elderly writer who, much to his regret, decides to write a book about the terrible events he documented in his diary.

In order to continue with the project we need your help!

  • First of all we would love to transmit with you our confidence and passion for this project in which we are working so hard.

  • We would also love you to not only be our dearest patrons, but also to be part of the project as collaborators and help us to expand our process as much as possible.

  • We will greatly value any contribution, from the biggest to the smallest, because the most valuable thing for us is that you give us your trust.

  • Finally, if you cannot become our patron (we understand you) , you can share this project in your social networks, in your office, family dinner, or perhaps on a date?

From Kímaris team we thank you all!

We go back to the dark past of Jorge, an elderly writer who, after a long struggle with himself, decides to write a book about his adolescence thanks to the notes he keeps in his old diary. In the process of writing, Jorge will discover the truth behind the events that tormented him for so long.

Kímaris is an independent project that does not have the financial support of a production company and will therefore be financed by the contributions of its members and all the sponsors who are passionate about our idea.

That is why we decided to open our crowfunding in Verkami

As you know Verkami is a platform designed to support independent projects through "Patronage".

The main idea is that you help us to make our film a reality and in return we have created a system of rewards that we hope you all will love.

We'll tell you how it works because it's a great system and without any risk:

Part 1: After consulting our project you like it and you decide to collaborate.

Part 2: You choose your favorite reward.

Part 3: You make a financial contribution to the project.

Part 4: Only if we reach our goal, your contribution will be charged.

Part 5: Once the project is finished we will give you your reward.

We have 40 days to reach our goal.

It is very important to take into account that if we do not reach 100% there are neither rewards nor funds to carry out the project forward.

So your collaboration by contributing or sharing the project would be of great help.

Thank you very much in advance from the Kímaris team!

On the side of this article you can see each and every one of the available rewards and their respective costs.

There are material rewards and other more symbolic ones, but all of them are thought so that you can enjoy them as much as we will enjoy carrying out the project.

Taking into account the 40 days of collection we have, once the crowdfunding is over we will follow the next steps:

  • CASTING:The casting is going to start once the crowdfunding is finished, approximately in September.

  • SHOOTING: Once the casting and all the pre-production processes are finished, we will start with the shooting that will take place in the end of autumn.

  • POST-PRODUCTION: When the shooting is done, the pos-production phase set to end in late january 2021 will start.

  • DISTRIBUTION: Taking into account the above dates and the time it will take to prepare the rewards, we estimate that the launch of " KIMARIS " will take place in APRIL 2021

For more information about the project "Kímaris" you can follow these links:


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  • Madoja


    about 2 months

    Molta sort, molts exits i bona feina!!

  • Cris4405


    3 months

    Un gran corto yun gran equipo al fronte,congratulations

  • Oscar Fernández

    Oscar Fernández

    3 months

    El teaser m'ha deixat enganxat a la cadira!!! Moltes felicitats i endavant!!!

  • David Font

    David Font

    3 months

    Moltíssima sort a tots!!! ❤️Un gran equip

  • Dani Ortiz

    Dani Ortiz

    3 months

    Mucha suerte con este proyecto

  • Cristina


    3 months

    El proyecto pinta muy bien 😁 felicidades equipo 👏👏👏

  • Marc Martí

    Marc Martí

    3 months

    Endavant i molta merda!!

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