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Uroboros: a horror short film in which you will get trapped

A group of friends is trapped in a house. Every time they try to leave they find themselves at the starting point. Can they escape?

Grupo 7 - Uróboros

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Hey there! We're a group of students of the Communications Faculty of the University of Seville with ambitions of creating our own horror short film.

Uróboros: the eternal return, the futile effort...a name with a heavy meaning for our story. It follows a group of friends that are meeting up at Hugo's house to spend the evening, but - suddenly, in an instant - everything is not as it was before.

No matter how they try to leave the house, they are trapped, walking in over and over again into the same room where strange things are happening. Every time they walk into the room, they are a step closer to their demise.

Is there an end to the cycle? And if there is...what lies at its end?

We wanted to show the repetitive cycle of Uroboros with chilling red-tinted images that give off a sense of anguish and imprisonment.

Images from comics such as Sin City, V of Vendetta and Batman's Long Halloween are the base of our aesthetic and movies such as Coherence and The Invitation are also sources of inspiration.

It would be amazing if we could represent our ideas on screen, but the only way we'd be able to do it is with your help and collaboration: help us show our creativity and ideas on screen!

With every door you unlock you can take home a set of exclusive products related to our short film: you can get our original script, posters, production photos, unseen scenes...

We are a group of students of Audiovisual Communication studying at the University of Seville with enthusiasm and high hopes for our idea.

Our production company is Grupo 7 and our team is formed by eight very hard-working members ready to give it their all.

Group 7
Group 7

The budget for our short film:

We are transparent, all the help you'll give will be used exclusively and directly for the making of our short film.

We are transparent, the money you give us will used directly and only for our project. We have to finance a whole crew and equipment (cameras, lights, filters, steady cams...), we also have to pay for the locations (the house where it all takes place!), the actors, their diets, their transportation...an endless list of things. But we've done our best to find the lowest prices for the best quality.

We've also contributed economically to our own project, but we can't cover all the expenses and this is where you come in...please help us make our visions reality!

November 28th to December 2nd : film shoot

December - January: editing and color adjustment of the short film

January 17th: screening in the Univerisity of Seville

January - February: delivery of reward items.

Follow our Instagram @corto_uroboros where we can keep you updated on what we're doing on a day to day basis and follow us through our whole filming process and postproduction. By checking up on our Instagram profile you can also get to know the crew better.

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/?hl=es


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  • Elenahl1993


    about 1 year

    Mucha suerte con el corto!

  • Jorge


    about 1 year

    Mucha suerte :)

  • Antoniomg


    about 1 year

    Suerte chicxs!!

  • Juan Jose Collantes Galea

    Juan Jose Collantes Galea

    about 1 year

    Angela mis vemos en los Goyas

  • Blanca


    about 1 year

    Ole la directora, la reencarnación de kubrick

  • Dani Domínguez

    Dani Domínguez

    about 1 year

    Suerte a la próxima Ed Wood !!!! 😂😂😂

  • Grupo 7 - Uróboros

    Grupo 7 - Uróboros

    about 1 year

    ¡Eso ni lo dudes!

  • Carlos Lopez Quijano

    Carlos Lopez Quijano

    about 1 year

    Espero un Goya mínimo para el corto!!

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